Thursday, November 29, 2007

rademacher live blog

lots going on in fresno. fuego played chivas usa. you'll have to see adams blog for a recap of that. van halen is playing at the save mart center, see the fresnan for that. me, I'm seeing rademacher, ibid and another band. i'll be trying to live blog this.

ibid opened the show. for you emusic fans, go over there and download
his album. You'll luke it. trust me. great lyrical hip hop out of merced, ca. i've seen him several times and always enjoy the show. tonight was solid, and ibid drew me in with each song.

the next band was the monolaters. energetic, poppy, punkish indie rock. very fun stuff. the crowd was really into the energy. Of this band, as was I. Cool set, I'll have to try and find them on myspace or something. If you hear that they're plating near you, go see them. Adam says, "they were fun. I enjoyed that set. They were enjoyable." then he went on about something of simple accolades for a simple band.

rademacher is up third, and they are fan freakin tastic. i've really
enjoyed them, but these last few shows i've seen them they have really stepped up their game. tonight did not disappoint. such a good time. crowd had fun, looked like the band had fun. my only request: arguments. it's a song off of one of their e.p.'s and i never hear it anymore at shows. damn i want to. but beside that, really well done tonight rademacher. hearts to you. and facebook tells me that brad <3 greer. well, it told me they are engaged so i'm making that assumption.

kitten vs ferret

week 13 nfl picks

thursday game

away team spread home team my pick
green bay +6.5 dallas dallas

weekend games

san diego -4 kansas city san diego
houston +3.5 tennessee tennessee
jacksonville +7 indianapolis jacksonville
buffalo +5 washington washington
san francisco +3 carolina san francisco
detroit +3 minnesota minnesota
ny jets +2 miami ny jets
atlanta pick st. louis st. louis
seattle +3 philadelphia philadelphia
cleveland +1 arizona cleveland
denver -3 oakland denver
ny giants -1 chicago chicago
tampa bay +3 new orleans tampa bay
cincinatti +8.5 pittsburg cincinatti

monday night

new england -20 baltimore new england

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

snoop dogg sensual seduction

so, i wanted to post the new snoop dogg video here, but universal music group has disabled the ability to embed video. so, i'll just give you the link so you can watch it at youtube.

the video & song are an obvious homage to zapp & roger, but also to bootsy collins and more.

the song, well, it reminds me of a rip off of kanye west, who i don't think is that good. if you make it all the way through the video, i salute you. i was unable.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

frank tv

so, the writers' strike has me feeling like an episode i saw yesterday of the family guy. that's right, i'm comparing my life to an episode of tv that i watched as a rerun last night. anyhow, tv was out on family guy, and so they were finding other ways to kill time.

my life, we're enduring a writers' strike that has most new television in the bag. sure, there are reality tv and sports, which are two of my favs. but i also enjoy the scripted. i've seen that a few networks are rolling out shows that they had in the can and are bringing out. i won't say they're all bad, but i'm guessing that shows you weren't planning on airing aren't top notch.

this brings us to frank tv. did you know there was such a show? i did. mainly because you're bombarded with ads for this p.o.s. during sports, especially on fox. or on the nba, which is often shown on the same network. ads for this show actually go back pretty far, because i remember them during the baseball playoffs, which also had a few series on tbs. tonight, i decided i would catch an episode.

to be truthful, i admit i had a pretty low opinion of the show coming into it. if you're not familiar with frank caliendo, he's been on madtv and picks during fox's nfl sunday. he does impressions of famous people. in my opinion, very sucky impressions. so, i've been a little curious to know exactly what he'd be doing. would it be all sketches of him impersonating jack nicholson, al pacino, george bush, john madden, etc?

guess what he opened with? jack nicholson. sketch two, trump. three, g.bush.

the show is done in front of an audience, but that sure sounds like a laugh track.

i'm halfway through. not sure i can make it. man, i miss new tv shows.

guess who's up now. pacino. and deniro. frank does both characters. half the time, his deniro slips. a quarter of the time, terrible. final quarter, weak. his pacino is worse.

next commercial break. starts with a commercial for this crap show. so to recap, they opened with a skit. commercial. two skits, commercial. skit. commercial. i wonder if they can fit in another commercial break in the remaining 4 minutes. i hope so. i just saw an ad for tyler perry's house of payne. i won't be giving this a try. but they ended the break with another commercial for this show.

the show ended with a bit for sean connery's voice for men. actually not bad. witty even. and thankfully the show ended.

so, to wrap it up, i thought this should would suck, and it lived down to that expectation. don't watch it. ever.

a dinner review of marsol

we've been eagerly anticipating the opening marsol and its new orleans & southern cuisine. i've seen the signs, and have waited and waited. we even went there twice before they were opening, just hoping that it would be open (and i had smelled the food & seen the smoke from their test runs of the kitchen). so, tonight, we decided to stop in for a meal because i had heard they were open, even though their grand opening isn't until december 7 (they get their liquor license on december 5).

