Thursday, August 04, 2005

good night, sweet prince

"the tupac of tv shows." - charlie murphy

you burned so hot, so fast.

well, although it's still not official, apparently chappelle show is over. damn. that was a hi-lar-ious show.

my rockstar update: are you kidding me? how can ty be in the bottom three. recockulous. i am really glad to see tara go home. most of these girls, you can't see them fronting inxs. outside of jordis, they all have the some sound: sorta southern rocky girl. think "black velvet in that little boy's smile". not exactly the sound you associate with inxs.

so, here's who i think are the top 2 to win: ty & mig. ty has a super sweet voice, a lot of range. plus, after michael hutchinson's death, inxs was fronted by terrance trent d'arby. ty can give that same feel. mig, on the other hand, is australian. he sings and performs well. and, he sounds a bit like hutchinson.


Justin said...

what they hell are you talking about. how can you stomach watching that crapolla!

edluv said...

umm, i think you know the answer. i'm all about this stuff. i enjoy watching this reality genre. granted, there is crap i pass on (ha ha, crap, pass on) like average joe, american kareoke, err idol, big borer 100, the apprentice.

bbut some of these shows, survivor, amazing race are some of the best shows on tv. others, like the ones currently on summer run (hilton, inxs, the cut, brat camp) are just that: summer filler. they're alright but i wouldn't watch them if they were up against the heavyweights.

and i can stomach all this because i got a gut like a dog.

Heather said...

Ed- I'm going to have to make you start paying my royalities for passing off my own insightfull comments that I make during RockStar INXS as your own.
I'm almost certian that I made those comments about Mig wining because he's austrialian and the ty- terence trent darby the other night while we were watching INXS. Also I made the comment about Naravoro being mean to Ty because he is insecure

edluv said...

we're married and thus are only one person with one perspective. we are monolithic. we are corporate. thus, any ideas that may have originated in your side of our brain is mine as well.

at least that's how i defend my wholesale pilfering of your ideas, commentary and jokes.

Heather said...

Not good enough. I don't have time to write a blog I at least want an occassional work cited notiation. ALso I didn't understand those big words you used I ain't so smart.