Thursday, August 18, 2005

hey, hey!

congrats to the mens national side! they beat trinidad & tobago yesterday evening 1-0. brian mcbride scored the lone goal with bobby convey getting the assist. this brings us one step closer to germany 06. currently, we're a point behind mexico, who we play on sept 3.

what i'm listening to right now: axis of justice radio. i downloaded all of the past shows the other day. don't know what axis of justice is? it's a group set up by tom morello (rage, audioslave) and serj tankarian (system of a down) to advocate for justice in the world, and stir up things. they do a weekly radio show in la, but have all the past shows archived on their website. the shows are a good mix of different music and interviews. just finished listening to the very first episode, featuring michael moore.

watched brat camp (taped it last night). 3 of the kids graduated. it was kinda funny to see several of the kids think they're getting out, when they really have no chance. these kids just think they're doing time rather than actually trying to change. i must admit, my interest in the show is waning.

anyhooo, peace out for now.


Sam said...

my favorite thing about Brat Camp - it's a great deterrent for bad behavior in Hanna. It's a great threat.

Tom said...

It felt good to see the three Graduate. I still don't know what the deal is with Jada. She has no clue. Sad, because it really is her idiotic parents fault. They should be on "STUPID PARENTS CAMP"