Wednesday, August 30, 2006


i know it's not, but dang this guy looks like nick. then again, maybe it is and this explains the infrequency of his posts lately.

dont do it bush

i know you want to, but don't take the bait. just because he doesn't speak english doesn't mean that you could beat him in a debate. i have trouble saying his name, too, but a debate between you and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wouldn't solve anything.

although, i would like to know what you would say if mahmoud questioned the u.s. policy of giving something to a country, say nuclear technology or chemical weapons, and then later demanding that said technology must not be used.

listen to your advisors. this is just a diversionary tactic. take the high road.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

rockstar supernova

final 6 show - all songs tonight chosen by fan votes beforehand
(before tonights songs, they showed a big stupid piece about life in the house last week. it's all played up to make a bigger deal out of nothing.)

lucas - lithium by nirvana. nice piano into, good vocals. good energy and performance.
magni - i alone by live. i think magni is probably the best singer, maybe overall most talented. showed it again tonight. can't understand why he's ever been bottom 3. although sometimes he wanders onstage.
ryan "the darkhorse" star - clocks by coldplay. hard to do a coldplay song with piano without seeming like your just copying them. but good performance still.
storm large - bring me to life by evanescance. (before hearing it, good luck with that one) i'm assuming the pained expression on her face comes from knowing that she sounds terrible. out of register.
toby - rebel yell by billy idol. pretty good, but almost seemed like he was doing a billy idol idol impression at points. but this guy is a really strong performer.
dilana - mother mother by tracy bonham. good. cadence of the vocals was choppy & odd @ times but this may have been her best yet.

who i think should be bottom 3: lucas, ryan, storm.

what? crime happens in clovis?

shocking! crime doesn't just happen in "bad" parts of town like the west side or downtown.

a bank was robbed this morning in clovis. shots fired, lots of police officers, high speed chase through several school zones and by the university. 5 schools placed on lockdown, although it's since been lifted.

suspects still at large.

of course, clovis people will say, "the thiefs were from fresno." which they may have been.

(couldn't find a good, accurate link to the story on local newsmedia websites. maybe i'll update one later.)

Monday, August 28, 2006

art update

i've updated my art photos with three pieces i'm working on or have been working on. they should all show in my next show (october 2006, salon 637)

click here to see photos

Friday, August 25, 2006

target stores, why do you shop at them?

now, i could just leave it at that, try and suck people in, and the drop the whammy. but, i'll just play it straight. and really, i'm not trying to pick a fight, just ax a question (that's an homage to an episode of futurama i watched the other night).

here are some premises that i think most people agree with:
economic boycott is an effective way to demonstrate displeasure with a policy.
when we choose to shop at a mega-store, especially in an area that has such diversity, we should consider their politics.
ignorance is only an excuse for so long.

now, that second one is sorta tricky. but, we can know some about their politics through policy. or corporate behavior.

like, i don't know all of walmart's politics, but i have disdain for the corporate behavior (this is not the point, but an illustration). the manner in which they secure building locations, the frequency that they get a sweet land deal, build, destroy all local competitors, and then move to next city over when sweet tax deal expires. so, i've chosen to boycott walmart. (but i did shop their in canon city, so i admitt my hipocracy.)

so, to those of you who are strongly pro-choice, why shop at target? they have been accused of denying to fill prescriptions for plan b. of course, this is a bit of a moot point now that plan b has been approved for otc sales.
a nov 05 article
a follow up article
a longer, but fair/balanced article (i'm not saying the last two weren't fair)
a funny little blog story on the issue
a new link (that sorta is along the same line as the two above that have stopped working)
another one

i was unable to find out whether or not target has changed its policies after this whole deal was big public news last october.

so, at what point is convenience more important than conscience? or does it even matter? which issues do you decide are big enough to fight for?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

it defies logic. yet is true.

i heard a statement a long time ago. and every so often, i hear someone arguing against it. and, you know, i admit it does sound illogical. really, it doesn't make much sense at all. and yet, it's true.

hot water freezes faster than cold water

hot water also burns baby.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

another stolen career?

i just saw the commercial for the movie the black dahlia and it made me think, is josh hartnett the new keanu reeves?

much ado about nothing?

it's hard to know what to make of things when you hear about planes having to land because of security concerns. last week, a plane was escorted in because a lady bugged out. she didn't make any threats, have bombs or suspect materials. she did complain of claustrophobia, which i'm sure was really helped out when they tied her to a seat. i know that the flight crews have to react, and do their jobs.

