Monday, March 30, 2009

rademacher changes

so, i was listening to a podcast today and it was talking about the fine line between journalism, blogs and the personal connections to the people being talked about. how much does your knowledge of a person jade or change what you may or may not say about a person or team or thing.

as i listened, i thought about my relationship as a blogger and friend to the band rademacher, as well as a few other fresno bands. and, i'm not trying to say i'm bff with any of these people, but i do sit and talk with many of them. we trade text messages. they've been to my house, i've been in some of theirs. i hear things from bands, or people in bands about what's going on in their lives, both private and public. as i blogger/citizen journalist/gossip, i want to immediately write stuff. as a friend/person/good human being i want to handle material with appropriate sensitivity and timeliness. so when i hear potential bombshells, i run a bunch of filters and decide what to say about these people and bands.

a little while back, i heard that eli would be rejoining the band. shoot, i heard he was first leaving the band and had to wait to talk about it because i wanted to do it right, to get the band's perspective, to get eli's perspective, and to write it well. so, when i heard he was coming back i didn't mind waiting a few days to be able to write about it here and be respectful to the band and to my friends.

recently, i heard that greer was leaving rademacher. she was going to do a final few tour stops, and then was moving on, both from the band and in life. she had some gigs lined up with a band she toured with last year and was moving from fresno. now, i must admit that at this point i haven't talked to greer about this. i've heard it from several reliable sources, and the news of this has been circling fresno long enough that i felt that it might be okay to talk about here (even without talking to her or the band specifically about it).

i wish greer all the best in her future endeavors. i've enjoyed the few times she's come on the podcast and i definitely enjoyed her music. she's a tremendous bass player, a great musician, and an all around cool human being. and i loved her on the tiny tots piano. i'm sure she will do well in her next things.

so, what does this all mean for rademacher? well, that's up in the air from what i've hear. malcom may play bass and bring in another guitar player. maybe they'll find a bass player here in fresno that is tour ready, although fresno seems scarce of those. maybe eli can play bass and drums? or maybe they'll go as a two piece.

will this hurt rademacher's chance of making it big? well, only time will tell. i know that as they went out on tour a little bit back with airborne toxic event and henry clay people i really felt that they were about to get huge. then they didn't play sxsw and have made changes. who knows?

finally, will this stop bands from talking to bloggers? i highly doubt it. my blog is far from grandiose enough to make that happen, and i doubt i'm really stepping on any toes.

monday haiku

computer is down
resolve server issues now
stupid techie life

spring bringing change
sprouting life, fields in bloom
need to mow lawn soon

Sunday, March 29, 2009

thrower 4x400m

sometimes, as a track coach, you let your athletes do silly things. they wanted to run a 4x100m race, but we said no, as there is a potential of them pulling a muscle trying to sprint. but, should they want to run a 4x400m, we were alright with that. so, as the day wound down, and the 4x400's were coming up, we put together a team that consisted of a decathlete, two throwers, and another guy that is a bit of a guy that we use wherever. here's what ensued:

not to bad. i thought they might run 5:15, and they ran 4:06 (i think that was the final time). nice work fellas.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

hardcore scooter driver

saw this american badass today in traffic and had to snap some photos

here's a closer shot. hey, i'm all for safety, so the full face helmet is fine. but you cut off your sleeves. the sleeves on your black button up shirt. tough guy.

here's a shot from the other side. you are a bad muthaeffer, with your yellow helmet and blue scooter. you rule the road.

sadly, i couldn't get a pick of the dude after i passed him. he had his top couple of buttons on his shirt undone, as if to say, "hey ladies, come and get some of this." at least he didn't have a tribal tattoo.

flashback feature pulp fiction

say what again!

yes indeedy. tonight, @ edward's theater pulp fiction is showing. 9 pm, $5. i think this will be the 4th time i've seen this movie in the theater, but whatever. this will take me back to my freshman year of college.

and to get us all ready for the film, enjoy pulp muppets

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

random tuesday night post

so, a few thoughts as i end my tuesday:
-watched a discovery show about wild boars. i'm not a hunter, but i do have an inclination to go boar hunting. not sure why.

-the english have this term pants, which basically means something sucks or is crap. like, manchester united was pants in that last
match (which they were). i love the phrase and will be working it into my terms, like I did local.

