Tuesday, August 09, 2005

tuesday - art, tv, and so on

this painting is called through the clouds. it's unfinished, as in i'm still working on it. it is 16 x 12. the price will depend on time, effort and pride that get tied up in it. i'm guessing around $100.

tv tonight
well, right now i'm blogging instead of watching tv. some people would say that's a good thing. i say it's because tuesday @ 8 is one of the worst tv hours of the week. there is nothing i am ever compelled to watch. i tried to watch Mr Mom last week or whatever that piece o' crap on nbc is. oh, i guess i've already tipped my hand as to what i thought of the show.

9 - season finale of so you want to be a skan... errr... hilton. i've actually enjoyed the show a bit, and i'm glad it'll be over now.

10 - rockstar inxs. lefty chris brown and i have commented on each others blogs about this show. i dig it. tomorrow i'll present some breakdown on the show.

earlier today i posted about the albequrque isotopes. then this evening the local repeat showed that episode. how serendipitous.

also tonight, i cut my thumb on a sardine can. i was pulling open the top as directed and pulled it directly into my thumb. i guess i mussed up that part of the directions. it made typing this awkward, and i've had to do a lot of deleting/retyping.

for those of you in fresno, i'm preaching @ my church this week. 5p sunday @ salon 637. you is invited.


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Adam said...

In the words of Mike, "I dig it." No really though, the colors in this painting are really groovin'. the picture is small, but I think there is something there that I definitely like.