Friday, August 26, 2005

patty robertson keeps it coming

hey, he finally actually apologizes, although it's only been on his website and not to the masses on his tv show.

then he compares himself to bonhoeffer. that kills me. it's unfortunate the bonhoeffer was ever a part of a group that tried to assassinate hitler, because it's constantly brought out as a defense for someone's poor actions. "well, bonhoeffer did it, so it must be alright." never mind that bonhoeffer also considered his involvement in the plot a sin, and always struggled to justify this sin with his own life.

i also like that there's ads on the side for pat's age defying shakes, pancakes and antioxidents.


Adam said...

Age defying pancakes. That's awesome! When do the age defying waffles and bacon come out?

Well, at any rate, my comments about waffles and bacon may have been out of line, but at least I've drawn some acute attention to the matter.

edluv said...

nick cannon is hilarious