Monday, March 23, 2009

monday haiku

i almost forgot
to write hiaku once again
routine hard to make

basketball on tv
saturday and sunday too
break only for derby

rademacher news

i don't think i'm betraying any confidences, but rademacher keeps ch cha changing. and, it's at the usual drummer position. sadly, the band stayed home from sxsw for undisclosed reasons. in the wake of it all, drummer eden davis is no longer with the band.

the new drummer...eli reyes. yessir, your friend and mine, drummer of the fay wrays, a guy i've said reminded me of animal from the muppets, eli reyes is back in rademacher. and, he's about to go out on tour with the band as they do a few more dates with airborne toxic event.

harmonica beatbox

ah, i love musical oddities. things like the theremin, bass guitars made form rubber bands, even a bit of ukulele. with that, check out yuri lane doing some harmonica beatbox:

frickin cool.

thanks again, neatorama.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

twitter sucks

that's right, i said it. i don't care about twitter. i don't care if you tweet. get over it. let me help, here's a video from our pals @ current tv.

this is how our generation communicates now, with detached, byte sized yippity yap.

notown roller derby vs battle born derby demons

last night was the inaugural match for smog city. well, sort of. many of the team members were on smog city, a team i loved to go and watch. would notown measure up? i had to go and see.

along with the team change, there was also a venue change. smog city had played it's last couple of seasons at valdez hall downtown, and now they were playing over @ the fairgrounds. location wise this wasn't a big deal. building wise it turned out to be. the commerce hall @ the fairground sucks. really sucks. the building is all sorts of angles inside, so you don't get as good of a crowd feel because it's very broken up. and, the angles and low ceiling contribute to crappy sound. so, the "announcer" was unintelligible. which honestly wasn't bad because the reverend, as he goes by on the radio, was just babbling useless crap all night long. to all that bad sound, throw in a dj who is playing loud music, and you just had a sound mess. another issue with this new venue was that they had less bleacher seats than before. this meant more people were sitting @ floor level, trying to look through other people. which actually meant i spent the second and third periods standing up to really watch the match. not terrible, and there was only one row of people behind me and they were also standing. finally, and this isn't actually a venue issue, but the numbers they were using for the scoreboard were highly stylized and very difficult to read. here's a suggestion: use numbers that are easy to read at a distance so people know what the score is. fans want to know what the score is.

okay, i've got those venue gripes out of the way, onto the match. the good thing about the match was that there wasn't a huge drop off between smog city and notown. the notown girls need some work, especially in their blockers, but overall they were still very good. some of the people that weren't that great when they played for smog city had really stepped up their game and played great last night. some of the newer players were good additions to the team. and notown needed it last night because battle born derby demons, hailing from reno, came to scrap. it was a very aggressive match with a lot of people hitting the floor. hard. their blockers were well organized and they had their own little star jammer named short fuse who seemed to just fly through the crowd with ease. battle born was tough, but they just couldn't keep up in the long run. notown skated to the victory, and i think the final score was 105 to 87. i'm not sure, because the numbers were hard to read (just kidding, i forgot the final score).

one other difference between notown and smog city is that the girls seemed to interact with the crowd a whole lot more. in the past, they did some stuff, and worked to get the crowd fired up. many of these same girls were now really working their butts off to get the crowd involved. they're dancing, they're skating with props during the introductions, they're getting cheers started for players. some of this may have happened before, but it really stood out last night. and betty rocker, already a star to fresno dergy enthusiasts, was really working the crowd. a couple of times as she was jamming after whipping through the other team she signaled to the crowd as if to ask, "should i call off the jam. no, don't call it? i should whip through them again? okay. done and done." really good showmanship.

for me, there was no let down between notown and smog city. i'll be back. specifically, may 30th for their next home match.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

this is why you're fat

this a blog post for my friend kasey. she likes to exercise and talk about nutrition, diet, and all that sort of stuff. read her blog for like 3 days and you'll find at least one post about these topics. so much that she's even been called obsessive about it.

so when i saw this website i figured i needed to post it for her. this is why you're fat.

deep fried guacamole anyone?

or how about the porkgasm?

i feel a little ill.

(hmac from the beehive posted this site a while back but i forgot and stumbled on it today.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

no town roller derby 3/21

this is where it's at this weekend. get your tickets early.


NOtown Roller Derby presents:

The Good, The Bad, and THE DERBY
A NOtown Production

NOtown Roller Derby vs.
Battle Born Derby Demons
The ULTIMATE Derby battle for the West!

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Doors open @ 6 PM
Bout starts @ 7 PM

Advance Tickets - $10
Door Tickets - $12
Kids 10 and under Free!

Fresno Fair Grounds - Commerce Building
1121 S. Chance Ave.