as you enter, you'll notice that this is a huge restaurant. really, the main seating area probably will accommodate 150, they have a small seating area for about 20 near the bar, and a private room that i would estimate will sit 40-50 more. the decor is nice, and it'll be pretty cool when they have live music (the waiter said they will on weekends after their grand opening).

to start, we ordered the sampler appetizer plate. it comes with cajun fried shrimp, southern fried wings, and cajun rolls. the plate came with a sweet chili sauce and a cocktail sauce, and our waiter also brought out a "buffalo" sauce as well. i thought the shrimp tasted good, and they were pretty large prawns. the southern wings were full on chicken wings, not just the little bits you normally get with a wings order. they were average. the winner of the plate were the cajun rolls, which were like egg rolls. they were filled with cabbage and a ground, spicy sausage. they were very well complimented by the sweet chili sauce. i'd say 4 or more people should order this appetizer, because it comes with a lot and we actually didn't eat it all because we realized we were filling up before the main course.

for our main course, we thought we'd go out on a limb and see what sort of special dishes this place had to offer. i ordered the alligator, which came with cole slaw and steak fries. heather ordered the crawfish etouffe.

here's where the meal came off its wheels a bit. not bad, but just not great. i would say our mains were mediocre. to me, the alligator, which was lightly breaded and fried, had a consistency and taste similar to pork. but, some of the pieces were also sort of fishy tasting, which wasn't good. most didn't, but some did, and those ones left me reaching for something to clear the palate. heather didn't care much for the etouffe. it's a little unclear on what she expected from the dish, but it's not what she got (i would say it's what i thought from the description). i tasted and liked it, which is good because i'll be eating the leftovers. anyhow, heather didn't care much for it, but she was also filling up from our appetizer dish.

for dessert, we split their whiskey bread pudding. the waiter raved about "how if you weren't a drinker you might need a designated driver." hmm, not so much. don't get me wrong. i actually thought it was quite tasty. and, i liked the raisins and pecans in it. i just wouldn't say i could really taste the whiskey, let alone think that i'd need a d.d. after.

overall, i was surprised at how little spice the food had. i figured that new orleans cuisine would be plenty spicy, but this wasn't really the case. some had decent spice (the etouffe & the cajun rolls) but i just expected more i guess. in my opinion the food was mediocre. it's definitely worth another try, and the menu has a lot of options so i will have no problem finding something to eat. probably a little less exotic than alligator. i'm pretty sure i'll take a group in after they have their grand opening and the bar is open. oh yeah, they're going to offer an express lunch (11-2p) for around $10 which may be worth checking out, when they start doing it.

*cross posted @ fresno famous & yelp (why aren't you yelping?)

"impeach them now"

dennis kucinich wants to

we're building empire

no, this isn't a post about queensryche, although i do admit i enjoyed their albums empire and operation mindcrime.

i ran across an op-ed piece in the l.a. times that piqued my interest. i mean, i've harbored thoughts that our leaders, especially in recent years, have been building a de-facto empire. and, i know that at previous points in u.s. history we definitely have worked at building empire. so, i wanted to read this article with the provocative title of "at piece with pax americana."

(for those that don't know, pax romana = the roman piece, a term used to describe the roman empire and it's reach across the mediterranean world.)

i think the article may be best summed up with these three quotes:

"Critics of American foreign policy point to the fact that the U.S. does many things that empires once did -- police the seas, deploy militaries abroad, provide a lingua franca and a global currency -- and then rest their case. But noting that X does many of the same things as Y does not mean that X and Y are the same thing. The police provide protection, and so does the Mafia. Orphanages raise children, but they aren't parents. If your wife cleans your home, tell her she's the maid because maids also clean homes. See how well that logic works."

"The second verse of the anti-imperial lament, sung in unison by liberals and libertarians, goes like this: Expansion of the military-industrial complex leads to contraction of freedom at home. But historically, this is a hard sell. Women got the vote largely thanks to World War I. President Truman, that consummate Cold Warrior, integrated the Army, and the civil rights movement escalated its successes even as we escalated the Cold War and our presence in Vietnam. President Reagan built up the military even as he liberalized the economy."

