Thursday, August 11, 2005

name clarification

so, we were watching the rockstar and chatting with our friend adam. adam was a bit confused about something: dave electra.

i thought my witty rename of dave navarro was clear, but maybe i'm wrong. who is dave electra, well he is mr. carmen electra.

i also renamed him that because i have trouble remembering his last name at times, and usually what i come up with is dave...dave...electra. eventually i remember navarro, but i just think it's too funny to call him dave electra.

get your vote on in the back to school question at the bottom of the long rockstar post.



Adam said...

Hey Ed, how come everything in your sidebar is down at the bottom of the page? Did you mean to set it up like that, or is your blog misbehaving?

edluv said...

the sidebar is on the side, where it should be, on my browser.


Adam said...

I see, must be the browser I'm using here at work. I'll try Mozilla and Safari when I get home.

The Jay said...

It's on the bottom for me too.

Adam said...

Are you using explorer? That's the browser that messes it up for me. When I use Safari and Mozilla, everything is all right.