Monday, October 31, 2005

time to fight in the senate

so, gw bush nominated alito in replacement of harriet miers. i really know little to nothing about either of these two. but, i think think i'm already against this guy. it's not just party lines, issues, or personal preference.

what it may just come down to is this:
"Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson called the pick "a grand-slam home run." Gary Bauer, a conservative activist who joined allies on the right to challenge Miers nomination, said, "Now with Judge Alito the battle is where it belongs; it's a battle against the president's avowed political enemies." so, the battle is with political enemies? i thought the battle was to nominate a judge that would actually represent the ideals of the united states as laid out in the constitution. apparantly, it's a matter of being able to say 'we won and you lost' rather than actually doing what is right.

and frankly, it doesn't bother me that he is supoorted by conservatives. but these tow people speaking out in your behalf is a stamp of disapproval for me. it doesn't bother me that he is anti-abortion. that is a consistant stance with his religious beliefs (he is catholic. amazingly, he actually follows their doctrine.) honestly, i am against abortion on a personal level, although i'm not sure about making it law. but i do think we should speak out against it, and definately speak out louder for alternatives.

oh yeah, and as further cronyism, alito was nominated to the appeals court by daddy bush.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


okay, i like holidays. i really do. but, i what i don't like is all the freakin build up. every event now must be perfect. what do you dress up as for halloween? if your costume doesn't work out right, the night is spoiled. if you have to spend a grip of cash on a stupid costume, it's not worth it (to me at least). so, with halloween on monday, i'm hoping that i have a good time. but, i also recognize the chance that it may suck.

this bring up that this is the start of the holiday season. not a lot of pressure on thanksgiving. but then you got christmas and new years. get the right gift. plan or go to the right party. soooo much freakin headache.

remember, i like holidays. i hope to enjoy all these moments. i hope to savor them, and to think back later with fondness. i just have to figure out a way to get past all this build up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

basque food & baseball

tonight was the last tuesday of the month. why is that important? well, really, it's not important. but, on the last tuesday of the month the landmark restaurant serves chicken livers as a part of their basque dinner. okay, i don't care about chicken livers, but i had one anyway tonight. the meal is like an 8 course feast. it's reasonably priced. so, i'm stuffed with bread, chili bean soup, salad, rice pilaf, beef stew, seasoned beef tongue (just a little touch), fried chicken liver, friend chicken, and some ice cream. oh yeah, and many little glasses of wine. we finished dinner fully three hours ago and i'm still feeling stuffed. it was a nice walk home. tim and adam joined heather and i. the meal is served family style so it's fun passing stuff around. we were joined by 2 other people. isaac and melonie. okay, i may have spelled both of those wrong but you get the point. nice conversation, they live in the tower district, cool people. sitting at a family table like this can be a real grab bag but both times we've come to this meal we have done alright. last time it was like a family of 4, but we had around 17 in our group. i'm sure they felt outnumbered.

when we left, the baseball game (game 3 world series) was in the 9th. tied up. this game tied for the longest ws game ever at 14 innings. crazy long, war of attrition. i was hoping houston would win, and maybe make the series a little more interesting. now i want them to get swept and the series to be over with. frankly, i don't care too much about baseball. i like the giants, and follow the season until they're done.

so, i went home, flipped back and forth between the amazing race and the ball game. then just watched the game until it was finished.

on another note, saturday night live is in the crapper this season. not every skit has stunk but plenty have. it seems like each week there isone decent one. nothing great, and even the news hasn't been delivering. i was really surprised that there were two skits, back to back this week that were funny. unfortunately, they were the last 2 of the night. i just kept thinking, why didn't they show these first and put those duds later? btw, i record the show. i'm not going to stay up and watch that suck. and this way, i can fastforward through crappy skits or musical acts (ashlee simpson again?). when i heard that the host was catherine zeta jones and the music was franz ferdinand i said to heather, "what is this, three years ago?" good job lorne, way to keep relevant. freaking franz ferdinand played their hit from the last album. you're telling me that you don't have another song on your current album worth playing. terrible.

enough for now.

okay, one last note. painting is going well. hope to finish up 3 paintings in the next short while.