"Whatever sway the U.S. holds over far-flung reaches of the globe is derived from the fact that we have been, and hopefully shall continue to be, the leader of the free world, offering help and guidance, peace and prosperity, where and when we can, as best we can, and asking little in return. If that makes us an empire, so be it. But I think "leader of the free world" is the only label we'll ever need or -- one hopes -- ever want."

now, i find these quotes very compelling, especially in dispelling the idea of american empire. just because it has feathers doesn't mean it's a chicken. then again, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, maybe it's a duck.

the second quote, while historically accurate, seems to deny, disregard or ignore what is currently happening. those in power acknowledge that our freedoms and civil liberties are being hedged due to the war on terror. it isn't a complete loss, but there still are changes happening for the purpose of safety, and definitely may be aiding the creation of empire.

my final thought, for now, on empire and the article is the idea of change. we may not be an empire like rome, england, or the u.s.s.r., but it just may be the case that empire has changed. x may be similar to y but not the same and that could be due to the fact that the definition, the reality has changed. his hopes of just being the "leader of the free world," even if that makes us an empire, really hits the nail on the head. you can lead without creating empire. and, you could create a ideological empire and lead. and, the u.s. has done this very well. we've californicated the world. and, that's helped to lead to the war on terror as a particular culture fights against the "west." but just because we create an ideological empire doesn't mean should be invading other countries (iraq), or supporting military coups in others (venezuela).

Monday, November 26, 2007

peppered pageant queen

it's not as spectacular as miss south carolina's stumble through topics such as "the iraq and south africa" but the miss puerto rico contest had some spice. literally. the winner broke out in hives, and it was determined that someone had doused her gown and make up with pepper spray. this lady is a trooper. not only did she have to deal with this, but her bag was also stolen from the competition, containing some dresses, make up and credit cards. sheesh. and she still won.

in other strange pageant news, miss mexico had to tone down her dress. it wasn't too revealing or sexy, it was too violent. one of the images on the dress was of a guy facing a firing squad. and a bullet studded belt. that's one crazy dress!

this sure will be an intersting miss universe pageant (although i'm not sure if the mexico story is about a contestant in the 2008 pageant).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

tunneling for evidence

so, the l.a. times had an article about chinatown's tunnels. in the article, they mention a bit of controversy. i find this interesting, because i've never heard of any controversy about the tunnels. i've heard discussion about how extensive the tunnels may be, but i didn't realize there was any controversy. some quotes about it:

"Experts on Chinese American history say Chinatowns across the nation -- including in many California cities -- have always been rumored to have tunnels, but no proof exists that they were anything more than connected basements. They say the hype surrounding the legends revives misconceptions that fanned xenophobia in earlier times."


"The 19th century was an extremely racist climate," said Phil Choy, past president of the Chinese Historical Society of America and a skeptic of tunnel lore. "There had always been an attempt to remove the Chinese. You had this population of undesirables. The more mysterious they make us, the better."

hmm, interesting. i understand that other tunnels have existed, or weren't as spectacular as billed. and, i guess i wouldn't be that surprised if in the past there was fear, xenophobia and suspicion about people different than the mainstream. but how much of this applies to now and exploring whether or not there are tunnels in fresno.

more from the article:
"But Fresno is different because the tunnel tales are more than just rumors. Over the last few months, a handful of old-timers have stepped forward to say they saw the tunnels in action. Their oral histories have given a sense of urgency to the city's archaeological effort."

"One of the first was Rick Lew, who grew up in Chinatown in the 1950s. Lew said his grandfather was a well-known figure in Chinatown's early history, running gambling operations and selling liquor."

i wonder what mr. choy would say? i mean, here we have a guy basically confirming the urban legend. sure, it's not scientific proof, but that doesn't mean it's not true. we'll see what is discovered as they use radar and continue to explore.

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the moon

so, we stepped outside tonight and happened to glance up @ the moon. we were amazed by how it looked.

really cool stuff. just loved the ring. i've seen this type of thing before, but never so big and far away from the moon.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

gilbert arenas black president

gilbert arenas is doing some interesting stuff these days. he's a long time blogger, which is pretty interesting for a nba player because he's quite candid. anyhow, he's got a new shoe out, by adidas. what's interesting is that he's do twenty different versions, each in it's own little homage to something in his life. here's one i enjoyed:

Friday, November 23, 2007

all the news that's (not) fit to print

i <3 the news. it's so predictable. today is the day after thanksgiving. without even looking, i could tell you what's going to be the "big" story on every news outlet: shopping.

so, as i began to see what was happening in the world, i hit up the online news sources i check. and yes, black friday was tops. what was it above? real news, of course. like:
5 dead in a murder suicide
peace talks between israel and palestine
the search for a missing teen
a ship off antartica

and, this isn't just an issue for our local fish wrap. oh wait, it is. i went to the l.a. times page and they have actual stories about news. what a novel idea. i didn't see any stories about shopping there until i scrolled to the very bottom of the page, where i saw one on the a.p. wire, where it was appropriately listed first. right before the ship, the murder/suicide and a bombing that killed 26 in iraq.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanksgiving

i hope yours has been well. ours was nice. 1 down, 2 to go.

today, we went up to beautiful vallejo, ca. really, it was purdy up there. i took photos from my aunts back porch. her 2 bedroom apt up there costs the same as some stuff fresno. craziness.

