Tuesday, February 28, 2006

no outside food or drink

heather and i were walking by a local spot recently, the chicken pie shop, and saw a couple of signs on the window. the first was the standard, "we refuse..." the other was, "no outside food or drink allowed." well, duh. this seems so basic to me. really, you sell food and drink, so i can't just bring in my own? you'd have to be pretty silly to not know this. sadly, i've seen people i know do it. (none of you, just some track kids a few years back. i let them know that it wasn't appropriate.) and, the sign is new, so there must have been at least one incident recently @ this place.

well, today i was @ my local coffee shop. the tables outside are for the coffee shop, not for the deli next store. they've had signs taped on the tables at times. the deli had a sign inside their door explaining that the tables weren't theirs, so don't sit at them. some of the tables are close to the deli, others are not. (these 2 businesses don't have a great relationship, in large part due to these tables) today, i observed two 'gentlemen' walk out of the deli with their lunches and sodas. they didn't want the tables in the shade. nope, they went around the corner of the coffee shop and sat at the tables in the sun. there can be no confusion as to what business these tables belong to. they are on the patio of the coffee shop! and i thought, do you not have any sense?

i guess not. unfortunately, one of the less aggressive coffee shop workers was in the shop, and didn't come out to tell that the tables were reserved for customers.

for jacob

this link is for jay. i'm sure others will enjoy it as well, but when i saw it, i immediately thought of jay.

how are you today? I'm fine. I need to put together some final details for my presentation tomorrow. but it'll get done.

stop, hammer time.
(thanks to fresno famous, where i first saw that link)

tracy morgan's favorite tv show is cold case files

sometimes, i don't want to sleep. not for any real reason, but i just get sitting around and think, "i don't want to go to sleep." eventually, i do though. other times, my brain keeps running over something and i can't sleep. tonight is one of the former. i'm just watching tv. not because there is something i really want to see. just read some stuff, floated around the blogiverse, and watched tv.

tracy morgan was on kimmel. funny guy. almosts unintelligible at times. sounded all stuffed up. but just random funny comments. not like your average talk show interview, where the host is giving little points for the guest to tell stories. it seemed like jimmy kept trying to break in and do that, but tracy just was rolling on about whatever he felt. he just said he thought torino was jay z's sister. then, went on about wanting to go to italy because vito corleone was from there. then quoted, "luca bratzi sleeps with the fishes." now, he got into ranting about cold case, why can't we find osama, let's eat free willy, and more. what an odd rant.

alas, i feel sleep approaching. and i know i'll be tired tomorrow.


these beads were mine. that is, i saw them flying through the air, jumped up, and had them bounce off of my hand. right into adam's hands. okay, i don't really care, but they would have been the best that i caught @ the mardi gras parade on sunday.

Monday, February 27, 2006


this is my 200 post. small feat, non?

anyway, as i was taking a break in my schedule, i noticed a few things on espn.com. the first was that the texans may be shopping the number one pick. apparently, a team that went 2-14 has a few needs, more than will be cured by landing a hot rb or qb. couple those needs with a recent big $ contract given to a certain qb from bakos that went to bulldog tech, it makes sense to trade away the top pick for multiple things. no surprise there.

the second thing i noticed, well, i was able to notice it. they had a story about vince young, his qb iq test, and how there was some confusion to it. unfortunely, i am not an espinsider. i do not have access to that story. freakin jerks. it's the front page, big header story. and i'm guessing most people who regularly check the page can't read it.

as for the main purpose listed in the name of this blog, i'm hoping to get back to it. now that i've gotten past one of the major assignments of my semester, i hope to spend more time actually attempting to be an artist. my paintings are all dry and waiting for fresh paint. soon, my precious, soon.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

parade and rain

today was the 9th annual mardi gras parade in our neighborhood. had a good time hanging out with heather, adam, becky, becky and madisson harp. check out the photos on my flickr account.

now it's raining, washing away the remnants of parade. or at least getting them wet.

