Tuesday, August 30, 2005

rockstar ed.s update

i mean rockstar inxs update after the show on 8/30/05.

(sidenote: do you want to hear something funny? ask a girl why she doesn't like jennifer love hewitt. i had heard of this phenomenon, and asked my wife her feelings. it was a funny rant for about ten minutes. give it a try.)

i am starting to despise dave electra. maybe i'm seeing it wrong but it just sems like every comment out of his yap has this misogynistic undertone. (so of course he doesn't do it the rest of the night. now who's the jerk? it's me, it's me)

ty - you can't always get what you want - 'you get what you need, get what you need, get what you need' i noticed that little nod to inxs, my wife heather vocalized it though. ty sounded good, but could have probably pushed it more. the choir didn't seem to help him much. dave electra actually complimented ty! amazing.

jd - suspicious minds - this guy used to be an elvis impersonator. that's funny to me. not every song sounds good at a punk tempo guy. jd did sing pretty good, but this constant tinkering with people's songs is getting old.

(i am reallly excited for the start of the next season of survivor. dang, i just realized i have some other plans that night. will have to tape and postpone survivor kick off bash)

marty - wish you were here (pink floyd) - i included the group because i didn't recognize the song by just title, but knew the song. marty sings really well. never hurts either when the band sounds great on a song. he should definately get kudos for inxs for stepping outside his usual sound. i hated the crowd waving their arms about, but really enjoyed marty's performance.

brooke burke's hair is creeping me out.

jordis - imagine - very sweet sound. well done. it misses some of the sound/thing/it that she had going for her the first few weeks but still right on performance.

sidenote discussion: imagine is a song with a very radical message. is it softened and not heard for what it is saying by such a 'sweet' performance? does the meaning get neutered?

mig - live and let die - good that he's trying to stretch himself. didn't pull it off well at all.

suzie - bohemian rhapsody - why do people fight for those songs that are impossible to do? really, have you ever heard anyone other than Queen do a good performance of this song? like jordis last week with dream on. can anyone else but steve tyler do that one? if i were in this competition i'd stay away from these sort of songs like the plague. not surprisingly, suzie sounded bad. she postured foolishly on stage. she did the rockin part alright. welcom back, queen of the bottom three. dave electra said that what suzie did was spectacular, awesome. what?

my predictions for the bottom three: suzie, mig, jd.
early vote results: jd, ty, marty.

with only six left, i'm sure they may all spend time there tonight. i think jd or suzie is done.

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Sam said...

I think the real message of Imagine has pretty much been gone since Lennon died. I've heard it used in the most akwark places, and by the most akward performers. Almost as sad a tribute to the song as that dreadful Broadway thing is to the man himself.