so, today, i saw this story about a northwest airlines flight from amsterdam to mumbai, india that was called back and dutch authorities have arrested 12 on the plane.

what happened on the plane? "a couple of passengers displayed behaviour of concern". maybe they're not telling us everything yet, but are we going to flip out over every strange looking person now?

the other day, i saw another story about the t.s.a. employing people now to just eyeball people in line. basically, the criteria they were looking for was: stressed out people, profuse sweating, move away when approached. there was a fourth that i forgot. so, if i am nervous about flying, sweating because of that, and am shy about being hassled by tsa, i'm a possible terrorist? or, if you add in the fact that i'm brown does the danger get ratcheted up a few notches (btw, i'm not)? and this is in no way limited to the u.s. for all you conspiracy theorists. (remind me complain about our civil liberties being elimated another time.)

we all want to be safe, but at what cost?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

rockstar supernova

a real brief rockstar supernova breakdown:
2 original songs tonight
patrice - "beautiful thing" - decent enough. not great. not what i imagine for supernova
magni - "smells like teen spirit" - not bad, not great. such a tough song to do...unless you're curt cobain
ryan star - "back of your car" - this guy is good. i just question if he's right for supernova
storm large - "crying" - maybe my judgement is clouded by the fact that i think she sucks. but i thought this sucked.
dilana - "every breath you take" - this was probably her best performance. she does a lot of annoying things on stage. and she inserted her name into the song.
toby - "layla" - didn't sing it anything like clapton. very dark, modern, good.
lucas - "all these things that i've done" - decent. seemed out of breath a lot. not bottom three, but not top 2.

a photoblog for aug 22

we turned onto our street to see a lot of action. we drove by, and decided this would be something to check out after parking (and getting the camera).

this is a 72 hour notice on a car in front of our neighbor's place. the car has been parked for at least 2 months. the 72 hour notice has been on the windshield for literally a week. tow it already.

the car to be towed

the scene as we approach

our first look at one of the cars involved

the truck that hit the car

some photos of the scene

i came back later as they were towing the vehicles away

fortunately, the car didn't actually hit the building. this is pretty amazing. just a small tree knocked over and a bush mangled.

and the sign for the armenian school that meets at this catholic church did get knocked over

outkast idlewild

some of you may know that this week a movie called idlewild comes out. it features the hip hop group outkast. i've been a fan of theirs from pretty far back, although i wasn't into them when they first came out. but i did fall in pretty far back. anyway, that's all background information.

as a group, they've continued to grow, evolve musically. i appreciate that in a group but i do realize that sometime this upsets devotees. you want a group to always stay the same as when you first discovered them. this is not the case for me, at least not now. as a teen i'm sure this was much more important. now, i am glad to see acts mature as musicians, hone their craft, experiment, etc. as a group, outkast has also moved beyond just being musicians. they invest in businesses, have a clothing line, and act. andre has been in a few movies, and big boi was in last year's movie atl. i didn't see atl, but am tempted to on demand it this afternoon. i saw andre in get shorty and four brothers and thought he did a good job in both.

so, as a fan of their music and a respecter of their acting ablility, i'm excited to see the movie idlewild that features them. and, as a bonus, it also stars terrence howard, who was fabulous in crash and hustle and flow, and great in other films as well.

now, today is tuesday. anyone know what happens on tuesdays? new music is released. so, the new outkast album came out today. it's a companion piece to the movie, although i'm curious to see how much of the album is in the movie. despite several factors that told me to wait, i bought the album. hey, it was a good price on itunes, came with 2 videos and an interactive booklet. and, the album is freaking 25 songs long. it's not some 30 minute wonder. it is over 70 minutes of music. so, it was worth the price to me.

to my review. i never do a song by song review, mainly because i'm too lazy to do album reviews like that. and, i really do like to think of albums as whole pieces rather than 2-3 singles, a couple of other good songs, and a bunch of filler. many artists make weak albums by my standard of whole. but outkast usually doesn't let me down. normally, i'm just thinking that there are only 1-3 songs that aren't good on their albums. this album is good, not great. it's not their best work, but it doesn't disappoint either. then again, as i listen more it may grow and become one of my favorites. it definately holds your attention the whole way through, and is very listenable. the second half is better than the first, but even in that first half there are still some really nice cuts. i advise you buy this album. if you want, borrow it from a friend that already has it, give it a listen. if you like it, then buy it. if you don't, hey, you gave it a listen and made your own decision. although, i would say that good art often takes time to appreciate and you may not like it on your first listen.