Monday, October 24, 2005

happy model un day

monday, if i remember right, is united nations day. i always joke about it being model u.n. day because in high school i participated in junior statesmen of america (jsa). it was sorta a mix of mock trial and politics. and, it was much cooler than model un. m.u.n. was debating like politicos, jsa was conferences (@ hotels in other cities no less) and you went to debates, watched and participated. okay, jsa and m.u.n. were basically on par with each other. so, every time i see united nations day on the calendar i think of m.u.n.

also, it's a fun little joke i have with our pal jay. click on his link. wish him a happy birthday and a happy model united nations day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

painting update

here are some photo updates on two paintings. i'm coming along slowly on them, but definately think i'm making progress

through the clouds

this painting is an example of one that i really liked when i first put paint on the canvas. i went to make it thicker, weightier, and i felt like i really screwed it up. so, i've kept working and am happy where it's at. still not quite done yet, but getting near there.

inspired by you, 3

still has issues of dull and shiny spots. getting there, but trying to really get an even color change accross the canvas. this painting is also getting there, but not quite yet.

on anther note, i'm watching fight club for about the millionth time. needed a little kick in the rear to get my week and life jumpstarted. this movie always make me realize there are bigger things in life, that the things that distract me are just that: distractions. i'm not my khackis. i used to watch this movie at least once a month. haven't watched it in quite a while, so thought i'd put it in. plus, i wanted to lounge around and rest because my sinuses were killing me last night and this morning. feeling good right now, but don't want to tackle anything bigger than a movie. or blogging. btw, i have the book, but have been too lazy to read it. need to.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

good job tim

my buddy tim preached @ church tonight on service & love based in jesus' footwashing example. really well done. tim's learned a bunch in life, as well as @ seminary and it shows.

one point that is standing out to me right now is that we usually think of service as a chore, or something we don't want to do. we don't we think about serving in positive, even enjoyable events. seems obvious, and yet i think i'm generally guilty of this. sure, sometimes service can be less than desirable. but we can also serve people through the enjoyable moments of life.

i think i want to say more, but i'm a little tired and can't put big thoughts together.

(hey, it's sunday night. that means golf tomorrow @ fresno west nile virus. sweet, haven't golfed in a week and a half. which used to not mean much, but now playing consistantly it seems like a while. ah, stress relief through minimal exercise.)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

joint stewardship

so, i'll do my best to explain and dialogue about this concept. the guy that spoke about it just mentioned it briefly, but it stuck in my mind and so i brought it up here.

basically, this guy is a farmer. many people would say that he, as a landowner, has a responsibility to use the most environmentally friendly farming techniques, needs to pay the best wages, needs to not use pesticides, whatever. these voices generally are coming from those that do not have land, etc. they are urban voices. his response, and his thesis dealt with this as well, is that yes, this may be true, but, our urban responsibility is to pay more at the grocery store. it is to find and support those that are making responsible choices listed above. it is to also drive less, be environmentally responsible as well. i am sure there is more to the theory, but that was a basic sketch he gave us. plus some more that has washed out of my mind in the last few days.

these aren't completely new, unheard of ideas. but, they still need to be said. and, realistically, we all want the best deal on stuff, so it creates environments like walmart, who undercuts the price on everything, screws every producer, so that american joe can get a tv for cheap. nevermind that this undercutting process has eliminated the ability for any u.s. companies to produce said tv in the states. (well, there is 1 factory in the u.s. that still makes tv's. really 1.) in similar fashion, we want banana for 50cents a bunch, etc. the governator wants us to buy california vegetables etc because that keeps our economy going. that's good, but lets also buy responsibly produced products. and that means paying more, making choices.

alas, most of us don't want to do that. we mortage our values at most every turn for the chance to save a nickel. perhaps these stated values aren't really our true values?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

modular week

it's a busy week for ed. i'm in class everyday, all day. 8:30-4:30. it's been a while since i did anything all day long like that. it's wearing me out. on top of class, i'm going home and doing work for the next day's class each night. beautiful.
class is good, but my brain seems like mush half the time. it's difficult to process a ton of huge theologians all in a week. but, hey, it'll be all done after saturday.

don't feel sorry for me (like you would). just understand that my blog output is going to be lessened.

today, someone mentioned a concept i want to talk about later: joint stewardship. pretty cool concept dealing with balance of rural & urban.

Friday, October 07, 2005

on gas prices

see, i keep hearing all these calls for gas prices to go down. the method behind it always seems to be some sort of dump of our nat'l reserves or some other scheme.

i say no. keep the gas prices high.

do i like paying $3 a gallon? of course not. but it makes me rethink how i live and drive everytime i do. it makes me glad i got rid of my jeep even though i loved having that thing. i still want one. but it doesn't make any sense to drive something like that even when gas was only $2 a gallon.

back in the day, around the time of my birth, there was this little thing called the oil embargo. the u.s. was screwed and gas was short in supply and high in demand. what was the response then? conserve. and not just conserve gas. turn off lights you're not using. drive slower. carpool. take less frequent trips. now, we have low watt lightbulbs that no one uses. there still is no sort of pressure to use solar panels in construction. bush isn't going on tv telling us specifics, just, "hey, everyone needs to conserve a bit." great idea, but how? why not lower the speed limit back to 55? that'll save gas. why not force the car manufacturers to live up to their gas claims? shoot, why not speed up the process of more efficient suv's? most don't have to get better than 22mpg until like 2011! way to force their hand.

