Thursday, August 25, 2005

fresno still loves to suck up

before reading this post, take time to read this from the la times and this from the fresno bee. it'll all make sense that way. also, i originally posted this rant on a comment on fresno famous.

earlier today i actually got on the fresno bee's website and read this story. it's about the first time a month that i read the media or print version. what a crap newspaper. they are the fresno magazine of newspapers. now, that i've insulted two groups, i will get to my point.

i was disappointed, but not surprised, that the issue was tabled. this city needs to get on the ball and do what is right. we have a mayor and council saying that they wish to be fair leaders and want to keep creative minds in fresno but for the most part they still cowtow to to developers. you want to keep creative people here? then don't sell every downtown property to the same developer. give more incentives for smaller developers or individuals to get into downtown.

i keep hearing clamore to turn 99 into a federal hwy. if you hadn't skimped on developer funds for the last several decades maybe there would be money in the bank for such a project. maybe friant road would have taken 37 lives over the last decade because it would've been widened. maybe parts of the west side would have paved streets in a reasonable amount of time. maybe pot holes would be fixed. maybe our fire dept would have enough trucks, staff, and locations. maybe you would have money for more cops and we wouldn't still be a mecca for car theives. but no, fresno "leaders" have led us to urban sprawl, underfunded road programs, and operation rezone. bleh.


JPN said...

AMEN my brother!

I read your comments on my blog, and I agree. I was just shocked that Pshychology Today would actually print something like that. I looked at your profiel some interesting things, what's Tower Mosaic Church like? Urban Ministry is more like a resource than a good read, but some very interesting and exciting stats and other info present in there. Thanks for checking in and I'll keep your blog on my list as well.

edluv said...

right now i would describe tower mosaic church this way:
1. good.
2. intimate (or small. hey, we're a church plant that's just around a year old)
3. growing. we've got some momentum, we're getting involved in our community, i think there's a good buzz.