Thursday, June 23, 2011

same sex tulare county

suck it san francisco. you aren't as gay as...tulare county. well, at least, census numbers show that the county with the most same sex families raising children is tulare county.

i admit, i'm surprised by that. then again, it may make sense that families with children aren't living in the city, or even the bay area, where property cost is very high. it also makes sense that people that had kid in heterosexual relationships and then came out would want to keep their children near the other parent as much as possible.

radamacher baby hawk

i've haven't been a proper rademacher fan boy of late. i've missed a show or two, and while i've chatted w/malcolm on facebook and eli in person, i haven't blogged much of what i've heard.

but the band has been busy. they've been honing their sound, recording mini albums, and are beginning to hit the road in support of their first Baby Hawk albums. sadly, they aren't playing fresno any time soon. here's where they will be:
7/1 - Sacramento @ Old Ironsides
7/2 - Merced @ The Partisan
7/13 - San Francisco @ The Knockout
7/14 - Los Angeles @ The Bootleg Theater

click over here to read a pretty good article with malcolm sosa, and you can download the latest incarnation of "they are always into that." it's well worth your time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sunday night in fresno

it's a little bit away, but sunday has options, options, options.

first off, we have a great little comedy show that happens once a month at the starline.

i've been able to catch at least portions of all of the previous comedy jacuzzi events and it's more than worth the money to get in. boney beezly has been bringing in some hot comics from outside and swirling them with the right mix of local talent.

but, sunday night also brings a fine rock and roll show down to fulton 55. you wouldn't know from this logo, but there are fine bands on the bill.

this show features Useless Keys, Quiet Americans, The Mallard. now, i don't know the useless keys (& i'm a lazier blogger than the fresnan so i won't even bother to find a link) but i hope they're good. i do know the quiet americans, and they are very good. solid poppy rock with happy sounding lyrics and enough fuzz to give you a beard. finally, we've got the mallard on the bill. they come from san francisco (sorta) and everything from "the city" should be loved in fresno. but seriously, greer mcgettrick is in the band. we loved greer and her music when she was here in fresno as a part of rademacher. when we heard she had a new band we wanted to see it, and now they'll finally be here. pure awesome. or, if i want to sound like the kids in super 8, mint.

it's tuesday now. you've got time to figure out what you'll do sunday night, but it better be one of these two things.

UPDATE: new flyer for the show. it seems useless keys are the headliner. maybe i'll have to look them up.

Monday, June 20, 2011

monday haiku 6/20

the heat is here and
of course our swamp cooler has
issues. water pump?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tv on the radio - you

although it took me until the 2nd album to really get into these guys, i'm in now. enjoy a little mini movie they made for their song 'you.'

whole foods parking lot

let me get back to posting other people's videos. here's a little funny rap about the whole foods parking lot.

fog and smog.

and, how about a medley of hip hop songs played on the violin?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

tommy from tokyo garden sings!

our friend lauren convinced tommy, the bartender at tokyo garden, to sing a song. a real treasure, and the only time i've seen it happen. amazing stuff, and i love how he giggles midway through the song.

rare, rare stuff right there.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

no, you're not.

eating food doesn't make you a foodie.

saying you paint doesn't make you a painter.

putting up videos from other people doesn't make you a blogger.

i could go on with a few more lines, but i don't really want to this to take a (more) negative tone. life is well. i've got time on my hands right now do to a slightly smaller class load and the end of track. so, with time, i realize that i haven't kept up with some things, like painting. it's giving me a kick in the pants to do the stuff i really enjoy, do the things i really want to be about and not just say i'm about.

in other news, i'm still trying to get a.o. fresno off the ground. seriously, i really didn't think it would be so difficult to find 25 people in the fresno area that liked soccer, especially u.s. soccer that would want to get together and watch matches. this is also helping me realize the limitations of my contacts. but i really do believe that this is a cool, grass roots, supporters organization that does care about soccer. if you watch any of the gold cup games, you'll see american outlaws in a section. they'll be the ones passionately cheering, singing, chanting throughout the whole game. i'm already a member, and would love for you to get involved, too.

on a side note, we went to vegas last weekend. it was a ton of fun. the vegas schedule caught up with me last night. i was falling asleep on the couch at like 9:45, and went to bed @ 10:30. wha?

Monday, June 06, 2011

college kids - let's always be friends

wow, i saw the malcolm sosa posted a link to a college kids song, and figured i would check it out. holy moley, what a great tune. i'm not sure how it would sound live @ a show, but i'm loving it.

College Kids - "Let's Always be Friends" from Benjamin Gauvain Hoste on Vimeo.

where i saw the video first.

college kids website.