Sunday, August 21, 2005

on tap for monday

monday morning, 7:30 - golf @ javier's fresno west. it's my new monday ritual.
monday pm - call the seminary and see if i can get my student loan $.
- order some books online
- blog, hopefully about something important. maybe an art update

finally, i can't believe that one of the 49er's passed away after their game. that really is sad. i know people die and all, but it's still crazy to see someone pass away in the prime of their life.

tonight was part 2 of our essence series @ church. matt spoke on community. next week is the final part: missions. we are really trying to embrace many of the values of the missional church movement. shoot, i even recommend the book the missional church. you're all welcome to join us any sunday @ 5. we're supposed to be moving into our own building on sept 4. 1040 n fulton. yipee!


Adam said...

I don't currently have the time to read The Missional Church but, I'm curious about this idea you've spoken of several times. Could you maybe elaborate or summarize the idea?

Tom said...

Sounds great Ed. I wish I could join you on the course and at worship.

edluv said...

maybe i'll review a book, like missional, sometime. i'm sorta strapped for reading time, as i have real reading responsibilities. maybe you could suggest it for your reading club. really, it is much better than someone's attempt to prove/justify xianity. it's more about churches that are involved in the work of the kingdom.