Friday, February 24, 2006

d-u-n, dun

converted my paper to a pdf, and have it all mailed off to school. i'll get around to emailing it to some of you soon.

again, for those in fresno, i'll presenting weds @ 4:15-5:30. i suggest reading the paper before coming.

if i don't send you a copy and want one, let me know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i should know better

i'm a fan of some sports that that don't tend to get a lot of love in the u.s. (soccer, field and track). so, i want to watch other sports that are on the fringe as well as the mainstream favs.

but, man, i just can't get into the winter olypmics. i keep trying to watch what's on. doesn't do anything for me. last night, i watched the "big showdown" between u.s. speedskaters. bleh. right now, there is some snowboard race on. not exciting. and looking @ results to other contests, it's not like they just aren't showing the events i would want to see. shoot, i think they probably have on the stuff most people want to see. maybe i'll turn the tv off until lost comes on.

a few little things

this photo is called quailtardgate

brokeback lego

i found those on a site that is a directory of wonderful things.

for justin, here's a link. well, others might enjoy it, but i know how he loves the connections between art and architecture.

Monday, February 20, 2006

eric the clown

- The Fire (1994) TV Episode .... Clown

i was watching seinfeld tonight, heard a guy talking and thought, "i think that is ----". now, the guy was playing a clown, was wearing face paint, and so you couldn't see his face.

so, found the guy on imdb.com, and yes, there it was.

he'd already been in rudy and pcu, but swingers was going to be his big break.

john favreau, you were a funny clown.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

lull in the storm

got my paper off to my peer readers today. so, they've got a few days to read and give input, then the public product goes out on friday. it'll be nice to be a few steps closer to finishing seminary.

for those that don't know, the paper is an exegetical look @ exodus 31:1-11 and the implications for art in worship.

for those that are interested in attending, i'll be presenting the paper, as well as recieving a critique on march 1 @ 4:15.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

argyle pimpin

these cats are a local hip hop group. pretty nice.

the hits keep coming

gonzaga students have been chanting "brokeback" at opposing players. now, i know this is slightly more evolved than just yelling "fag" or "queer", but come on. grow up.

although i think their insult is childish, i just can't get enough of these.

i'll tumble for ya

just checking in. paper is coming along nicely. taking a brief break to think, imagine, and relax before i jump back into writing.

so, i'm going to watch lazy sunday and then get back to work.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cold, day 2

yesterday, i started feeling the effects of a cold. some chills, aches, congestion. good times. last night, i felt terrible. today, i feel slightly better. i'm taking meds, but still have a headache, various other aches, and a sporadic cough.

posts will be slim this week. mental focus pretty much devoted to my paper.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

professions du jour

i was thinking today, i'm a good writer. not to toot my own horn, but i think i write fine papers. i usually can crank out a good one under pressure, synthesizing all the data, drawing out proper conclusions and such. unfortunately, for me to get this done, i usually need that pressure. so, i tend to gather my info, read my books, and then sit without actually writing the paper. i'll do just about anything instead of writing the paper. i watched a movie last friday, using some of the precious little time i've got allotted for writing. surprisingly, the movie actually gave me a line that i'll use in the paper. (now i've got to add another line to my bibliography) then, a few days before the due date, i lock myself on the couch and write my paper.

so, i have to have a 30 page paper to some peer readers on next sunday. guess what i'll finally get around to writing this week. that is, alongside everything else that is going on in my life. and my other class assignments. now, i'm not whining or asking for sympathy, just explaining myself.

the thing is, i really like to talk about these things. i get fired up talking about my paper, all the different information and such, the conclusions and implications. i feel alive doing these sort of things. but actually getting around to writing the paper? ah, there's the rub.

so, i've decided that i can't be a professional paper writer. if there is such a job.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

peter gabriel sings about finding his way home


in other news, as i interneted around this morning, i found another great site, called video bomb. i'm sure i'll post some of what i find there. if you've got time to kill, it's a great site.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

video redux

here are links several video posts i've had recently:
lazy sunday (chronicles of narnia)
lazy monday set
brokeback to the future
lost the musical
romance trailer
10 commandments break
young chuck norris

looking for something to read?

hey, check out my super sunday post. feel free to respond to my question at the end of it. after all, i put it up there for responses.