anyhow, i wanted to mention the route we took there and back. in all actuality, i went this route a few weeks back when i went to the raiders game, but since i wasn't driving i didn't actually pay attention to how long it took. it seemed fast, but i didn't know how fast. it took under 3 hours. and really, it should because it's only 188 miles.

the route: 99n to 120w (manteca)
120w to 5s, although you're only on 5 for like a mile
5s to 205w
205w to 580w
580w to 680n to 780w

and you're there.

i liked this route because it avoids the slowness of los banos. and it was hecka fast. if you're going to, say, oakland, you just stay on 580w.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

week 12 nfl picks

picks are coming out early. some interesting match ups this week. i'm especially interested to see if the rams can continue winning, and keep my impossible dream of them finishing 8-8 after starting 0-8. also, i've only got the lines for the thanksgiving games. i'll update this post after i've got the lines. so, really these are only my picks for thursday. for now.

thanksgiving day games

away team spread home team my pick
green bay -3 detroit green bay
ny jets +14 dallas dallas
indianapolis -12 atlanta indi

weekend games

away team spread home team my pick
seattle -3 st. louis st. louis
minnesota +7.5 ny giants ny giants
buffalo +7.5 jacksoville jacksonville
new orleans -3 carolina new orleans
washington +3 tampa bay washington
houston +3.5 cleveland cleveland
tennessee -1 cincinnati tennessee
oakland +5 kansas city kansas city
san francisco +10 arizona arizona
baltimore +9 san diego baltimore
denver -2 chicago denver
phildelphia +22.5 new england new england

monday night

miami +16 pittsburg pittsburg

amen break


got 18 minutes? and speakers?

enjoy music? like thinking about usage, copyright and sampling?

well, i'm posting this video mainly for woody. so, you had better watch it.

it's about the "amen break."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

lunch review ribs & tips

okay, so i was looking for something different and new, but still on the edges of my neighborhood. i thought i had seen a place that was south of me, towards downtown. so, i went in search of. and i found it: ribs & tips. i almost feel bad about reviewing another place that's some sort of bbq...then again, i love bbq so i don't feel bad at all.

as i pulled up, the bbq outside was smoking away and it smelled nice. i came into the restaurant, which used to be some sort of chinese/thai buffet. it's a big space, with 10 or so booths and seats at least 40. it wasn't too busy, and it seemed that all the staff was in the back working. it took a moment to get helped. but after that things went smoothly. while i waited for service, one of the other customers told me how good the tri tip was. he wasn't sure if it was their marinade or what, but he said he really liked it. on his way out, he told another first time customer that they'll be back.

so, i perused the menu, and actually ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, the big sampler plate. i figured why not try all the meats o the menu and really get a good idea of their food. the sampler plate comes with chicken, ribs, and tri tip, along with 2 sides and bread. for my sides, i picked the potato salad and the ranch beans. i ordered @ 12:19 and my food was up by 12:26.

i started with the tri tip. wow. holy cow. this was good stuff. so flavorful. it was a tiny bit dry, and this made it just a little tough, but outside of that it was delicious.

the chicken, well, i'm not sure what piece i had. it looked like part of a breast & thigh. but the flavor was good. the sauce on it was a tangy, spicy sauce. good stuff.

the ribs were good and smoky. i'm glad i saved them for last to try, they were worth it. they were worth cleaning the bones as well as licking my fingers.

i appreciate that they had 3 different flavors of sauce & seasoning on the meats. or, at least they all didn't taste the same on each meat. because really, the sauce shouldn't be the same.

as for the sides, the roll was just a store bought type (i think) but it was good for soppin'. the potato salad was sorta bland, but not bad. the these were good. spicy, but not too hot, i ate them all.

for some, there may be some turnoffs to the restaurant. it's not a "classy" joint. it's not in the best neighborhood. but honestly, i've been to world famous (presidents & celebs eating there) bbq joints in kansas city that were in bad 'hoods. this place is totally manageable for everyone. others might be turned off by plastic silverware. i wasn't. and, most of their customers seemed to be to go orders. but, if this place stays open, it'll be a great bbq joint, right next to all the new downtown housing.

one final word, the website has an old address & phone # for them. and, yelp has an old address. not sure why, but they've been @ this locale since july 07.

ribs & tips
575 divisadero (at h street, next to the lampost)

their hours are also sketchy. on the window they have 10am-2pm painted, their to go menu says 10-6 M-F. their website, i think, says something different.

go to my yelp review (which is exactly the same here & on fres fam because it's cross posted) and see pictures of the menu & food.

a challenge

so, i was thinking about those different venues that post goodness about fresno. i love to read them, and i try to take part in the online community. as i journeyed through virtual fresno today i thought, "these people are making virtual fresno good. i'd love for them to join me in making actual fresno good."

so i'm throwing down the virtual gauntet. i've brought out the slapping glove. however you want to think of it, i'm issuing a challenge to:
the beehive (specifically mike oz & heather mac)
the fresnan
famous whitewater

now, i know you all don't live in the tower. but you all visit here enough because you know we're the hotbed of fresno cool. so, i'm challenging you to join me @ this saturday's tower beautification. more details here. or here. or here.

and, oh yeah, if you're reading this, you're welcome to join as well. consider yourself challenged as well.

