Tuesday, August 16, 2005

rockstar diary 2

Rockstar blog
Started by watching tommy lee goes to college. Not bad, but not really good either.

Review of clinic – ooh fighting among the contestants. At least jd realizes that “we’re not a band, we’re competing to be in a band.”

Jordis – knockin on heaven’s door – bob Dylan. I really thought that this wasn’t good. Performed well I guess, but didn’t do anything for me. of course, the band liked it. I think they just say that no matter what from this girl because they like her, know she has the talent, and shouldn’t get bumped off when there is still dead weight around.

Jessica – torn – Natalie imbruglia – speaking of dead weight still around. Yeah, this sucked.

Ty – Maggie may – rod stewart – “if it works out the way I hear it in my head it’s gonna be badass”. Ty, what the h are those pants brother? Song felt little too jazzy for me. don’t worry, they’ll keep you around under my jordis theory.

Suzie – bring it on home to me – sam cooke - I like the hair sorta pinned back all old style. Dang, what am I, dave electra? I actually think this was one of her better performances. Laid back. Sorta sultry but not my often bitched about ‘black velvet’ sound.

Marty - hit me baby one more time – Britney spears - alright. Well performed. I’ve heard others take on this song, didn’t do it all poppy, and it always sorta sounds the same. Not bad.

Deanna – I can’t make you love me – bonnie raitte – this girl really struggled with pitch, tone, tune, about everything. I sorta felt bad. And man, she looks pretty old. Of course, dave electra hit on her. She admitted that they picked a good song to challenge her and she didn’t feel that she did as good as the song deserved.

Jd – as tears go by – the rolling stones – “let us see you be real”. The hat looks stupid, at least with the black tank top and jeans. I thought it was a good performance. Sounded real nice. The band didn’t think he was very passionate but still liked the sound. Or, at least some of them did.

Mig – baby, I love your way – peter f’in Frampton – dainty little sound. Good, but didn’t seem to show too much. Flaunting the piano is a good touch, shows the band you got something else to contribute (not just singing or guitar). Dave electra said the song just made him think about how much he loves his wife. Maybe he should stop hitting on all the contestants. One of inxs said he was proud to be Australian right now. That’s got to help your chances, mate.

Earlier bottom three: Jessica, Deanna, ty

Thoughts on the night:
1. seems like the band picked songs to push the lower contestants out, and keep the favorites safe.
2. I think the bottom three are Jessica, Deanna, and…I think it will be jd.

We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.


The Jay said...

I should put this on the track post, but this is the current one, so there.


Lefty said...

My favorite performances of the night was (in who I liked the most): Ty (i did love the motown feel of the song), Jordis (goosebumbs, I actually got goosebumbs listen to it), Marty (who'dathunkit I dug the song), Mig (Kelly was fixing her hair and was making fun of him, but after I through a dog toy at her, I sat charmed by his performance). Right now my favorites I'm pulling for are Jordis, Marty and Mig.

Heather said...

I didn't see the show. I chose to sleep instead. But I must agree with Chris I'm really pulling for Jordis, Marty, Mig, Ty and ....who knows Suzzie might push her way in to might heart

Sam said...

I still haven't caught this show - I'm sort of following vicariously completely through Ed's blog.
I so need a life.