Fresno, CA 93702


Tickets available @

Wishon Avenue; (559) 268-LUNA),

; (559) 681-2205), or


NOtown Roller Derby is teaming up with the Poverello House to conduct a FOOD DRIVE! For EVERY can of food/non-perishable item you bring, you will receive ONE RAFFLE TICKET!!!

Great Raffle Prizes, including:

Gift Baskets, Gift Certificates, AND MORE!

honestly, i'm intrigued to see how these girls stack up versus my memory of the smog city roller girls. i know that they have many of the same people, but there has also been a fair amount that left. mix in some new players and it could be very interesting, or terrrible. (nothing in between.) i'm also curious about the fair grounds as a venue. i know smog city played there for a bit, but i never went to any of those games.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

flashback feature 3/19: top gun

here's what i'm doing tonight

i'm hoping my timing is good enough to shout out, "where's the plaque for the alternates?"

"the plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room."

so, the tagline for this movie in the u.k. was this:
From the Producers of Beverly Hills Cop and Flashdance

now that's funny isht.

edward's theater

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the fay wrays @ starline

looking for something to do this evening? want to re-aggravate your post st. paddy's headache? well i've got something for you: fay wrays @ starline.

they're playing tonight as a part of the regular show that aesop fables puts on over there. should be nice. fun. loud.

firing etiquette

so, i received this email today @ work:

"This is sent to let everyone know that (name redacted) no longer works for (business name redacted). If this creates any problems for anyone, please see (h.r. person redacted) or myself about your concerns. Thanks."

obviously, i took out names to avoid any issue, to embarrass anyone, or to expose my employer. this isn't the first such email i've received, but they've always struck me as odd and callous. i understand that they need to notify the rest of the staff that a particular employee is no longer there, but is this the best way to go about it? what do you think?

when someone has left there under good circumstances, or their own accord, they have often sent out an email about their leaving. or not at all. i'm not sure how they would handle it if it was a layoff. it seems these emails go out when someone gets fired.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st. patrick's day tie

i chose this tie this morning for several reasons:
1. it has both green and orange. this could symbolize the need for unity between catholics (green) and protestants (orange) in ireland
2. it is super funky
3. i bought it at a thrift store
4. one day, i was wearing the tie and wrote a line from a nofx song on the back of it
5. i'm a dork and didn't just want to wear a green tie
6. i got dressed in the dark. well, this is true, but it really has nothing to do with why i chose the tie. that was all about #'s 1-5.

Monday, March 16, 2009

living on $67 a week

how much do you spend on food & drink in a week? is it less than $72? that is essentially the amount of money that a family of two receives in food stamps in california. the l.a. times had an article, that seemed like it could be very interesting, about living/eating for less. i say that it seemed like it would be because it really wasn't all that interesting or helpful. the husband and wife team manage to cut back to $67 a week, but reveal little about what they actually consumed over the two months that they tried the experiment.

a couple of quotes that really stood out for me from the article:
"It wasn't as easy as we thought. For a couple who grow their own tomatoes and have olive oils for different occasions, it was hard to find a balance between eating affordably and healthfully, much less deliciously."

"The first step was a trip to Costco. (I later discovered that Costco doesn't accept food stamps, a reminder that although we were trying to live as if we were receiving government assistance, we were enjoying options that the truly impoverished don't have.)"

you know what, people living off smaller incomes generally aren't worried about "delicious." they often are worried about "eating." really, you can buy a whole hell of a lot of mac n cheese, top ramen, instant rice, and even ground beef (the fattier ground beef). i know this because when i was in college and funds were more limited, i got by on around 30 something dollars a week, if not less. now, this doesn't mean that people shouldn't care about eating healthy and inexpensively. it does bring up the fact that the healthiest foods are often the most expensive. want really nutrient dense bread, it's going to cost you and the loaf is small. want cheap bread? rainbow and other crap bread like that is cheap, but it's so processed and stripped of nutrients that it's of little nutritional value. the same goes for just about every thing at the market. vegetables seem like an area where this changes, but not really. fresh vegetables cost more than frozen which cost more than canned. i grew up eating canned corn and carried this on through college. when i got married my wife introduced me to frozen corn. much better tasting, and healthier, too. and a little more costly. now, in season fresh corn can be pretty cheap. but out of season, not so much.