*i'm cross posting this challenge @ my blog, fresno famous, and in a mike oz post on beehive.

tower beautification

so, after you've had your fill of family, food, and giving thanks, come out and do some thankless work.

that's right, the tower district of fresno, ca needs your love & help.

join us for our monthly gathering to clean up. we'll pick up trash, cigarette butts, whatever has been heaped on our beautiful neighborhood.



* * * *

8:00-10:00 A.M.

MEET: Wishon and Olive, Chicken Pie Parking Lot

BRING: Winter fur caps, mittens, boots; oops, just gloves

WE PROVIDE: Vest, grabbers, bags, some tools, insurance

WHO: Volunteers

really, please wear some gloves for safety's sake.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

optical illusions

this is a cool little video about optical illusions. pretty well done, and i like the soundtrack. i wonder if it's brazzaville.

okay, in the comments, someone says the song is golden cage, by the whitest boy alive.

amazing race

so, it's the third week of amazing race. mike lost a team in the first week. heather lost a team in the second.


in tonight's episode, all the teams ended up getting stacked together on the same plane to burkina faso. and then on the same train out to the middle of nowhere. then, there was some challenges, and lorena & jason, the team picked by both mike and i sucked. really, they were bad. and, it was mainly lorena. but, they managed to pull it out, and finish in second to last tonight. so, mike's still in it. i've still got two teams, and heather's got one.

mls championship game

take heart, dana. i know they're not the san jose squad you used to love, but sort of are. houston has repeated as champions of major league soccer. and, for the second year in a row, they've beaten new england.

it was a game of halves. new england controlled the first, and went up 1-0 on sweet header by taylor twellman. the revolution had a ton of chances and i knew that if they kept at it they would score. and they did.

but, there are two halves in every game. and the second belonged to houston. the dynamo completely reversed things and controlled the pace and all the shots in the second. houston equalized on a low, driving shot. then dewayne derosario had his own sweet header to put them ahead in the 74th minute.

down 2-1, new england threw everyone forward for the last fifteen minutes in an attempt to equalize. one of the defenders had a point blank, diving header that should have gone in, but somehow pat onstad had a kick save reaction.

so, congrats to houston. back to back champions. and, you kept the new england area from winning every professional championship this year.

Friday, November 16, 2007

now we can swim any day in november

wow. it's rather nice outside today. in fact, i think it's been in the 70's in fresno for a large part of november. it is november, right? and we're half way through the month, right? today, i walked down the street in shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops. and it's not just that i'm a big guy. the mail carrier was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

the forecast doesn't have us hitting the low 60's (daytime high) until the middle of next week. the forecast for thursday, thanksgiving, is also 60. 60. sheesh.

but i'm not complaining. i don't mind a mild fall season. i would appreciate a little more rain over the next month though. especially since i don't have to drive my motorcycle too much over the next 5 weeks.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

toothpaste for wii


toothpaste for dinner

week 11 nfl picks

here we go again, another week's worth of pics vs the spread. i'm not doing that bad on the season. i'd guess that i'm picking about 65-70% correct.

weekend games

away team spread home team my pick
arizona -3 cinci cinci
cleveland -2.5 baltimore cleveland
ny giants -2.5 detroit ny giants
carolina +10 green bay green bay
kansas city +14.5 indianapolis indianapolis
miami +10 philadelphia philadelphia
new orleans pick houston houston
tampa bay +3 atlanta tampa bay
oakland +6 minnesota minnesota
san diego +3 jacksonville jacksonville
pittsburg -10 ny jets pittsburg
chicago +5.5 seattle seattle
st. louis -2.5 san francisco st. louis
dallas -10.5 washington dallas
new england -15 buffalo new england

monday night

tennessee +2 denver tennessee

in other news, barry bonds has been indicted for federal perjury and obstruction charges. and, my hopes that the giants would sign a-rod seem to have been dashed as well.

and, the mls championship game is this saturday @ noon. check it out. it's a rematch from last year, houston dynamo (formerly sj equakes/quakes/clash) and the new england revolution. if new england wins, that means that the boston area will have won the world series, & mls championship, and are well on their way to superbowl & nba finals victories, too. oi.

and for you readers in south africa, we're going to kick your rears on nov 17 in soccer. trust me. if you get a chance, watch the match. jozy altidore is the real deal. and u.s. has looked generally nice under bob bradley's management.

