Sunday, May 29, 2011

bye bye beard

i grew this beard during the 2011 outdoor track season in solidarity with the throwers i help coach. the season is over, and it's time for the beard to go. here's my send off to the beard.

Friday, May 27, 2011

fay wrays cd release show

let me ask you a few questions:
1. do you like music? yes, move on to question 2. no, do i know you?

2. will you be in fresno saturday night?

yes, move on to the flyer. no, i'm sorry.

seriously, this is going to be a very good show. the fay wrays always put their best foot forward on stage, and i'm sure this week won't be any different as they drop their new album. along with fay wrays will be fresno darlings and sxsw tested fierce creatures, one of my new local favs achievement house, the sunburns (who rock), grand canopy, and tokyo death march. i don't know much about the last two, but i'm sure their worth it. hell, 2 of the 3 first bands i mentioned are worth the $10 bucks to get in.

i recommend you head down to fulton 55, enjoy your saturday night.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

my drunk kitchen

thanks to laughing squid i found out about a hilarious cooking show called my drunk kitchen. she does witty, little videos where she cooks while drinking. it's a little tough to gauge how much she is drinking vs acting drunk, but i found it enjoyable.

the closing credits were a nice little touch. most of the videos are around five minutes, so click over and enjoy.


if you need me in the next few days, i'll be staying in between 45th and university, just off wigger. drop on by. on second thought, you better just call or text.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the jacuzzi comedy showcase

i've really been enjoying the comedy showcases that boney beezly has been putting on. the comedy comes back this sunday night.

"The Jacuzzi presents: Allen Strickland Williams (Los Angeles)
Allen's an old fashioned joke man. His style is dry, deadpan and wicked smart in the tradition of Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg. You may have enjoyed his 10 minute set at the Jacuzzi in March.

We've got 3 other comics scooting in from L.A. to display their wares as well as some local beasties you may recognize, along with special musical guest: General Populous performing his unique brand of alternative Hip Hop.

Our first 2 shows were beyond anyone's expectations.
The Jacuzzi audience has been a hip, generous crowd...and the local and touring comedians have all fallen in love with playing the room. This 3rd installment should be our best one yet, the momentum is ridiculous. We've got a good mix of Los Angeles contract killers and up and coming local talent...bringing that funny, relevant style of comedy that isn't the same old obvious bullshit. All for $5.

Thank you all so much for supporting and being a part of this project. Please Please Please bring all your friends...but not the lame ones.

-Boney Beezly

***Here's the line up***

Stephen Mintz
Chris Cruz
Michelle Rowe

Musical Guest: Populous

Dave Ross (Los Angeles)
Megan Koester (Los Angeles)
Eric Dadourian ((Los Angeles)

Allen Strickland Williams (PARTS UNKNOWN)"

Friday, May 13, 2011

get sweded and charmed

saturday looks to be a pretty awesome evening in fresno. the fuego are playing, and then there's this madness.

seriously, the swedefests are a pretty fun thing to do. if you've never been you should go and see local talent on displayed. and in my book, anything featuring james mclain is comedy gold.

after the swedefest, head on over to audie's and check out the best smiths tribute band. i'll be there singing along, wishing i had seen the real smiths when they were around. of course, i was a little kid then, so it probably wouldn't have been appropriate, but whatever.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fresno pub quiz

it's been a while. well, not since we had pub quiz, but since some of you have been at pub quiz.

we've missed you, come on home.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

snl birthing class

so, recently heather and i watched the business of being born. i'm not really sure why, because it's not like we're having kids or are trying to convince people about having natural childbirth. it wasn't a bad documentary, although it has some "interesting" parts.

anyway, last night on saturday night live, tiny fey was hosting and did a damn fine job. several good skits, but this one in particular killed it:

damn funny, and spot on to the business of being born.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

2011 white house correspondents' dinner

i remember a few years back when colbert killed it at the white house correspondents' dinner, and this year seth meyers got the call. enjoy.

"john hamm is exactly how every republican thinks they look."

and the president's response