Thursday, September 01, 2005

thoughts on a tuesday

i don't know what to make of this katrina thing any more. i was really happy when they didn't have a story. i wish it would have stayed that way. now, as things spiral out of control, i read all the different stories and just hope that lives can be saved. i am starting to feel really helpless. but really, i live across the country. it's not like i can jump in my car and go help out. so, i'm committed to prayer. maybe i'll go give blood.
rockstar inxs last night: the band said it right, those were three underwhelming performances. ty gets the boot. i thought it should have been jd, but the band is looking for who will fit them best. and apparently they didn't see it in ty. it's been odd seeing the early leaders (ty, jd, and jordis) start to fall off and others getting stronger. i still have no idea what they sea/hear in suzie. she got the encore? her singing was terrible. and when i say terrible i hope you hear bill walton saying it. terrrrrible. and her encore was just as bad. and the band seems to be in love with her. mig, who is good and has been good, was the other person that never was in the bottom three. both of them should have been locks for the bottom three based on their performances. but ty, jordis and jd were bottom. ty is out. and i'm alright with that because it's the bands' decision. they are evaluating what is right for them and don't see it in the person of ty.
and then ty pulled the race card. not on the band, but on all of us. here's the deal, i agree. sort of. it's hard for me to see a reason why he has been in the bottom three on three different occassions and jd has been there once, and suckie, err, suzie now hasn't been there the last 2 weeks when should could have last week and should have without a doubt been there this week. mig gave a bad performance. but ty didn't. wasn't great, and i could see it being bottom three this week. but other weeks? this guy can sing rock. he can sing soul. he can sing r&b. and inxs' music reflects those influences. i realize you're down to 6 and so half will be bottom three, but he shouldn't have been there other weeks. and jd should have. suzie should have. jordis should have last week. mig should have. so why not look at it as race? name for me rock two bands that have either a black lead singer or have several black members in it? i'll give you three: bloc party, fishbone, living colour. now take away living colour because they've been nonexistant for like ten years. can you tell me another? so ask yourself, did america not vote for this guy because they can't imagine a black guy doing rock/fronting inxs? terrence trent d'arby did it. so inxs seems alright with the idea.

how the h does suckie get the encore two weeks in a row on terrible performances? maybe last week wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best. it didn't deserve the encore. and her cover of bohemian rhapsody was terrible. absolutely terrible.

that's enough of me for now.


Adam said...

Hootie and the Blowfish

The Jay said...
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The Jay said...

Word. I was gonna say DArius McWhatever too.

...but are they rock? Can you teach me about tomorrow, and all that pain and sorrow, running free? Cause tomorrow's just another day (yay)

and I don't believe in time.

edluv said...

okay, so you've got one. where are two and three?

Lefty said...

Allman Brothers Band, one black drummer, one black bassist, one latino percussionist.

edluv said...

okay, so allmans are a good example. still doesn't disprove the notion that america doesn't think of black people and rock, despite the fact that they created the artform.

i'm not saying that they can't do it, i just think people assume that a guy like ty can sing r&b or soul but not rock perhaps because he's black.