rademacher anyone?

okay, i know i've flaked out of several of the recent rademacher shows. tonight, i think will be different. it's been awhile since i've seen them and...they finally have their cd out! i repeat, their cd has been released. so, i want to go to the show, see rademacher and others, and buy their cd! and hey, check out their website.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

youtubey goodness

i love this commercial

seriously, i crack up every time, especially when the kid runs at the end. it's a combo of his straight leg, half run, and the fact that he hits the tee, not the ball.

here's a vid for dizzee rascal's song flex. i dig this song a bunch.

the album, maths + english is definitely worth picking up. i have all 3 of his albums, and i think that this one is the best of the bunch. really, the first two had some good tracks, and "fix up, look sharp" from the first album is amazing, but there was also a lot of stinkers on those albums. this, damn fine all the way through.


no, my computer's not messing up again. i just thought it was catchy, and it's from this parody of the one of the newer ipod commercials from mad tv.

who even knew mad tv was still around? i sure didn't.

here's a one from jason sedulkis of snl, that's a bit funnier for the iphone.

pig punch videos, meth high.


goodbye friend

you were our host on my first visit.

you fed me thanksgiving dinner.

you provided some "special" memories. some good, some bad. well, several bad. (and keep em to yourselves, this is a public space.)

you gave me some enjoyable times, in several different places.

goodbye, new frontier, goodbye.

Monday, November 12, 2007

106 year old hybrid car

here's another reason to hate car companies: in 1901, porsche put out a hybrid car. yep, the old gas/electronic combo has been around for over a century. but you don't care. you're too busy lusting after some piece of crap, 2.5 ton s.u.v. that gets 18 mpg. sure, it will hold a million things and will run over everything else on the road, but so what? it's not like gas is over $3.25 in fresno. what's that you say? $3.25 would be a good price?

when the civic first came out in 1972, it got over 40 mpg standard. so, let me get this straight, in the last 35 years, your car got less efficient? i know the car was smaller, and the current models do get good mileage, but isn't fuel injection inherently more efficient than carburetion? the standard civic sedan gets an estimated 26 city and 34 highway. that's ridiculous.

hey, i'm not saying i'm perfect, or any better than you. honestly, i still want to own my bike, a classic car, and a jeep. fortunately, i only own the first of those three, and it gets about 40 mpg. and, that's with a ginormis engine. if i had a bike with smaller engine i could probably getting 50 mpg. i'm not bragging, just speaking the truth. but, i keep telling myself i'm not getting anything else until they wake the f up and make a jeep that gets over 35 mpg (which is over double what my last one got). because, really, 35 mpg isn't all that great. unless it's also a zero emissions vehicle (like our civic hybrid).

privacy is nonexistent

so, i realize that this is a blog, and everything i put on it is public material. and can be accessed by anyone. this is why i've a little to limited personal info and things of that sort. i don't give out sensitive info.

but, the goverment would like you to know that nothing is private anymore. donald kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence would like you to know that privacy no longer can mean anonymity. instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguard people's private communications and financial information.

here's a direct snip from him:
"i think all of us have to really take stock of what we already are willing to give up, in terms of anonymity, but (also) what safeguards we want in place to be sure that giving that doesn't empty our bank account or do something equally bad elsewhere."

so, you (the gov't) and corporate amerikkka can spy on me, but just not tell anyone else about it? not too comforting. and, yes, if i flaunt my identity on the internet (or elsewhere, it's not like these snoops are just spying in the medium) then okay, i guess i'll accept that you're collecting it. but i don't see how sending an email to someone in another country warrants suspension of my rights.

yeah, yeah, terrorism. be afraid.

oh yeah, and thanks to boing boing for providing me with this seditious information.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

chicago vs oakland

so, tomorrow i'll be experiencing another first: my first nfl game. mike, our friend josh, and myself are heading up to oakland to watch the bears play. mike's a bears fan, so we got together and bought him a ticket to the game (and ones for ourselves as well).

although i've considered the raiders my afc team (i'm a rams fan) i'll be rooting for the bears. and hoping that raider fan doesn't punch me in the face or throw bear on me.

week 10 nfl picks

weekend games

away team spread home team my pick
falcons +4.5 panthers falcons
vikings +6.5 packers vikings
broncos +3 chiefs chiefs
buffalo -2.5 miami buffalo
st. louis +11.5 new orleans st. louis
cleveland +9.5 pittsburg pittsburg
jacksonville +4 tennessee jacksonville
philly +2.5 washington philly
cinci +4 baltimore cinci
detroit +1 arizona detroit
dallas -1.5 ny giants dallas
chicago -3 oakland chicago
indi -3 san diego indi

monday night

san francisco +10 seattle san fran

btw, the sports guy has a great column about the pats game & it relies heavily on one of my favorite movies, victory.

saturday morning

today i'm playing paintball for the first time. here's to hoping i don't get me ears shot off.

