Wednesday, April 30, 2008

post art hop show update

so, i received an email from malcom sosa of rademacher. it seems that el olio wolof won't be able to play @ the post art hop show. however, their front man, rc will be playing a solo set.

for those of you who've been anticipating your first el olio show, you'll have to wait. but, rc is a great singer and guitar player. and, i think he writes much of el olio's stuff, so i'm sure his solo stuff will be interesting, cool, and worth your time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

mario kart steals it from grand theft auto

today i picked up the best game released so far this year. that's right, i got mario kart for wii. forget grand theft played out 6 years ago, mario kart is legit. not only did i get the game, but i also played it for about 3.5 hours straight. i'm taking a break right now, but i'll be playing it again later.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

may day is on the way

it's sunday night, but i'm already thinking of thursday. which, can sometimes be a bit problematic to be thinking that far ahead. you miss things. but, why am i thinking about thursday? two reasons:

art hop. i'm showing again. and, i'm trying to have mostly different stuff up than i currently have @ cafe corazon (crap, i need to take down my show there!) anyway, you can stop by and see my show @ california arts academy - severance location. 1401 n wishon, 5-8 pm.

reason 2 - post art hop show @ tokyo. of course, rademacher will be there. but you know who else will be there? el olio wolof. i've compared them to a "pentecostal tim burton carnival," and i mean it. and, david dondero. don't know him? check out his music here. and, he's got a song called rothko chapel (i hearts mark rothko).

UPDATE: !!!!!! not really sure how i missed his name on the flyer, but nik frietas is also playing. he's a former visialian who has made it sort of big time in the indie scene. well, not sort of big time, but big time indie, whatever that means. there's a good article from the bee about him here.

also, this week adam and i will be recording episode too of the view looks good from here, fresno so expect a new post up over here on wednesday or thursday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jimmy justice busts the nypd

saw this interesting video on boing boing. essentially, it's this guy videoing and interacting w/a member of the nypd.

warning, the language is very salty. or blue. or nsfw. or whatever way you want to acknowledge that there is language that may be offensive, and so use discretion of when you'll watch this video.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

someone sounds a lot like bush

either the bbc isn't that good at reporting the news, or someone's campaign may be a hair out of touch.

"The economy once again emerged as the most important issue for voters, with more than 80% of those surveyed saying the nation was already in a recession.

On Tuesday, Mrs Clinton emphasised what she says is a strength - her leadership ability and foreign affairs credentials."

hmm, economy, #1. clinton stresses foreign policy & leadership. which one of those is economy.

and then she said, "If I'm the president, we will attack Iran... we would be able to totally obliterate them."

sure, it was in response to the idea that iran had attacked israel, so it wasn't like it was some sort of preemptive strike on them (cough cough, i'm looking at you mc cain). but, obliterate isn't exactly the type word that cries out diplomacy, or even wise foreign policy.

what it does remind me of is a certain other president that loved to sabre rattle. but he was a decider, so i guess it all works out.

it has arrived

i would be remiss if i didn't point out that adam and my podcast is now available via the clicky-web.

get it here.

and, it's currently being reviewed by itunes so hopefully you itunes people (like me) will be able to subscribe there as well.

and, after you listen, please leave a comment. we want to know what people think, make it more interesting, receive your hate as well as love, and so on.

Monday, April 21, 2008

from leah

my friend leah is crafty. she makes amazingly cool hats, shirts, purses, etc. check out some of her stuff here. in fact, go and buy something from her here. she'll even ship it to you. she's sent something as far as germany, so far.

anyway, leah made this scarf for me:

now, if you're cool, you'll notice a pattern that's only visible from certain angles

how nice is a skull & crossbones scarf? that nice. well done leah. and don't worry, i'm working on your mix cd for the exchange.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

undercurrent birthday bash 2

i know it's a couple a weeks away, but i want to help promo what will be a great day of music

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ding dang y'all

last night i had my heart, mind, and larynx ready to sing. the plans were laid, we had a good group going, and all seemed perfect. that is, until 10 minutes before we were going to leave.

a few of our friends had arrived @ tokyo and had headed in. the didn't hear what the bouncer said on the way in, but they noticed that a dj was setting up and it was empty in there. so, they talked to the bartender, and he told them that there was an after party for some show at the rainbow ballroom. no karaoke.

turns out that it was an after party for the kottonmouth kings. no thanks. make new plans.

Friday, April 18, 2008

go on brush your shoulders off

somebody's put together a little post-democratic debate video with some jay z in an amusing way

go, obama, dust your shoulders off.

perception frequently varies from reality

as some of you know, i occasionally teach sociology. in fact, i just finished teaching the first week of sociology this term. one of the ideas behind sociology as a social science is moving beyond common sense to actually studying society to create theories of how we live and perhaps suggesting how we can live better.

but, i'm never really all that surprised when people won't make that step past common sense. really, we know the world around us, and we've made our minds up, despite what the facts may tell us.

this is why a book like freakonomics is interesting to me. the authors are trying to show radically different conclusions to common beliefs held by our society, and are at least trying to back it up with statistical evidence. now, i haven't read the book, and probably won't agree with everything they say when i do. maybe i'm still trying to push past the common sense of it, or maybe they're not right.

anywho, today i was reading the online version of the local fishwrap as i listened to songs that i am considering performing tonight (karaoke - tokyo garden - 10-2). the first story that piqued my interest to read past the headline was this one.

the headline, "numbers say violence is down, but is it?" says everything. you're already doubting the factual evidence that yes, school violence is down. the numbers demonstrate that there is less violence in school during this decade than in the previous one. schools are safer.

and then this:
"Still, some experts question the accuracy of campus crime statistics.

