Tuesday, August 23, 2005

inspired by you 3

just wanted to give a little art update, so i posted a piece i'm working on. it's entitled tenatively, inspired by you 3. it's 18x24. the photo on the right is with flash, the photo on the left is without. i think the content is all done, and i like the state of the green. i'll keep adding layers of black until i feel it's done.


wise said...

without seeing it in person, it's kinda hard to get its entirety...but i like it...i like it alot. two or three different things come to mind after looking at it for only a few moments. and i like that. i look forward to seeing it soon (and before more is done to it). well done, ed.

edluv said...

adam says that it looks like the loch ness monster from the simpsons episode.