finally, this album is soooo much better than most of the crap that passes for hip hop on the radio. it definately makes this look like an embarassment. seriously, the worst track on this album is 20x better than that.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


i know it's only four games into the season, but all is right in scotland.

sunday movie reflections

this morning some made for cable movie was on. during it, i came to the conclusion that this girl had stolen this girl's career. of course, factor in age, etc it doesn't seem that bad. this sort of thing happens in hollywood all the time. i remember in the 90's when this guy stole this guy's career. but, all was returned, and the universe was made right.

then, i watched point break and wondered who would be the next this guy. i knew gary busey and anthony kiedis were in this movie, but had forgotten that it also featured this guy.

we also watched snow falling on cedars. interesting movie, decent story. pretty well told. a bit slow at times. not great, but good. it stars this guy but also features this guy. who was in this movie, which, of course, i saw on cable the other day.

circle of life, circle of life.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

one reason why the democrats will lose the next pres election

when i first registered to vote, i signed on as a republican. admittedly, i didn't agree with all of their policies, but felt at the time that they best represented the majority of my views. over the next few years, it seemed that the party platforms, on the local, state, and national changed in ways i didn't like. i then found myself more in line with the democratic party on many issues. hey, maybe i changed. this isn't the important part of the story. even though i found myself out of line with the g.o.p., i stayed registered with them through the 2000 campaign. if i remember correctly, i voted for mc cain in the presidential primary. he'd already lost, but still, i wanted to vote for the guy i felt would do the best job. which brings me to the meat of my rant, i hate it that california is essentially worthless in the primary system. this makes no sense considering that we are the most populus state. in the 2000 census, we had 13 million more people than the #2 state, texas, and 15 million more than the #3, new york. i'm not saying that we should be the first primary, or be the only one that counts, but it should count. i'd think you'd want the most populus state backing your candidate.

which brings me to a frustrating story i saw today. the democratic party is switching up it's presidential nominating calendar. okay, that's fine. but they're pushing nevada and south carolina up to near the top. and california remains stuck in nowheresville. the plan is to appeal to some groups. f groups, how about a freakin state, especially one that contains those groups in big numbers?

so, i fear that california will be stuck without a voice again. the party will nominate a candidate that can't win it all. of course, being a largely democratic state, we'll still vote for this sad sack. and be pissed that jeb or george p or even one of the twins is the new president. (i don't actually think any of those people would win.)

Friday, August 18, 2006

some random friday links

see, adam, it is coming

is ipod the new nike? (see also all the side links in the article)

no more waiting for rides outside @ 3 a.m.

what will it be called, "how i got millions off an old dude?" or "one legged bandit"? (okay, that's in poor taste)

an example of a bad defense

"Reports gave opposite descriptions of its direction and widely varying estimates of its size." now that sounds convincing.

that doll just kicked your butt

that's enough for now. maybe i'll have a more thoughtful post later.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rockstar supernova comparisons

during last year's rockstar inxs i noticed that kirk penguilly looked like nole martin from america's next top model.

during rockstar supernova i've noticed some other similarities


reminds me of colin farrel, especially from daredevil

ryan star

reminds me of david blaine

storm large

reminds me of

spank rock

trust me, this post isn't as dirty as the title might lead you to think. as some of you may know, i think that some of the english mc's are really good. dizzee rascal, lady sovereign, both excellent. don't really care for the streets though. yesterday, i was put onto another by stereogum. the artist: spank rock.

today, i downloaded his music via emusic. you can get it off itunes as well. speaking of emusic, if you're interested in signing up, let me know. i can refer you and we both get a better deal.

i must warn you though, his language his quite "colorful". both sites have the clean version of his album if you want to hear his music, beats and edited rhymes. i would also recommend listening to the album on something other than the built in speakers on your laptop. they're good and all, but i'm sure that a big booming system would rock it much better.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

rockstar supernova running diary

9 - tonight is an acoustic episode.

dave electra has a new album out with his band panic channel. shameless plug on the show. can i still call him dave electra now that he and his are splitting up? i guess i'm forced to call him dave navarro.

9:01 - the show begins by showing footage of everyone last week in vegas, after the show. and the aussie guy toby got naked to convince people to let him have a song with gilby. who will have their own original song? zayra and ryan both wanted it. zayra won out. and she may pay for it.

9:05 - the group gets scolded because most didn't fight for the right to do an original song.