Friday, November 09, 2007

lunch review savannah's brazilian soul

so, this morning i woke up and thought, "it's going to be a nice day in fresno." i think i've been proved right. as i got ready, i listened to local musicians rademacher. soon, i was ready to figure out what i wanted to eat for lunch.

i decided to head downtown, and see if i spotted anything new, or at least someplace i hadn't been before. i took wishon south, and ended up on van ness avenue. from there, i headed east on kern street. this was a good decision, as it helped me find something new. as i drove down the street, i spotted a bbq going, and knew it was for me. savannah's brazilian soul. located @ 901 L St, it used to be something different. currently they're only open m-f from 10-2, but they have plans to be open from 6-2, with a friday night fish fry from 5-9.

i parked @ a meter spot and was fortunate that it had time on it. i plunked in a nickel to give it the full 30 min for the area. 30 min is the meter limit on most of the meters in this area. it could be a drawback.

anyhow, i went in the restaurant, and it's got pretty nice decor. it's sort of a mix between african and brazilian art. the service was very nice and friendly. it seems to be a family run business. i like local businesses.

as i was at the counter ordering i noticed that they have a deal worked out with i.r.s. workers. show them your irs badge and they'll rush your order so you can eat and go within your alloted 30 min lunch. i thought this was cool because there's an irs office right by there. i don't work for them, but this is a good recognition that your "neighbor" needs to eat fast, and if you can help them out they'll frequent your establishment.

anyway, i looked over the menu. and decided i would go with the 3 rib meal. it comes with bread or cornbread and 1 side. i chose cornbread and the black eyed peas. with a soda (1.29) my total was $8.29. the restaurant seats probably 30, and they have seats for maybe 5 or so on their small patio. i ordered and sat inside about 12:48.

so, my food came a little over 10 minutes later, which isn't bad for a small operation. it seems that they probably have most of the meats precooked, and heat them up on the bbq. that's cool, especially if they don't get dried out.

so, to the meal. the black eyed peas were good tasting, and were nice and warm. maybe they could have been just a tad warmer, but not bad. i appreciated that they weren't soggy, which let me know that they weren't just sitting on boil all day getting mushy. the cornbread was good. it was simple and tasty. could have been a little warmer to help my butter melt.

now, to the ribs. phenomenal. so tasty. the sauce that they gave me was just alright, but the ribs themselves were great. and, they weren't dried out at all. in fact, they were nice and tasty. did i say tasty?

overall, i had a very good experience at savannah's. i imagine as they are open longer things will run a little smoother in there, and they cooks won't feel as rushed. but dang, they know how to cook.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

television writer's strike

a little perspective on the television writer's strike from your friends @ the office.

thanks to the beehive for showing it to me first.

welcome home

got the laptop back today. so, now i'm busy putting data back on it from my backup drive.

oh the joys.

but, it's nice and clean, and running smoothly.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

get me some aqua dots. i need something. my head is spinning because good
old pat robertson is supporting guiliani. politics does make strange bedfellows.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

feedback loop

so, i'm feeling a little caught.

you see, the last few days i've been a little under the weather. not feeling ill per se, but definitiely stressed. this has got my neck and back kind of stiff. which has made my chest feel tight. then, i start thinking, what does a heart attack feel like?

but i know it's not that.

but then, my pulse is up.

and i'm sweaty.

now my neck feels tighter.

and my back is worse.

which makes me think more that i'm having a heart attack.

but i know i'm not having a heart attack.

stupid brain.

stupid, stupid brain.

one thing, one thing, leads to another.

but, i don't think i'm having a heart attack. just a little stressed, and tight. tomorrow's another day.

and another chance for the feedback loop.

Monday, November 05, 2007

what would Jesus buy?

check out this trailer for a documentary to hit the theaters just in time for your seasonal shopping fix.

i especially love the idea of getting some Xmas rims.

hitting theaters on nov 16.

thanks to laughing squid.

top 11 unsexiest men

okay, i hate title of this post, but it's based on aol's list, and that was their title. i would have called it hollywood's 11 least sexy men. whatever.

why do i care? well, i don't care that much. but, our friend kasey got a little bit of discussion going about the maxim 5 unsexiest women. so, i thought i'd give the counter piece.

