Thursday, July 28, 2005

what's good on tv

really, this isn't a new thing, but i loves me some reality tv. rockstar inxs, the cut, even the hilton business. i'm watching 'em. i watched brat camp. pretty good. i hate these little jerk kids, and it's nice to see them suffer, and have to learn how to cope. the funny thing is, i recorded the show. yet, i keep finding myself watching the commercials. fast forward dumas! maybe i need to be retrained.

oh, and that show with geena davis that's coming on in the fall looks like a piece of crap.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my wife is crazy

so, we were on a trip to colorado last week...we went to this place called bishop's castle. i won't defame the guy creating it, but this place was wacky! it's got to be about 6 stories high at the top. half the time, i'm climbing about, thinking this is fun. the other half of the time i was afraid i was about to plunge to my death. but, heather, she's fearless. she climbed to the very top. she walked out on bridges that didn't connect on both sides. freakishly daring. i took pictures sitting down so i didn't get freaked out. in the picture that has sun glare, heather is up in inside of this little turrent at the very top. nuts.

testing, testing, is this thing on?

so, to post on my friend's blog, i had to become a member, which ment i got one. so, i used my presumptious title that i've been sitting on until i scratch out some cash for a real website. so, hopefully, this blog will chronicle the development and rants of me until i make so, yeah.

here are goals i'm establishing for myself on this blog:
1. post at least once a weak, but not multiple times a day.
2. show pics of my art, family, friends
3. complain about tv
4. interact with your comments
5. whatever else i want to do

in the words of the passe Kool Moe Dee,
How ya like me now?