Monday, February 06, 2006

preview this

here's a funny recut of one of my favorite movies.

new arrival

thanks to blair.com for my new shirt, the long sleeved guayabera. i'll have to order a few more. now, most of you know of my love affair with the 'bera. it started during my frosh year of college. now, i had started thriftin in high school, but then it was about silly tshirts, work wear and corduroy pants. in college, i got into button ups, mainly thin, striped button ups. but i also got a few guayaberas. i liked the clean, simple, almost dressy look. another nice fact was that several of my profs wore them, so it seemed very distinguished. so, i used to scour the thrift stores looking for them in my size, which isn't very easy because it seems that most are made for skinny little latin guys, which i'm not. i managed to find a handful over the years using the thrift route. then, i stumbled upon california pants on the fulton mall. i bought 3 that day. they are my nicest, high quality ones. but i also paid the price for such high quality. so i haven't been back there. last summer, i was on the mall, and several different places had them on sale, like 1 for 11, 2 for 20, 3 for something. so i bought 3 @ tres hermanos. since then, i've been back at least once more to buy one. that trip, i asked about the ellusive long sleeved guayabera. the cashier said, no, the didn't carry them because the short sleeved is what really sold. i understand. he told me to try...california pants. i didn't, mainly because i knew that they dealt in the high enders, and i was look for the average priced ones, but with long sleeves.

this brings us to Christmas time. now, i knew since last summer when i was unable to find them locally, i shoud try the internet. but, it wasn't a pressing need as i've got a closet full of shirts. so, unbeknownst to me, heather was doing some onlne looking. she bought me a sweet one for Christmas. it's real nice linen, high quality, i love it. shoot, i'm almost scared to wear it most of the time because i think i'll screw it up. so, after Xmas, i started hunting around, and found this company. they had the average priced ones i wanted. i ordered, hoping that the size would be right, and i'm ecstatic. i'll have to order a few more. maybe i'll even branch out in color.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

super sunday

ah, today. good day, ending off a nice weekend. friday, we had a throwers pentathalon @ school (work, not seminary). my frosh thrower did well, got a good start on his season. it'll be interesting to watch him develop. our other throwers did decently. most are top notch, so when they don't have a great day, it feels like they had a bad day. but, they didn't.

after track, we went down to bakos to visit sara and woody. i love spending time with those kids. good people, always a good time. we played around there until after dinner saturday, and drove back.

surprisingly, snl was actually funny this weekend. a couple of skits weren't good, but overall a nice show. steve martin was funny, and they had a few of their new style, produced pieces that were very good. prince was the musical guest. okay, prince and steve martin? what is this, a show from the early 80's? but really, prince is a great musician. although his style is several years old (and tired) he puts on a good show, and man, that cat can play the guitar. (i just did a search for steve martin prince. this was funny to me, because martin prince is the nerdy kid on simpsons. this reminded me of a jeopardy category where they string together words like that, i think it's called before and after or something else like that.)

today...ah, the superbowl. now, as a rams fan, i didn't have any real stake in watching the game. but, i love a good football game so of course i'll watch. i went with seattle, mainly because i pull for nfc over afc. i'd say it's also because they had good stories or what not, but really, the nfl p.r. machine spins so much stuff out there, everyone's a good guy.

before the game, i had to go pick up a few supplies at the grocery store (big mistake). we had to get a handful of things (lil smokies and crescent rolls for pigs in a blanket). stood in line for like 25 minutes. that stunk. but, in the parking lot i saw a lotus. that was out of the ordinary, and i was impressed. lotus' are sorta strange looking, but you know that it will haul rear. if money wasn't an issue, i'd buy a lot of cars. one of them would be a lotus. i think the model we saw was the exige.

