Tuesday, August 02, 2005

watch out now

friday was an eventful day. i was checking our bank account, trying to see if our paycheck had been deposited yet. what do i see there? 2 charges, made at a sprint pcs store in...overland, ks. what? where the heck is overland, ks.? (it's in the kansas city area). so, i call the bank, and start talking. we've never been there, we did authorize these charges, and so on. fortunately, the bank stopped the charges, canceled the card, and has issued a temporary credit. so, we had to write a letter to the bank, explaining the incident and asking them to take care of things. we took the letter to the bank, and turned it in. i happened to call the customer service back later to see if there was anything else i needed to do and the person i talked to then said i needed to fill out a different form. so, back to the bank. when we got there, the guy we talked to said the other person was wrong. he checked with a manager and another person, and they all seemed to agree that what we'd already done was enough and didn't need any other forms. but it's bizarre. how do these piece o' crap thieves get your number. according to the bank, it was an point of sale type transaction. so, our card got cloned or something. freakin pisses me off. my buddy jay put it in perspective though. it wasn't that much ($111 on 2 charges) and i caught it early. it could have been a lot worse. that only makes me feel a little better. last night i read an article on "white cards" on msn. basically, these are these cloned cards. this type of theft is taking off. watch yo'self.

the next post will actually include some artwork, one of the main purposes of this site.

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