the list:
11. ben stiller - hell, i'd put him here because he is not funny. i repeat, not funny. but he's not an unactractive man.
10. eric dane - i don't know who this guy is, but he looks nice in the picture
9. ryan phillipe & josh hartnett (tie) - they're both sort of odd looking, like i get the feeling when i look @ them that something just isn't right
8. pete wentz - ashlee simpson's man. he looks like he could wash his hair right now. and then again. but, i'm pretty sure he's going for that look.
7. james blunt - he's got a nice beard, good indi look
6. kevin connolly - i don't watch entourage, and he doesn't look particularly unsexy. their comment essentially comes down to 'he's average looking.' well, now, if that isn't a great description of unsexy i don't know what is.
5. howard stern - okay, here's the first on the list i'd really agree with. and so would he. he talks about how lanky he is, how big his nose is, etc.
4. simon cowell - yeah, that tight, euro t-shirt on a flabby body isn't that nice looking. we don't all have to be the ripped adonis that i am, but randy "dog" jackson seems to dress for the show without looking like cowell.
3. wilmer valderama - wha? dudes nice looking, snags hot chicks, is an actor, and had some show on mtv.
2. brandon davis - no idea who this guy is. but, he looks chubby and greasy, not very sexy. unless you're into that. (i've been informed that he's some sort of psuedo socialite, that called lindsey lohan firecrotch.)
1. pete doherty - i thought this was a list of stars? being in some barely known english rock band doesn't make you a star. dating a supermodel doesn't make you a star.

yep, that list sucks. where's dr. phil? where's horatio sands? and really, i would only say that anyone says 3 of the 11 are supposed to be attractive/sexy men. and several aren't even close to being stars.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

the amazing race

tonight, the amazing race started. i've always enjoyed this show, and have been anticipating the start of this season. tonight, mike came over and watched the first episode with me.

@ about fifteen minutes into the show, i think we're ready to make our picks about who's going to win. to refresh your memory, i'm not terrible at picking teams. last time, i picked the winner. so, i'm hoping to win again.

so, we'll pick two teams.
i pick kynt & vyxsin and lorena & jason. i gave a lot of thought about picking ,jennifer & nathan, but they were arguing in the first episode and she seemed like she was already physically unable to keep up.

mike is picking jason & lorena and ari & staella.

heather picks rachel & tk and kate and pat.

this looks like it could be an interesting season.


mike lost a pick already. ari & staella got bounced.

american gangster - a short movie review

american gangster delivers. it's well written, beautifully shot, and definitely well acted. of course, denzel washington and russel crowe are supurb. but i was really impressed with all of the supporting cast, guys like common, t.i., and the rza. especially rza.

and, it's a very interesting story.

so go see it. it's a must see if you like gangster films. even if you don't, but enjoy good movies, you'll like this one.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

birthday post 2

so, lunch was good. as we ate, we talked about how the neighborhood where the popeye's is located has changed. in fact, we're pretty sure that there are only 3 things in the 4 corners at the intersection that are the same: the popeye's, a carl's jr, and the wolverine boot store. everything else has changed as the neighborhood has changed through the years. heather grew up not too far, so she had a much better idea about what stores were where.

after lunch, we ran some errands. one of the things i got for my birthday was the last issue of mario kart for the game cube. now, i don't have a game cube, but the wii is, in fact, backwards compatable. i used to love playing mario kart over @ brian's place. it's such a simple race game, but it can produce really competitive matches. i was excited to get home and pop it in the wii. when i did, i discovered a small problem. the wii plays the game. the wii remotes, on the other hand, do not work with the game. so, i need to figure out exactly which remote i need to use. is it a specific wii remote for gamecube games, or can i just get some gamecube ones? i can't remember what the connectors for game cube looked like.

i'll need to head over to to see if i can locate proper info.

birthday post 1

today's my birthday, and i'm going to try and hit sporadic, short posts during the day.

for lunch, i'm going to popeye's chicken. i love popeyes. the spices, the sides, so good. there's only one location in fresno, and it seems like it's always packed. which is sorta weird for a fast food chicken place.

then we're going to target. you know, busy saturday. got to run some errands

Friday, November 02, 2007

week 9 nfl picks

weekend games


away team spread home team my pick
green bay +1 kansas city kansas city
denver -3.5 detroit detroit
san fran +3 atl atl
washington -3.5 ny jets washington
carolina +4 tennessee tennessee
jacksonville +3.5 new orleans jacksonville
san diego -7 minnesota san diego
cinci +1 buffalo buffalo
arizona +3.5 tampa bay tampa bay
houston +3 oakland houston
seattle +1 cleveland seattle
new england -5 indi new england
dallas -3 philly dallas

monday night

baltimore +9.5 pittsburg pittsburg

and for those that are local, i think we're going to get together @ one of the tower establishments to watch the pats/colts game. we'll have to find a spot with direct tv's sunday ticket, because sadly our local cbs affiliate will be carrying the raiders game. (i think sequoia brewery has it, and maybe bobby salazar's).

Thursday, November 01, 2007

and it keeps going

sheesh. blogging still limited due to limited access. the laptop is still being fixed, and they can't give me a good idea o how long. all they can tell me is they're waiting on a part and hopefully it will be done early next week. sheesh.