Students are attacking teachers and staff "all over the country," said Joe Parks, a professor in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development at Fresno State."

well, joe, do you have actual facts to prove that, or just word of mouth, and all that fear that you've swallowed? or are you going with the line that larry moore of the teachers union is throwing out, that school districts are lying about the numbers to protect their image?

and then the article throws in some more fear based "news" by mentioning an incident of a teacher being attacked and then the recent shooting by a police officer on a fresno campus.

so, we're left with this:
facts show violence is down
some people say those facts are lies (or at least skewed)
be afraid

this trips me out, because it's not like the idea that schools are unsafe is a cherished ideal in our society. it's not like we're saying that freedom doesn't really exist in our country, or that trickle down economics doesn't work, or that capitalism may not be the most representative economic form for Christianity, or that the american story of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps isn't true. those are all a part of our dominant ideology and so people will always struggle to accept something that contradicts those. i would think that most people would like to accept that fact that violence is down, schools are safer, that they can be fairly confident that their child will be safe on campus.

and yet the perception of unsafe schools persists. it must be that awful rap music's fault.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

karaoke @ tokyo garden

the t.g. calendar looks blank, so i think karaoke there on friday is a go. come one, come all.

i'll be stealing songs from the get go.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

something different for the riff raff?

hey, there is a hip hop show tonight @ starline, and i'm thinking about going. but, i'm torn because it interferes with my love for our general riff raffery.

go over to this part of the beehive (God bless you, mike oz) listen to a few songs (via youtube videos) and let me know if you're down.

that is, assuming we can get tix @ the door. $10 seems totally worth it to me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some pictures for friends

i was poking around the ol' series of tubes and saw some pictures that reminded me of friends. so, i started trying to find pictures on boing boing for as many as i could. if i didn't get one for you, it's only because i couldn't find one, not because i didn't think of you.

kasey, you got this whole post started because, well, you love sandals on men. and what's better than fuzzy sandals for men or women?

nick, this is a statue of the first dog in space (that lived through it)

mike, this is super mario underwear.

sara, this is a lego character that teaches biochemistry. (link)

adam, this is an amazing staircase. build me one.

jay, i forgot what this monkey thing was all about, but it cracks me up. remember when we used to talk on the track bus about who would win in a fight, and i always loved throwing in monkey with a knife?

justin, it seems like you should have these bowls. you bought us bowls for our wedding w/similar notches to put chopsticks in. thanks, we probably didn't send you a card.

heather, this is a card that you can plant, it's got seeds in it and will grow those, well, plants.

and these are psychologist finger puppets.

and, well, this is for me, because what's more pimpin than fur coats?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

spinners for sale

it seems that the local record store, spinners, is for sale. anyone interested in buying it? if i could, you know i would. then i could hang out and fulfill my high fidelity fantasy.

so, if you want to buy it, and want to hire me part time, i'm in.

fresno grizzlies vs tuscon sidewinders

so, saturday night we headed over to the chuck to watch the grizzlies play the sidewinders. the game started around 7, so the sun was setting on the stadium as i arrived. this is fortunate, because we were sitting in the left field bleachers. they're cheap tickets ($7), and for night games they're pretty nice. you get some breeze, and you feel really close to the action. we started sitting in this area during fuego games, and this was the first time i've watched the grizzlies from there. i'll definitely sit there again for night games. the sun/heat/etc may be too much during a day game.

most of the game was either good pitching or bad hitting, i'm not sure which. the grizzlies had a 1-0 lead for a bit, and then it was tied @ 1. the game looked like it could go to extra innings, and then tuscon took the lead in the top of the eight. i actually figured we were done for even though it was only 2-1.

but the grizzlies proved me wrong. the grizz put in pinch hitter who promptly was down 0-2 and looked to strike out. and then he homered to left. not quite near enough to us to grab the ball, but close enough for us to watch the small scrum. then the grizzlies got some men on with timely hitting. the bases were loaded by an intentional walk. this turned out to be a bad move because the pitcher threw a wild one and the winning run came in. three quick outs in the top of the ninth and the fans went home happy.