i'm glad that they admit that they had advantages, like costco, that poorer people don't have. but, there are warehouse stores (foodmaxx, foods co) that do sell in bulk and are on the less expensive side of markets. shoot, i still try and keep our food cost lower by shopping at foodmaxx. the benefit of these stores may be limited by access to them. many lower income neighborhoods don't have supermarkets, let alone large discount supermarkets. shoot, some neighborhoods barely even have anything beyond convenience or mini marts.

it's not my intention to just dissect the article. rather, i do want to acknowledge the article as a part of my continuing thought process on how we all live, and what choices we're making. as i write this i also am co-authoring an article for the undercurrent that deals with the issue of going without things and what that means. i wonder if my wife and i could live off of $72 a week for food cost and how that would change our lives. what choices would we have to make? could we do it?

what do you think? could you do it? are you doing it? if so, how and what choices have you had to make?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ron paul is for earmarks

ron paul is fighting for earmarks. wait, what? ron paul is for earmarks? the republican/libertarian is for government spending. he has more earmarks in the $410 billion bill than any other republican. well, that's very libertarian of him.

paul, to his libertarian credit, voted against the spending bill. however, that didn't stop him from having his hand out tor receive the benefits of it. so, it's wrong to tax people, it's wrong for the government to spend money, but it's alright for ron paul's district to get money from the government.

i like that his defense is like, well if they're giving it i'm taking it even if i don't agree with it. his exact quote, "I don't think the federal government should be doing it. But if they're going to allot the money, I have a responsibility to represent my people." it's true, you were elected to represent your district. and there is no reason that your district shouldn't benefit from the plans that will hopefully pull our country out of this recession. ideas like infrastructure building programs & social programs. the sort of programs that helped pull the u.s. out of the great depression (combined with our ramp up to ww2).

you go ron paul. help us all get out of this mess.

pecha kucha night #2 in fresno

the first pecha kucha night was a smashing success. well, i thought it was cool at least.

the what: you get 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds while you speak about them
the who: well, about anyone can sign up in advance and present
the why: it's a chance for designers to present and network. it's evolved into more than just designers

that brings us to the when: monday night, march 16, 8:20pm - 10pm @ the starline.

as i said before, i thought the first one was really cool and interesting. not every presentation was great, but overall i enjoyed hearing about architectural proposals, people's art, solar power displays, and more. i'm intrigued to see what people present this time. the theme for this event is very obama-esque, asking, "is it really change?"

last time was free, but this time they're asking for a $2 donation. that will help cover some of the cost of putting the event on, as well as build up $ for future events.

a post for justin

friend of mine in seattle,
here is the post you requested. it was written over a week before you requested it. and, if you want to here my thoughts on the pieces, listen to this podcast, after the ryan paulson interview, and you'll here my presentation. you can even look @ the picture of each painting embedded in the podcast while i talk about it. i recommend headphones because the volume is sort of low on that part.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

lay offs at the bee

yesterday the fresno bee made it official by announcing that they would be laying off 63 employees. the economy is crap, and the newspaper business is a difficult one to be in right now. they gave the standard line of needing to trim spending to avoid further cuts or even going out of business. and i'm sure it's true.

i saw the article online yesterday, as well as seeing the story on the local tv newscast. today, i read the hard copy of it.

why did i read the article and check out the story 3 times? well, i'll be honest. i wanted to know if they said who's getting cut. nope, no names. they said it was in all departments, but no specifics given. i guess they're protecting privacy and whatnot, and that's fine. but i guess i have a sort of grim obsession and want to know. i also know a few folks that work over @ the bee, albeit not close enough for me to break them off a phone call to inquire of their job status.

my condolences to anyone that lost their job over there, as well as anyone else who is finding themselves without work in this economy. californians especially, as statewide we're now over 10% unemployment and the valley is running around %15. it's getting bad, and i hope we can all live through it and see the light of new day.

you know, i'm surprised that the democrats haven't bailed out the newspapers. i mean, they are liberally biased and all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dwarfed punk

this actually seems like it could be the actual video for "harder, better, faster, stronger" by daft punk

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sufjan stevens & tor - illinoize

do you like sufjan stevens? i do.

do you like outkast? i do.

do you like brother ali? i do.

do you like aesop rock? i do.

do you like dj premier? i do.

do you like gift of gab? are you underground enough to even know him? i do.

even you answered yes to more than one of those than you need, no you must click over to my old kentucky blog and download a mixtape done by canadian producer tor. the mix takes sufjan stevens songs from multiple albums and mixes them with hip hop tracks.

the best part: it is free! FREE MUSIC!

math bus: tax season

it's not quite pg porn. in fact, it's crazy sfw. it's a parody of some porn companies work.

i think the parody nature of math bus really makes it more interesting that the pg porn post i shared a while back. that post was all double entendre, over the top acting while still being "pornish." is that even a word? whatever.

this one, it's just comedy spoofing/riping off/using the style of some companies work, but with taxes. and, it was apparently a part of last year's sxsw film component.

thanks laughing squid.