9:06 - zayra. "lluvia de mar" - wha? your song is in spanish? this isn't rockstar shakira. although i must admit, i did sound nice. stick with your own music lady, you're good at it. not at rockstar supernova. (this wasn't a critique on being in spanish, but on the style of the song.)

9:14 - magni. "starman" by david bowie. good mellow sound, smooth voice. almost oasis-y. good, but this song isn't showing the band anything.

9:18 - partrice "message in a bottle" by the police. this chick annoys me every week because she's frequently smiling all big and silly while singing. not very rock and roll. she sounds like she spent the week yelling.

9:25 - lucas "hero" by nickelback or some crap group. the return of the rasp. and it looks like this guy is wearing a priest outfit. really, he's got in all black with a white collar. has to be intentional. as to the singing, they keep coming after him on that rasp. i think he's got to be the favorite and they want him to last

9:29 - storm large "i will survive" i'm was really impressed at first. reminded me of some astrud gilberto. i thought, wow, this could be a pretty cool arrangement. then the song picked up, the guitar sounded like cake. and then she did some really bad sounds. and made a face like someone was kicking her in the gut. and the looks on the faces of supernova echoed. dave navarro said he hated it. tommy lee said it was sauteed in wrong sauce and he wanted his money back. gilby didn't like it. man, she did bad.

and the second person used the trip to vegas, literally a week ago, as an excuse. wha? you want to be a freekin rock star and you say you can't put it back together in a week. and you're telling that to 3 rockstars who have been in some of the hugest, hardest bands?

9:37 - toby "solsbury hill" by peter gabriel. so, the title didn't help me with the song. once the guitar played the first five notes i had it. decent enough job. tommy lee looks unimpressed by it all. but his comments afterword tell me something else.

9:41 - ryan star "in the air tonight" by phil collins. this guy reminds me of ed kowalczyk from live, the sound of voice. this has been pretty consistant throughout the competition but i thought i'd mention it here. nice job singing, looked comfortable performing (something they've knocked him on before).

dave navarro just hit on one of the women in the string section of the band. see, he's not that broke up over losing carmen electra.

9:50 - dilana/grungetta "cat's in the craddle" i'm really tired of her smokey voice. and too often it just sounds like she's talking, not singing.

dave nolectra thougth that was the best performance of the night. this guy no good.

so there it all is, rockstar supernova aug 15 2006.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

movie for...


okay, a lot of people might enjoy this film, especially my male readers whom enjoy soccer.

last night, heather and i watched green street hooligans. i first heard about the movie while reading the sports guy's guide to picking a premier team (part 1, part 2). heather had heard about it somewhere else, maybe because it starred mr. frodo, or some other reason.

anyhow, we rented it on demand and settled in for a movie that we knew was about soccer hooligans. pretty dang good. reminded me of gangs of new york, or city of god, but probably not as good as either. but, you mix in some soccer, pub, and the feeling of comradery, and it's got me thinking about buying the dvd. so, check it out. but, be warned, like gangs of ny, it's got some violence. no knife fights, but still some violent content. and, if you're offended by smoking, you probably should never watch a movie.

lord frodo, errr, elijah wood, does a decent enough job with his role as an american in london, learning the ropes. and, because the english aren't big corn feed beasts, he actually seems about the same size as many of the other actors. you think maybe he could scrap with these guys.

the english lead, charlie hunnam, does a good job as the ringleader. and, his english is good enough that you can understand him most of the time.

claire forlani, who i enjoyed in movies like mallrats and meet joe black, does an acceptable job. she hasn't aged that well, and looks sorta like her head is too big. or something. i think i spent at least half of the time she's on camera thinking, what happened to her? looking through her credits, i'd recommend basquit if you have not seen it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

rethinking pet choices

so, maybe i don't want to get a monkey. never know how mrs. puddles would put up with it.

a bit of statistics to mull over

so, adam, heather and i were having a bit of a discussion about hate crimes against homosexuals, and whether or not the current political climate is contributing to the situation. i decided to look for stats, to see what the "hard" data might show
one resource i found had one good link, and several dead ones.
oooh oooh, a wiki, and what a title.
a site that says it's decreasing. and, they've even got a downloadable pdf, which is the fbi stats from 2000.
an interesting paper about it, sadly without many stats

ok, those are some of the better site, in my opinion, in the first 20 of a google search. it's not everything, but i think it's a decent start. unfortunately, it seems that most stats are dated, but collecting and processing data takes time.

