Thursday, August 25, 2005

rockstar inxs update 8/24/05

here's a recap of last night's show:
suzie got the encore performance from the band. she was very pleased, i was not.
the show is starting to add those annoying american idol suspense techniques. i'll tell you about it after this commercial.
well, it seems that everybody except suzie was in the bottom three at sometime the previous night.
first of the bottom three: ty. you can tell that he's pissed and emotional. and goes and gives a freaking great performance of "what you need". really, this guy should be the next lead singer of the band. just sounds excellent, he could do this nightly without a doubt. the statements to the band after the performance were a little much.
second of the bottom three: deanna. this performance of "elegantly wasted" was energetic but her voice just doesn't do the song justice. if you don't believe me, check out the recap on the rockstar.msn website. they called her singing dusky. dusky? the band really likes her, thinks she does a great job singing and performning. also, she got down on her knees after her performance as if to plead with the band to keep her. if i thought ty's remarks were over the top, this is just embarassing.
third of the bottom three (it's down to jordis, who stated earlier she would be disappointed if she wasn't there, and marty): marty does "don't change". i think it sounded really good, sorta killers-esque with a little iggy pop and inxs mixed in. nice job.

so, i won't keep you waiting. as i predicted after the show, if deanna is in the bottom three she's done. and she is. at this point, there's going to be tears, there are going to be difficult decisions. i think most of the singers brought in for the contest were deserving and so each week it's going to get harder. if i was suzie, queen of the bottom three, i might be packing my bags next wednesday afternoon.

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Adam said...

I sense the greatest comeback of all time. Suzie: to win it all.