Sunday, August 14, 2005


the us men's team won the gold in 4x400m. congrats! they were anchored by jeremy wariner, winner of the 400m open. this guys is the real deal and will be a force in the world for several years to come. now if we could just get the stick around in the 4x100.

i'm spending my sunday finishing up a little prep work for my sermon tonight (637 e olive, 5pm) and watching the pga champs. pretty good golf. several guys up around the lead. lefty is currently leading by three after four holes. it's weird, i like many others, really like watching and routing for mickelson. why? he's only won one major. he's been erratic at times, and is stubborn about changing things when it wasn't going well. but, he's open, personable and even outspoken at times. frankly, it cracked me up a few years ago when he ripped tiger for playing with inferior equipment. really, he called out the number one player in the world saying that his sticks sucked. yeah, this guy routinely kicks all our butts but he could really be killing us if he didn't use those clubs? wha? i guess he just seems like a pretty nice guy, has great game, and gives good interviews. it's easy to like a guy like that.



Adam said...

How did your sermon go?

edluv said...

it was alright. i was sorta nervous (it's been a while since i preached, let alone spoke for more than 5 minutes publicly). i thought i made some good points, but that it stunk. that was my immediate reaction. then i started chatting with people, and quite a few had made really strong connections with what i said. so, i think it went alright, there's things i would do differently if i did it again.