Sunday, August 07, 2005

mmmm, donuts

"i guess i forgot to put the foglights in"*

i love the simpsons. sure, there have been times when the episodes stunk. there have been classics in the recent systems as well. shoot, they've been at it longer than most shows. most shows don't even dream of running half as long as the simpsons has. we've grown up with the family and town of springfield. i even own simpsons monopoly.
which brings me to this: should they have stopped making the show earlier? show they stop now? or, should they keep on? was the the kergin in "highlander" right in saying, "it's better to burn out than fade away?" at least that's how i remember him saying it. so, add your two cents. should they have quit? if so, when? if you're in the keep going camp, for how long?


*sung to the tune of "Can't get enough super golden crisp


Fishy said...

ok, i started to leave you a comment, but then i wound up starting my own blog, sorry ed. anyways, i loved and still love the simpsons. I think they still have a couple of years left before they need to hit the eject button. It is our generation they started with, and we are the ones still watching in our 20's and 30's. I still enjoy them and will for some time, i just wish i could watch them when they are on, and not have to wait until DVD.

Tom w said...

Keep them coming. At least as long as they continue to make people laugh and they continue to be creative and fresh. Sure, there will be a time to say no more, I guess that is when the writers are spent and they have squeezed all they can out of the show. Maybe they can do a spinoff, you know Bart and Lisa as teens. Or a show just about the dark life of Moe. O.K. maybe not, but we sure enjoy them and I am amzed at how often I run across one I haven't watched before.

The Jay said...

They could sure use a lot fewer Lisa-centric episodes.

Adam said...

The great thing about the Simpsons is that a group of writers works on each episode and that group changes. So theoretically, the Simpsons could go on indefititely considering the fact that they parody current events (political, philosophical, religious, etc) and the writers are ever changing, which is what keeps the show fresh. Of course, ever-changing writers means that there will be shows that some viewers don't like because of their particular style. Which is also why there are recent blocks of episodes that I didn't find very funny.

My vote: Keep the show going as long as it can.

edluv said...

adam makes a good point about the changing writers. which kind of is why i asked the question. different writers have taken the show off on different rabbit trails. the most commmon is making the show about homer. although i am not some sort of simpsons purist, when it started it was more about the family in general and bart. as the show developed further, it started bringing in more developed storylines about other people in town. still good. then "crazy" homer became the focal point for many episodes. this isn't just my rant. groening and another of the show producers talked about it in an article i read.

so, more changes could produce an even worse product.

food for thought.