Monday, March 09, 2009

the sleepover disaster & rademacher on a tuesday night


i almost didn't even realize this show was happening. i hadn't been paying attention to the myspace bulletins and such. thanks to the fresnan for posting this show and letting me know what i needed to being doing on a tuesday. that sort of throws of my grand plans for the week (doing nothing) but whatever.

and in case you can't read the flyer, here's the line up:
the scarlet symphony
the aircrash (i hear eli from the fay wrays is playing drums for them)
the sleepover disaster

march 10 - the starline

the only drawback of this show is that it's all ages. now, i'm no snob (yes i am) but i don't want to have to show up all super early just to make sure i get in. damn life.

okay, there's another drawback. my fav and yours rademacher is listed on the bill. i don't think they're going to be there. the lead singer's facebook says he'll be in new york tomorrow. but it's still a good show without them.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

separate ways video by journey remade

holy cow. there are a lot of cheesy things that i like. nachos are a good example. videos on the internet are another. the music of journey. well, these last two collide as some guys make a scene for scene remake of the video for 'separate ways' by journey. i love this song. i'm sure when i was younger i imagined that some day i would have these same sort of feelings about a woman. whatever about that part.

this video makes me laugh due to several things: the wigs. the over the top head bobbing. the fact that the original video was made like this and they thought it was a good idea.

while you're at it, check out this wonderful remake of rocky 4 and the montage that accompanied the song 'no easy way out.'

the scenes of rocky running (with & without apollo) always cracked me up in the movie, and low budget remakes make it even sweeter...errr...cheesier.

thanks to bill simmons for directing me to both of those vids.

fresno warehouse party busted up

kudos to channel 30 for doing a story on a warehouse party that was busted up by the cops. it's a pretty crazy story that involves around 2000 kids, shots fired, a warehouse that's probably one step away from being a death trap, and an $8 cover. click over and watch their video (hey channel 30, move into this century and let people embed your videos) and come back here and share your thoughts.

in college i went to a few warehouse parties and even helped to promote them a bit. they can be pretty fun ways to get people out on the dance floor and have a good time. we never did anything this big, but i'm sure we weren't too far away from being in a precarious situation with too many people in an inadequate facility for what we were doing. then again, night clubs routinely have bands play in packed facilities. sure, they may have hired security and are licensed, but ill ish can happen anywhere, and accidents happen.

gang pirate radio

look out christian slater, there are some new pirates on the block. and they're pushing the boundaries waaaaay further than your hard harry character did. it seems that these broadcasters were using foul language, were telling people where they could buy drugs, and where to find prostitutes. that's pretty bold.

even bolder is the fact that they are alleged to have received funding from a local gang, and were selling ad time for illicit services.

i do think it's kinda cool that these guys were bored, and decided to start their own station. that's pretty inventive. i don't know about the content of their station, and i probably wouldn't have enjoyed their music choices, but maybe that's just issue of taste. and the funny kicker on this story is that the fcc tracked these guys down when "The FCC monitored the airwaves and spotted a cable and antenna in a tree leading right into the home." wait, an antenna in a tree? veerrrrry high tech.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

rogue recommendations 3/6

so, it's the last day of the festival, and your last chance to take in some great shows. and, as i'm doing this after 1pm, you've already missed the first few shows of the day. but, here are some things i think you should check out:

-my big organ show - i love the name of this one, but i also think tony is a pretty interesting guy. hear him talk about life and organ repair. 2:30pm, ashtree studios, $4

-bipolarity of life - i loved this show when i saw it. if you haven't you should. travis has a very interesting take on poverty, prejudice & puberty. it's comedy, it's tragedy (not in that order) 6:15pm, veni vidi vici, $4

-ryan paulson: i'm uncomfortable - this show is good enough that i'm seeing it a second time today. ryan talk about sexuality, his ventures into missionary work, and sings hilarious songs about condoms for your heart. 7:00pm, starline, $7.

if you're not @ ryan's show @ 7, go see:
-abigail nolte - she's an amazing singer/songwriter. she does very well crafted songs, and does a fine job giving a brief window into the inspiration of each song.

