Saturday, August 20, 2005

saturday nights all right for fighting

last night was pretty fun, played croquette in our back yard with friends. subtle little rule changes make things interesting.

but what to do tonight? do you do the same old thing? it's getting old. but options, and $, are limited. really, i'd be fine watching tv, even though there's nothing on. we'll see what happens.

i wanted to go see hustle & flow today. stupid me, i've waited too long and now it's not playing in fresno. freekin batman is still playing. hustle and flow is gone. i suppose the had to make way so they could show douche bigalow euroooopeeen gigglno.

today police found the remains of LaToyia Figuero. do you know who she is? do you know how long she was missing? do you know Lacy Peterson? do you know Chandra Levy? do you know Natalee Halloway? Latoyia actually broke a mold. she received some national attention despite being a person of color in america. why? basically because some aggressive bloggers started making a lot of noise, demanding that the networks talk about the missing woman who was five months pregnant.

which leads me to the question, how much does race still matter in america? cases like this seem to indicate something. but, there is also the economic factor. most of the well publisized cases are people of $. that's not their fault, and i don't wish demean any of their losses. but were they taken notice of because they have money? and aren't minority?


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Tom said...

Living in the South race is still an issue. I don't think people are so intentional about creating a divide then maybe they used to, but it still exists. Our church and a local African American church is working real hard at ending this divide. I am also considering bringing my Youth to Atlanta for MLK Bday festivities. I think it will be a great way to continue what we have started here in town. Oh yes and I have herd of LaToyia Figuero.