so, i say leave the reserves untouched. leave the price of gas high. yes, this will cause inflation. but, it will also make us be more responsible in how we use gas. or, if we stop buying so much, those who control the supplies will have to lower prices to entice us back into our wasteful ways.

shoot, willie nelson is pushing a biodiesel mix on his current u.s. tour. he's targeting truckers, trying to help them make ends meet. diesels were meant to run off vegetable oil, not petroleum oil. there is no reason why u.s. farmers can't be producing a viable product for our shipping/trucking needs. but it's not going to happen if the gov't doesn't step up, help out, get the ball rolling. we give subsidies to farmers, why not encourage those subsidy receipients to make crops for biodiesel use?

again, keep prices high. you will either drive less or reorient your life to afford your consumption. you make the choice.

(i sold my car, and now only have a bycycle. i'm giving friends gas money when they take me places out of the way. that and i'm setting my life up as much as possible to walk when i get out.)

scultpure v.1

these photos are of a series of ceramic sculptures that i did while in college. the first is a big piece, about 2.5-3' tall. the others are little test/practice pieces as i was figuring out how i wanted the piece to go from drawing to 3d piece.

the basic idea behind this piece was the human form, as well as attempting to connect the idea to worshipping God.

in these two you see a similar form, but it is much more dense, solid.

this is uplifted hands, a feature that didn't make it into the big piece.

this is a variant body shape, without head.

the final piece didn't play out exactly as the drawings had. although this was my third semester of working with clay, i was still learning about strength of material and ways to work bigger pieces in parts. so, it ended up being very focused on the front of the form, almost ignoring the back and sides.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

golfin on thursday

i'm golfing for the second time this week. heading out to javier's fresno west (nile virus)* in about half an hour. i enjoy playing this course. some of the holes are pretty tough, some are easy. but, it's now only $10 on monday, tuesday and thursday! and that's with a cart so my lazy rear doesn't have to walk but a few steps to the cart. they used to just have that special on monday but as the weather gets a little colder and business slows, 3 day a week special. probably will still just golf on monday, but since i can't go next week i thought i'd get in an extra one this week.

in other news, i think my friend steve jinxed me. we were chatting about blogging on monday and he was saying something to the effect of "i wanted to have something to say, and i didn't just want to post junk about how my day went." now, i can't think of anything to say. i've got no snarky comments. i've got nothing on my mind.

* - we're calling it fresno west nile virus because...they've got confirmed cases out there. great.

Monday, October 03, 2005

future primitive

aaah shoot. jeep's got this concept car. it looks like the civic we're soon to sell to adam. but with a jeepesque front and suv capabilities. if this thing can actually 4x4 a bit, damn, i'm in.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

mairin is hilarious

on saturday, heather and i went to the wedding of heather liddle. well, now it's heather doria. she married joe. it was a great wedding over @ meridian winery in paso robles. heather (doria) went to school with us, but more importantly she is my sister-inlaw melissa's sister. so, i guess that makes us sorta family. anyhow, we were happy to go and be a part of the celebration. beautiful wedding, nice vows, overall good time. joe's family is italian, from new york area. so, the dj was spinning a lot of old school sinatra and such, along with traditional italian songs. it was fun. i kept waiting for this song that they play/sing from the godfather. and we heard it. awesome.

one of the other highlights of the occassion was seeing our niece mairin. as she lives in south africa we don't see her too much. we saw her @ xmas but she's grown up so much. she has a funny personality, seems to be a very enjoyable baby to be around. one of those kind of kids that makes you want to have kids. that is, until you think about it seriously and realize that unlike our cat, a kid actually requires attention all the time. so, i took as many pix as i could of mairin (stupid me forgot to put the charged battery in the digicamera).

this is melissa and mairin.

"i love purse"

good night mairin, we'll see you again soon. that's a nice sippy cup.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

baseball season is over

the season ended the other night. giants lost to san diego and were eliminated. since then, they've kept losing. great job team. anyhow, once they were eliminated, i was glad because now i don't have to watch baseball (granted i'm actually watching yanks vs red sox as i type). i'll catch a couple games, like if there is a really compelling playoff game. i'll watch a little of the world series. basically, i like baseball, but it kinda bores me if i'm not rooting for my team. although, as a hater, i can always root against the yanks or dodgers. but without them, i don't have much to care about.

maybe this stems from the fact that the nfl is way better. it's just more fun to watch a football game. even games that i don't care about any teams.

shoot, i'm a soccer fan. i really wish i could catch a game on tv. i know they're on cable, but i'm cheap and don't have cable. okay, i can watch mexican league games, but they're not very compelling. occassionally one of the spanish stations shows european leagues, and that's nice to stumble upon. whenever we finally move into a house of our own i'm going to break down and get satellite & dvr so i can record way too many sports and watch things in my free time.