Tuesday, August 09, 2005

monday update

yesterday, i played golf with matt heinricy out at Javier's Fresno West. about a month ago, our friend Adrian put us onto the fact that they run a monday special: ten bucks for 18 and a cart! this is unbelievble. it's about a half hour drive from my place, which is about the same as going to pheasant run (chowchilla) or brighton crest. fresno west is a pretty good course. pretty open fairways lined with nice, mature trees. some water on the course, but unfortunately a lot of the hazard lakes are drained (i'm guessing $ & drought). it's not the prettiest or best course in the area, but for 10 dollars, i'm hooked.

i really enjoyed my time out there except for these things:
1. i played terrible. really, worse than usual
2. the tractor lawnmower that ran over my ball. i had a good tee shot, followed by a second approach shot that put me just off the green. we went over to hit matt's ball, and we basically watched the guy drive right over the area where i hit. when we got up to the green, the landscaper was like "did i run over your ball? i saw it hit and thought i was here." so we searched and searched for my ball, no luck. damn, that was a good hole, and now i have to drop a new ball and chip on from a random spot because i don't know the exact location of my old ball. not to mention the fact that this was the third whole that the guy was mowing while we were on or approaching the green. it seemed like he was following us. after running over my ball, he was near us a few holes later. he offered us a few balls that he had found while mowing, but i didn't take either because they weren't anything special.
3. i twisted my ankle. while searching for said lost ball, i stepped in a hole in the ground and got dropped like a sack of potatoes. seriously, this hole was hidden by grass growing out of it, cut level with all the surrounding grass. the hole was probably six inches deep, and about 12 x 6 wide. so, i'm looking around and step in this hole, and down i go. the rest of the day it was sore. by the time i got home and iced it, the ankle was really sore and stiff.

bad day for tv on monday. there wasn't jack of the regular shows i watch on. i think most networks didn't want to put anything up against pre-season MNF.

the fresno grizzlies are playing this week - the albequrque isotopes. granted, this team has been around for a while, but i laugh every time i hear the name. seriously, this name was lifted from a simpsons episode. (homer goes on a starvation diet when he finds out the team is being moved and renamed by the duff owner)

on a somber note, today is the anniversary of the us a-bombing of nagasaki. say a prayer of rememberance.

i'll get at ya later.

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