anyway, we had a superbowl party @ church. now, i know that some might think this is a way to skip out on church, or to not have to deal with the issue of americans not giving up anything, putting things in front of what is allegedly important. but, not so here. see, the first sunday of each month, we have dinner @ church in place of our "regular" service. i find this to be a nice thing. it helps us develop community, to fellowship with one another, but also to really try and get involved in each other's lives. so, it's very fortunate that the game lined up with our community meal and we could watch the game, grub and talk during the game.

as for the game, i enjoyed it. the first half was sloppy and slow, but i thought the 2nd half was pretty exciting. now, i think seattle got jacked on several calls, and they were important ones. but, if you're going to win the big game you can't make mistakes (2 missed field goals, interception, dropped passes, and terrible, and i mean terrible clock management @ the end of both halves).

finally, let me leave you with a question. it's not a real big deal, and i'm not really stressing on it. but, i thought it was interesting. it'll require a bit of set up, so here we go. for the track team, the athletes agree to certain things. hey, they're college athletes, reaping the benefits of being on a team. some get scholarships, some don't. now, i'm not talking about behavior or anything. being a part of the team, the students are not allowed to engage in activities in season that they could get injured at such as: playing intramural sports, skiing, playing flag football, etc. okay, seems pretty standard stuff. this rule is especially important because we invest a lot of time and yes, money, in these students. if they get hurt skiing, miss practice or competition, we're out. and they're out of an experience that they've worked hard for. and it's not that random or difficult to have a season ending injury*. so, as the news is ending tonight, they show their little human interest piece of fluff. tonight's story is a nonstory about a group of people who gather together every year before the superbowl to play a little mud football. they've done this for the last seven or eight years. the host of the game: a guy that graduated two years ago. so, every year that this game has gone on, he's broke the team rule. among the people i see playing this year: another current athlete. so, what should i do? (options are: nothing; talk to current athlete; report to higher up coach; report to other assistant coach who works with this guy; something else)

*last year, we had a kid walking on to the team. he came out one week, showed promise. now, he hadn't been shown the team rules, and wasn't officially on the team yet. anyhow, he goes snowboarding, gets in a wreck on the slopes with another person he's with, breaks his wrist, ribs, and i think collapsed his lung. totally random accident, but that's why we tell them not to engage in such activities.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

living in a religious nation

baghdad burning has a thought provoking post today about living in a nation who's elected government (now) is a religious party.

now, i am definitely religiously affiliated. but, i also think that religion often becomes a tool of politics, a card to pull out rather than actually being your worldview.

funny stuff

that was...awesome

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i didn't want to do it

but i've put word verification on again. stupid spammers. i found them spamming the heck out of my archives, which just pissed me off. so, let me know if you have problems with the word verification.

updatey do

here's an update on the nimby story: the city council rejected the plan. not surprised. i wonder if target will follow the footsteps of walmart, who has sued municipalities when they were denied similar approval. you'd think that would make people not shop at such a store, who sues a city, but they do.

state of the union update: my take is this, i watched almost all of it. i started to take notes, my own little thoughts and such. then, i got tired of that. when it was all said and done, my thoughts are these: whatever. speaches are speaches, let's see what really happens in the next year. perhaps there should be a report card based on the previous year's s.o.t.u.

dang, jimmy kimmel just showed the person who gets to a car and a ride to the superbowl. it's not me. go seattle. tonights guests were kid rock and dag. dag's funny, but he can be a bit too much sometimes. like when he's on love lines. he started out with a funny line about not seeing so many white people in detroit since '67. he wasn't too much toninght.

adam had a post the other day about assassins. the conversation was regarding movies, as we had just seen the matador. anyway, i saw this article and it reminded me of the post. the articles isn't really on the same "why do we like assassins" bend, more on the impetus for the discussion, "maybe we're being buttered up by all these movies."