Monday, August 22, 2005

monday afternoon

ooh, did everyone hear, brad pitt and jennifer anniston's divorce papers were signed off on by a judge today. in other news, nobody freaking cares. i check a few websites regularly for the news: bbc & l.a. times. they're both pretty consistant, have a lot of stories, and especially the bbc, look at the bigger world picture. i also try and hit up some lefty news (indymedia) and right wingnutjob (drudgereport) just to see what the more extreme are saying. so, i was disappointed when the la times had that story on their front page.

i realize that i watch stupid shows like access hollywood or entertainment tonight sometimes, but really, are culture stinks. why should we obsess over these celebrities. i think brad pitt is a swell actor. i have watched some of his movies way too many times. but his personal life doesn't need to be mixed in with real stories on la times. if i want to know this garbage, i'll get it from dumb programs like e.t. alright, i'll stop.

speaking of indepedant media, they're attempting to organize a local chapter. it's an offshoot of the bay area indy media, and it's being spearheaded by chuck mc nally. our little chuck. he's also helping to (had to delete a word, i used it too many times in the paragraph) lead the copwatch effort in our fair city. i don't know about the whole movement, but i think it's good for people to know their rights, and to be willing to witness for the oppressed. i don't think we, in turn, need to harass the police. i am all for watching, witnessing and reporting. so, i think i'm going to try and attend the copwatch organizing meeting on saturday @ the hinton center.

also on saturday is the community clean up put on by the tower beautification committee. this is a great way to get involved in our community. i've attended once, but they've been at it for over a year, just cleaning up parts of the tower district. so, i'll be out there saturday morning, 8 am. it's funny, people think you've been given community service by the law or something. nope, just trying to help keep my neighborhood looking good.

finally, just wanted to make sure that all arrested development fans know the show has been moved to monday nights @ 8 on fox. i'm glad, mainly because i generally think that's one of the worst times for watching tv because nothing is on. finally, something i want to watch will be on. that is a great show, and we've had fun watching the dvd of season 1, plus the recent reruns of season 2.

i think that'll be all for now

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Sam said...

I'm so excited to know someone else is watching Arrested Development. I have the oddest affection for that show (and Jeffrey Tambor). Can't wait for the new season~