-blake & baba - i'll be honest, i'm not exactly sure what this show holds in store. but, i'm going. you also should make the trek down to dianna's north and enjoy yourself & modern dance.

Friday, March 06, 2009

rogue recommendations 3/5

so we're entering into the final weekend of rogue, and here's what i think you should be doing. take my word for it.

-start your night of @ ashtree studios & meet the artists. 6:15p, $4. you'll hear me, aileen imperatrice and sandy schulte-day.

-cupid is a b*tch - 8:30, dianna's south, $6. this is probably the only non-monologue play dealy that i'm recommending.

-if you don't see cupid, go see travis sheridan's bipolarity of life @ 8:45 @ veni's. $4. awesome.

-abigail nolte - 10pm, spectrum gallery. this bird can sing your socks off. $4.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

two rogues?

can fresno's rogue festival be described as a tale of two rogues? no, this isn't me lamenting visual artists being secondary. i've mentioned that before. i'm actually wondering about an undercurrent i've felt during the festival: local performers vs nonlocal/"fringe festival" performers.

i'm not trying to start dissent. i'm just commenting on a feeling i've gotten. it seems that the out of towners go see the out of towners. they name check them at the end of their shows. they promote for each other. i don't hear them talking up the local performers. i do hear the local performers talking about and promoting the out of towners as well as the locals.

this isn't me with a chip on my shoulder or an ax to grind. shoot, i've recommended a lot of out of town acts. ryan paulson's i'm uncomfortable is still the best show i've seen this year. but i'll also say travis sheridan's bipolarity of life has moved into second for me. sure, i've only seen 6 shows, two of which i was a part of, but still. the local performers can hold their own with the travelers, the "fringe" set.

i doubt when marcel et al started this thing 8 years ago they meant for it to be this way. but, i don't dare say too much because i would just be making things up. i don't know all of their intentions other than that they wanted to do something like the sf fringe festival here. and, they've succeeded. they've succeeded so much that we draw people from england, canada, new york and everywhere else.

those of you who've been @ rogue this year, what do you think?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

march post art hop show

it's arthop! that means you should try and stop by ashtree studios and see my four pieces that are a part of the rogue festival. it's free, and it's me.

afterward, hit up tokyo garden and see rademacher and all their deliciousness. this is the first official fresno show w/their newest drummer, eden davis.

9:30 pm, $5.

rogue recommendations 3/4

so, the rogue festival gets moving again tonight, and i've got two shows for you. forget all them out of towners, see some local grown talent tonight.

-bipolarity of life: how to enjoy life without medication - 7:30pm, veni vidi vici, $4! travis sheridan is an all around get guy, witty as hell, and is involved in helping to breathing new life into downtown. and, the more i talk to him the more i think we've traveled a very similar path. go see him, and see him for cheap.

-meet the artists - 8:45pm, ashtree studios, $4! sure, sure, i'm promoting me again. why not? seriously, my first meet the artist went very well, and i think all the guests there had a good time listening to artists tell about the pieces in this show. and, the artist the created the rogue muse will be speaking tonight.

i will see you at both of these good shows.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

25 things i hate about facecbook

thank you, julian smith. not only have you ranted about the stupid 25 things list, you've also made a nice get your own iphone video.

really, i'm not filling out surveys on facebook. i did that crap when i started using the internet. and, okay, i've posted a few survey memes on this blog. but damn it all, i'm not doing 25 things on facebook.

Monday, March 02, 2009

cops beat 15 year old

it's not just fresno where the cops think it's okay to punch someone in the back of the head while they're cuffed. you go seattle!

not surprisingly, the police didn't want to release the video to the public. really? i can't imagine why you wouldn't want to release video of a 6'2" man kicking and then punching a fifteen year old girl. btw, this same officer has been involved in 2 officer involved shootings, the last being a fatal shooting of a mentally ill man.

monday haiku

rain is here today
rogue festival is on break
time to get some sleep

baby book worth seeing
paulson just as amazing
wallet empty now

you wasted life why
wouldn't you waste death you miss
ocean breathes salty

Sunday, March 01, 2009

jack mcbrayer response to the internet response to the republican response to the president's address to congress

kenneth is seriously funny. and, if jimmy fallon can keep doing stuff like this he'll make a good late night host.

thanks to my old kentucky blog.

kevin garnett and the quest for q

look, i know you, you have ten minutes to watch a humorous parody of monty python and the holy grail. it stars kevin garnett, kareem abul jabar, derek jeter, usain bolt & his ego, and more. especially funny to me was usain bolt having to give up his ego @ the 6:30 mark.