(for reference, the us gov't estimates our current population @ 299,461,448.)

Friday, August 11, 2006

funny friday

here are some intersting/funny/odd things that i've come across today.

beckham's been dropped from the english team. wow. he stepped down as captain just after the cup, and probably was right to do so. but, man, how can you not keep one of the better players in the world on your team. his set pieces and passing ability alone should get him there. now, having said all this, maybe they just didn't name him for this friendly match and he'll be back later, when it matters. or maybe it really is an end to an era.

next up: thirty days. i've watched 2 of the 3 episodes from this season of the morgan spurlock (supersize me) experiment. the first was about a minute man living with a family of illegal aliens. the second, which i skipped, was about a guy whose job was downsized going to india to actually work his same job there. this week's was about an atheist living with a Christian family. here's a direct quote from the show, "In a recent university of Minnesota study measuring attitudes about minority groups, Americans ranked athiests as the single least trusted group in the country. In fact, atheists were listed below Muslims, recent immigrants, and homosexuals in terms of sharing America's vision for society. Out of any one that their kids could end up, with parents said they disapproved the most if their children married an atheist. And half of the counrty won't vote for a politician who doesn't believe in God, even if that person is well qualified for the office." sounds like someone has a p.r. problem. now, hear me right, i don't think it's funny that a group of people aren't trusted, accepted or minimalized. but, to hear that sentence read just sounds funny. and to be less trusted than what people often think of as terrorists? man, that's pretty far down the totem pole of society. oh, and outside of that quote, the show doesn't really deliver that much. no one is changing their minds, even when they put a human face and relationship to it. maybe they find out they can tolerate each other a little more than they thought. the show is mediocre at best, even when they've got these groups that are polar opposites.

in other news, the office of homeland security wants you windows users to download some software. if you don't, the terrorists win. or, at least hackers could do something with your computer. i always wonder why they don't tell you what's going to happen. this virus triggers something in powerpoint. and goes from there.

hey, the u.s. and france have agreed on a mideast peace resolution. good that we've got that solved. wha? neither of those countries are fighting there? hmmm.

hey, lance bass came out. oh wait, that was a while ago. but, in a similar attempt to cling on to some shamble of celebrity, sandra bernhardt made a ruckus at an airport. who? cares.

iran's president thinks he's a comedian. maybe he's the next sandra bernhardt. okay, okay, he's not really saying anything funny. but in this article he does ask mike wallace if he retired. and this quote from wallace, is, umm..."He's actually, in a strange way, he's a rather attractive man, very smart, savvy, self-assured, good looking in a strange way," Wallace said. "He's very, very short but he's comfortable in his own skin." mike, are you hitting on him?

the unabomber's things will be sold. i want his shack.

forget sharks, we need to be afraid of squirrels and turtles. at least if you're in florida.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

photo update

so, i deleted a bunch of photos from my flickr account and now all my art photos are back up there. click on the art photo + friend photo link to the right and check out what's up there.

i'm nearing completion on 3 other paintings and should have photos up soon of those, too.

(btw, i've got a show @ salon 637. art hop reception. thursday, october 5, 2006. w/at least 3 new paintings!)

this settles it

as some of you know, i've always thought it would be great to have a pet monkey. they're so helpful, cute, funny, and so on. i think this pic settles it for me.

really, who wouldn't want a monkey that could ride a dog. that's got to be good for at least a half hour a day of entertainment.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

want to come along friday night?

so, as i mentioned the other day, we're planning on seeing the movie water on friday night. 8 pm.

and, if we can scare up enough people, we'd like to go singing at tokyo afterwards.

anyone interested in coming along?

(p.s. i was sooooooooo happy to see two people get cut tonight on rockstar supernova. really, this should happen more often. you know these two aren't right for the band. stop making them jump through hoops because they're never going to make it over the final hurdle. is that a mixed metaphor?)

Monday, August 07, 2006

breaking news

carmen electra and her husband, dave electra (navarro), have split up. how will this affect his role on rockstar supernova? will he be too broke up to hit on the ladies remaining in the competition?

and, heather thinks that the big fight in the divorce will be over: eye liner, hair products, and a few outfits.


for anyone interested, this movie is showing in fresno on friday.

