Wednesday, March 31, 2010

post art hop at tokyo garden

a few weeks back our beloved rademacher had a line up change. i heard it was happening, but didn't blog about it, although i think i did post about it on facebook.

radioactive cauliflower (of elio wolof fame) has joined the band on bass, and malcolm has switched back to guitar. eli's still on drums, which is a good thing.

anyway, rademacher has played a fresno show on a sunday night and i decided not to go. i wish i had because i heard it was a hella good show. i won't make that mistake this thursday. it's post-art hop at tokyo garden, and rademacher is on the bill featuring rademacher's new line up. also, trumpet solo, spider problem and it'll grow back are on set to play. it should be a rather good show.

i'll be there singing along. join me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

on blogging

7/27/05 was my first post. that's a long time to be blogging, although i do know that there have been bloggers out there that have been much more prolific in both content and history. that's cool. i have to admit, content has been a little sparse lately here. i just haven't had too much to talk about. and, i think i've been a little bit busy with work (teaching & track) as well as life and fun (pub quiz ftw!).

this blog has gone a lot of different directions over the last five years. some of it is personal, some of it has been fresno stuff, some is just randomness and more. and, it will continue to be all of those things.

anyway, just wanted to let you know i'm still out here. thinking, living, and yes, even still blogging a little.

dj woody at resurrect

there's a guy in fresno that's been putting on shows every other monday night at audie's olympic. now, someone putting on shows isn't all that special, but he's doing a night of music that isn't really all that ordinary. and, he's actually drawing a decent little crowd. friend of the blog, woody, has spun at two of these weeks, and here's his set from the most recent show.

i'm super excited that these are being recorded and put up on the web. i really can't wait for the release of last week's set because i was there for a few minutes, but didn't stick around. hey, i was tired. but, monica pasillas, who did one of my tattoos (and several friends) spun a set of 90's hip hop that i heard was amazing.

so, congrats to professor stone for putting on the resurrect shows. they're super dope and i hope they keep growing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

abbazabba what?

regular abbazabba is much better than chocolate abbazabba.

that's all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

french redo milgram's experiment

i was super excited to see this story today.

i know, i know, who gets excited about seeing a study about people shocking each other? i do. i do because i love milgram's study about compliance to authority and i'm interested to see how frequently it can be duplicated. not that i doubt it, but because every time that it's duplicated i can point out that duplication to those who doubt that they would do such a thing. really, i have students that will argue with me that they wouldn't shock someone just because they were told to do so. yes, they would.

facebook abuse

pretty funny stuff. has some swear words, so be warned.

EMBED-Facebook Abuse - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

n c a eh?

it's pretty weird for me right now. this is the first year since probably around 1991 or so that i haven't filled out a bracket. and, i don't even have any desire. usually, i would've printed out a bracket as soon as they were out on sunday and have been deciding if i was going to do more than one. and, i know i would've had a little $ in a pool.

for some reason, it's not happening this year. i haven't even looked at a bracket, although i did halfway listen to a podcast that was talking about it. i'm sure i'll watch some games, but i won't be feverishly following it on my iphone while i'm away for track on friday.

so, as i thought about this today, i tried to figure out why i don't care this year. i mean, i really don't watch college basketball except for the tournament every year.

i'll be honest, i think it's soccer. yep, soccer. i'm busy thinking about the world cup, even though it's still like 85 days away. it's great following members of the usmnt abroad as well as watching the usmnt prepare for the cup through friendlies (even though stu holden got his leg broke - effin nederlander). i'm following the knockout rounds of the champions league (watched chelski take one on the chin today and get eliminated - and the game affirmed my belief that john terry is a piece of crap). the epl is in full swing and arsenal has worked their way back into the hunt for some silverware. i'm stoked. and, i'm even starting to think about the impending mls season, and hoping there is no lock out. will landon be in galaxy gear? how will our team do without beckham? or will becks rehab here in the u.s.?

soccer, you're my only friend. oh wait, that's abba zabba.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

iron bird cafe

so, i was hungry for some lunch today and sent out a tweet for suggestions for a downtown lunch. i received several good responses, but one stuck out to me - iron bird cafe. i hadn't been there yet, so i decided to give it a shop. i like coffee (i'm a little jittery from today's excessive coffee input), and i knew they had food. so off i went.

upon entering, i was impressed with the clean, modern look. there are couches, tables, chairs, and it all looks nice. i appreciate the art on the walls and even hope to maybe show here some time.

i perused the menu and decided on the chicken sandwich. it's got grilled chicken, tomatoes, mixed greens & cheddar with a pesto aioli spread on toasted sourdough. the sandwich came out in a decent amount of time, and i enjoyed it. i will say i'm still a little hungry. maybe some chips or something on the side would help it out.

the coffee was good, and i tried out both varieties. i think i'm going to hit up a cup of the decaf before i leave.

i love it that they've got free wifi. and, the staff is very friendly (much better than the coffee shop in my neighborhood).

i'll definitely go back in the future. their hours are great. who stays open downtown until 11:30 at night? iron bird does. awesome.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

why did you do it that way?

i missed the opening of the rogue festival last week, but tonight it gets going again. and, even better, i'm taking part in the festival tonight. come over to ashtree studio and hear me and two other artists talk about our work and discuss it all with the audience. it should be a very good time.

if you can't come tonight, i'll be doing it again on thursday and friday evenings @ 7pm.

7:00 PM Wednesday March 10
with Aileen Imperatrice and Adam Wall

7:00 PM Thursday March 11
with Adam Wall and Sergio Huerta

7:00 PM, Friday, March 12
with Sergio Huerta and Aileen Imperatrice

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

episode 43 of tvlghfh

hey you podcast listeners. we have a new episode up. click over to the view looks good from here, fresno and give it a listen. or, check us out on itunes. feel free to leave a comment on itunes, or on our blog. but mainly on itunes.

Monday, March 08, 2010

monday haiku

back in fresno now
returned to work this morning
world hadn't ended

Thursday, March 04, 2010

naia indoor nationals day 1

it's thursday, and we're getting underway at the naia indoor nationals. today, fpu has a heptathelete going and a pentathelete going early (& all day). in the evening, our women's 1600 meter relay team takes it's first race, hopefully qualifying for the next round. i'll work with our multi-eventers today in shot put, and our shot putter & weight thrower will practice a bit today as well.

the trip has been fun, and we saw quite a bit of snow yesterday. today will bring a little slower driving, as i don't want to hit ice patches and crash.

Monday, March 01, 2010

monday haiku

indoor nationals
is where i'm headed for week
tennessee updates