Tuesday, August 02, 2005

untitled (inspired by you) x 2

the photo on the top is titled untitled (inspired by you). it's 30" x 40". i began this painting probably six or seven years ago. it was inspired by my then girlfriend, now wife, heather. it was originally blocks of basic colors. i have reworked this painting throughout our relationship, and it has evolved as i have as an artist. it has been in it's current state for around a year. this is probably the final time i'll work this painting over, but who knows, maybe it'll see a repaint sometime. i consider this painting not for sale, but for right offer...

the second painting (bottom) is titled inspired by you, too. it's 18" x 24" and was also inspired by heather. i consider them to be somewhat of a series. i've reworked this painting several times as well, and the latest was finished the day before i hung my july show. it was hanging wet. i'm very pleased with the direction that this painting has taken and love the colors, movement and repetition that it has. i'm asking $140 for this painting

thanks again to salon 637 for giving me a place to show. i recommend their stylists. i've gotten my hair cut there, dyed there, and so on. heather usually goes there, too.



wise said...

I enjoy inspired by you. I think that you can see by looking at it that it wasn't made yesterday. I like the depth and variety within it. I'm looking forward to seeing inspired by you too grow and change in this same way. Good luck Ed...and Heather, keep doing what you're doing, you seem to be a good muse for these pieces!

Heather said...

i don't think I realized until about a year go that the top "inspired by you" wasn't a profile painting. I always thought that big green leg was my nose.
Also I must say that I think Ed added alittle bit too much to my thighs. COME-ON I'm not Oprah.

edluv said...

no felonies.

ha ha, two chappelle references. on the commentary of the racial draft, his writing partner goes, "i think that's racist somehow" and chappelle is like "it is".

as for perspective/size, abstract is always taking something and changing it in size, color, perspective, etc for effect. so, one could make the point that in both paintings things are not to scale. you could also say that you don't have a head in either. so i can't paint heads.