some other moments from the night:
- i bought a new hat. the grizzlies changed up their logo and color scheme to be more in line with the giants, so i sprung for a fitted cap. this is the first grizzlies hat i've owned, and mainly i got it to represent fresno & the giants. i was always baffled why the aaa affiliate didn't work the same color scheme.
- my hot dog was cold, this chili fries were mediocre, and the pretzel heather had tasted a bit off. mike said his pretzel was stale. not good for the second home game of the season.
- we were sitting behind a very strange, and later rather drunk man that provided some comedy. the guy was wearing a kobe bryant jersey and two hats (one lakers, one free grizzlies hat given out @ the game). he was yelling the whole night, which was fine. the comedy comes in when he decided to go get a beer in one of the later innings. on his way out he stepped on someone's nachos. twice. cheese all over his shoe. didn't say sorry, didn't really acknowledge that he just stepped in someone's nachos, just kept going. on the way back he stepped gingerly around the nachos and then told his wife that someone spilled nachos. yeah, it was you. he later dropped the beer he was drinking (#5), which was fine, because clearly he had enough. later, supernut needed to use the restroom and he plowed into a family on the way out and in. these are the same people with the nachos. again, no sorry, no excuse me, just plow through. while he was in the restroom he missed the homerun. ha ha.
- mike had the comedic drop of the night with, "remember when kobe bryant jacked your nachos?" this was funny, loud, and somewhat awkward because kobe's wife was sitting in the row in front of us. but we had a good laugh about it then, and later as well.
- we got on the jumbotron. i think it was in between the 8th and 9th inning. the funny thing is, the didn't get our whole group. there was only 6 of us, but i think they cut off the ends. so, heather, mike, kasey and i were on it, but not adam and dennis. adam might have been on, i'm not sure. but dennis was a tad upset the cut him off.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

grizzlies anyone?

hey, i'm wondering if anyone wants to go to a grizzly game this weekend? on friday, they're giving away orange shirts, and it's the home opener. also, 50 people can win free me 'n ed's for a year, which is would be fan-effin-tastic. saturday, they're giving away free hats w/the team's new logo.

both start @ 7 pm.

Monday, April 07, 2008

i recommend the food, the coffee, and maybe the art

i hope i'm not jinxing things, but i talked to someone interested in buying two (two!) of my pieces. she came into the cafe today for lunch or something, enjoyed my art, and remembers seeing some of it in last year's rogue show. so, she left her card w/the shop and i gave her a call. she's supposed to call me back later in the week, after she takes her husband by to see if he liked it, too (from the rogue).

often, when i talk to people about vocation, life and art, i try and say something to the effect of, "if i was doing this for the pay i would have quit a long time ago." and it's mostly true. i'm not doing art because i'm trying to get paid/make a living/whatever.

but, damn, there is something nice about that psuedo-validation of selling work.

on a funny/strange note, i was at the cafe having a bite to eat before i went to track (one of the things i do that regularly pays). i was grading papers (part of one of the other things i do for regular cash), drinking some coffee, and as i already said, having some lunch. as i left, i passed two ladies that were on their way in, and were talking about the food, something about hoping it was good. i interjected that they had a delicious chicken tortilla soup today, and continued on my way. turns out one of those ladies was the one interested in my work. so glad i recommended the food.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

track athletes are smarter

maybe it's just the announcers, or perhaps the whole crowd, but i just heard the word matriculate used correctly. the announcer mentioned how a particular runner had gone to high school in the same city as her college and had matriculated.

well done, track announcer.

Friday, April 04, 2008

april 7, 2008

heather's birthday is on monday. we'll be going out to dinner, and if you'd like to come along, too, give me a holler.

as of last check, heather wanted to go to indian food. we'll see if it ends up that way.

(and yes, i know that the ncaa basketball finals is monday night. sports will take a back seat to heather. for me, at least.)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

post art hop show update

so, i checked w/rademacher's myspace, and the scheduled line up for tonight's post art hop show is:

gypsy cab
lite fm
el olio wolof

$6 (or maybe $5 - flyer says one, rademacher's myspace says other)
tokyo garden
show starts sometime after 9. i'm guessing w/4 bands, it'll be closer to 9 than 10.

i'd have to be dead to not be at this show. fortunately, i'm alive.

mcc sale fresno

ah, it's that time of the year. the time for fresno pacific's big yard sale...errr....the west coast mennonite central committee's sale. all jokes aside, the mcc sale is a great function that raises money for world relief (under the mcc umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh).

so, if you're in fresno on friday evening or all day saturday, head over to fresno pacific and hit up the sale. one warning: parking is always a mess over there @ the time of the sale. but, definitely have a fritter or dozen, if you can, eat a sausage sandwich (those mennos know how to make great german sausage). if it's cold, look for borscht. and if you must, eat a mennonite dinner role, i mean zwiebach.

unfortunately, i won't be able to join you, i'll be working @ a track meet.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

even the kids know

sure, maybe he's just caught up in the hype, but he's picked the right one.

art hop, el olio wolof and rademacher

just wanted to remind or notify those that don't know, tomorrow (thursday) is jam packed in fresno for you and me.

first, there is art hop in downtown and tower. get out, and of course, come by my show @ cafe corazon. 5-8 or later.

then, go see the show of the month @ tokyo garden. el olio is releasing their cd, will be playing, as well as rademacher. and another band (i think it's either light fm or aspen hallow. or someone else.)

be at both.