Tuesday, August 23, 2005

rockstar diary 3

rockstar running diary.
brooke burke looks like she’s wearing a bikini. with a skirt attached to it.

this week’s deal: write and perform their own songs.

then i sorta stopped paying attention. there was some sort of deal about the songs, names out of a hat, and so on. at this point, i have no idea if they’re performing their own songs or someone else’s. we’ll see after the commercial.

okay, they’re doing other people’s songs. but two of them got to do their own songs.

suzie – start me Up by the rolling stones - she doesn’t want to be queen of the bottom three. ya gotta do better. and stop trying to expletive deleted the guitar player during the song. everyone come sing at the end of my song. and then I’ll stage dive. hey, work on singing instead of stupid gimmicks. dave electra’s first comment, “you look awesome”. inxs likes it. i have no idea what they like because i was feeling something much different.

jd – cold as ice by foreigner – he’s really being edited as the cocky jerk. Of course, it also seems like he’s helping that along as well. good performance, this guy may be working himself back into the top tier. but would the band want him around? worked the crowd well, good interaction with the house band.

deanna – original song called my truth- “i’ll make my hair look like locks, and maybe people will think I’m jordis and not get rid of me.” that skirt is really short. do girls think about this knowing that they’re going to be standing on a stage, above people? she pulled it down a bunch, but wouldn’t you think about that and not wear it? or at least cut out that little squat she does? but to the song, it actually was pretty good sounding. i don’t really know what it was about, but she performed it well. then you explained the song and I didn’t care.

ty – proud mary – he’s got the girls singing back up. why the heck would you help out your competition like that? soulful start. this guy can sing really well. the kicked up section of the song sounded good. this guy can sing really well. oh i already said that. dave electra starts out by giving props for the girls. then he made a weak joke, and said the girls were good again. he must be really threatened by ty. i definitely think ty could cover the whole inxs catalogue well, and be put out new good stuff too.

mig – original song called do or die – the song’s about his experiences in the house. the house band didn’t like it. words are very choppy. feels a lot like an 80’s power ballad. or nickelback or that ilk of crap rock. maybe it was inspired by the karate kid or over the top or some other fine movie you see on fox 26 on a saturday afternoon. and mig’s pants had a really awkward, distracting zebra stripe going up the crotch. but the guy did alright, sounded decent, and will continue on. dave electra makes what I think is a gay joke, although it was about himself.

marty – i alone by live – i must admit that i always liked this song. definitely one of live’s better tunes. but to marty’s performance: he’s got a sorta bizarre stage presence. didn’t sing well at times. sounded good at other points. a bit much screaming. dave electra likes him. the band liked him but commented on screaming, and if he fits with the band. that can’t help your voting.

before hearing jordis, i think the bottom three will be deanna, suzie and marty. suzie probably shouldn’t be here, but she’s there soooo much, I think the public doesn’t want her around.

jordis – dream on by aerosmith – don’t feel bad, nobody but steven tyler hits that note. And I’m not sure if he still can. Ooh, you’re missing the notes all over. and it seems like you know it and are giving up on the song. the band is looking at each other ‘this sucks’. but hey, they don’t do anything that’s going to make you sing like that. so, suck it up, and you’ll still be in it. the band accepts that you did bad, and you’re not going to get cut.

having said that, I think jordis knocks suzie out of the bottom three (my prediction)

those in trouble already at the end of show: deanna, ty, jordis. if that holds up, bye bye deanna.

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