Friday August 11th, 2006
5pm and 8pm
The Tower Theatre
815 E. Olive Avenue, Fresno
$10.00 general admission
$8.00 for Students and Seniors

i think we're going to the 8pm show.

more info here

oooh, they were in that?

ah, today i caught a bit of another great flick. so many future stars.

now, i always remembered that alyssa milano was in this movie.

and of course marky mark.

but, i forgot that the star was this girl.

or that her dad was played by this guy.

the step mom(?) is also semi famous, too.

p.s. nicole 4 eva

Saturday, August 05, 2006

welcome to the 'hood

digital shout out to kendall, who moved to the tower. i can see her place from ours. that means i could shoot her place from ours. good to know these things in case i turn into an insane sniper.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

so, that's the sword you want to throw yourself on?

nevermind this, you're condemning this? way to go, way to pick your battles. way to stand up for what matters.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

rockstar supernova

"your rear got voted off show"
ryan got the encore. he deserved it. one of two i thought did well last night

bottom 3
jill - how do i get you alone. sounded pretty good on this, but if i'm singing this song i have to think that i don't fit with this band.
dana - house of the rising sun. meh.
patrice - eternal life. now, i've not heard this song before, and i'm not really familiar with jeff buckley's stuff. this has me interested. she did well.

not surprisingly, based on these three performances, dana is eliminated.

it's funny how you got here

so, i've gotten a few more hits lately. the funny thing is the search terms that people have used to get to me.
- rockstar supernova related terms. now, that's not all that funny. but still, you see it's a blog, click the link and then click out without reading anything. but, at least one of you read on the blog for about 8 minutes and checked out a few pages. kudos. i wonder if the one who searched regarding dilana appreciated the comparison to grungetta? and, i received quite a few storm large hits. why? she stinks.
- jay z's sister. deep in my archives, about 100 posts ago, i mentioned a joke tracy morgan made about thinking torino (winter olympics) was jay z's sister. you can see almost the whole joke from the google search result. still clicked on it.
- beechy amish. this was during the amazing race family edition. i'm sure my blog wasn't a wealth of info on the beechy amish.
- hole celebrity skin. wow, mentioned a song on rockstar supernova, and someone in brasil connected with me. about the song in general, not the show.
- gene shallot. i keep seeing links about gene shallot being the one that stormed out during clerks 2. but, it was joel sigel. and someone clicked on my old reference, not my new link that has the audio.

well, those are the interesting searches in the last 100 hits (all that site meter gives me for free). it's not like i'm writing about evangeline lilly naked here. although i did get that hit once as well.

in other news...
832000 jeep liberty were recalled today, wow. it's pretty much every one they've made since 2002. dear dr. z, why does your company make a product that requires every freakin one over the last four years to be recalled? wasn't the liberty released in '02?

i never knew he was in that

so, i was watching the movie colors tonight. it's a classic about gangs in los angeles in the early 80's. it starred sean penn and robert duval. good film. anyway, i'm watching, and i see one of the main gangsters and think, "that's can't be...i think that was?" so, i hit up imdb, and yep, rocket was him.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

rockstar supernova

yes, heather and i have been watching this season of rockstar. it's been interesting, and i've enjoyed it a little more than the last season, mainly because they don't have to do inxs songs.

i thought about doing a complete break down on this week's show but didn't. but, heather got me to post this comparison

grundgetta (oscar the grouch's girlfriend, also spelled grungetta)


(nevermind, i ended up doing more of a complete breakdown of the episode)
here's who sucked tonight:
patrice - terrible rendition of higher ground, a la rhcp
josh - santeria. no. no. no. die you maroon 5 sounding faker. i don't believe you when you sing.
dilana - can't get enough of your love. enough of you
toby -
zayra - 8675309. actually, this didn't suck. but, it was only alright.
magni - clocks - maybe you're missing your family. not a good sign, as you'll be on the road, touring the world. if your sound is this rattled from a month or so, what will you have after 5 months on the road?
jill - don't you forget about me - i already forgot. had to ask heather what she sang.
storm - changes - ok, i laugh every week that this girl's name is storm large. not as good as u.s. national swimmer misty hymen, but still makes me chuckle. this girl just basically talked through bowies song. her voice reminds me of one of the assistant d.a.'s on law and order svu. that's probably not good for your singing career.
dana - baba o'riley by the who - doesn't sing well, not a great performer, tonight sums it up for how she's done throughout the show.

who didn't suck
ryan - losing my religion. although this band doesn't want a guy playing a piano fronting them. then again, tommy lee wrote a song for the band on piano.
lucas - hole's celebrity skin. rasp may have the sound that they would do best with. his performance was lacking tonight though.

and for adam, here's a wiki