Wednesday, July 27, 2011

six year anniversary

yep, today this blog turns six.

there have been a lot of twists and turns along the way.

blogging has been passionate.

blogging has been lazy.

there have been busier seasons of blogging.

there have been seasons of blog drought.

but it continues on.

we continue on.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

police motorcycle manuevers

today i'm giving you a pretty cool video of a police officer navigating a police issue harley through an obstacle course. damn fine work. i do recommend that you turn off your sound so you don't have to listen to lowrider.

i've taken a motorcycle course and have learned some of the techniques demonstrated, but am in no way anywhere as good as this good. sick skills from this guy. and, it's rather impressive that he's doing it on an old school harley not a bmw or kawasaki or whatever smaller bikes used now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

goodbye mrs. puddles

in 1996, we got a cat for heather. she was a little runt of a kitten, and she brought us tons of joy over the years. here's some fun reflections.

over the last few years, we noticed that she was really starting to show her age. we found out she had a few tumors, and knew that it was only a matter of time. today was her last.

we'll miss her dearly. really, there are only a few people in our lives that we've known longer than our cat.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

uswnt vs japan

it's thursday, but i'm already looking ahead to sunday. why? well, the u.s. women's national soccer team is playing in the championship game of the women's world cup. this is a big deal, even if you don't like soccer.

i do like soccer, but admit that i'm not the biggest fan of the women's game. i remember watching in 99, the last time we won. in the months before the cup, i had watched a few scrimmages between the uswnt and lower tier, division 2 men's college teams. despite being the best in the world at the time, the women couldn't keep up with those guys. when i watched that cup, i sorta felt the product was inferior. the soccer wasn't as good, in my opinion.

jump ahead to now. i am amazed by our team. great crosses. flying headers for goals. shots on point. yes, there is an occasional bad pass or whatever, but the same can be said of the men's game. and it's not just the u.s. team that looks great. all of the teams in this year's world cup have really played beautiful soccer, something that i wouldn't say about last year's men's cup (i'm looking squarely at you france. you ain't the only one, but you may be the ugliest.)

the game is still a little different than the men's game. it's not quite as physical, the keepers can't quite cover as much of the net, but the soccer is still great to watch. and, the women don't fake injuries as much. there is an occasional flop, but overall, these women stay on their feet. when fouled, they pop back up and get on with the game. refreshing stuff, really.

so sunday, i'll be watching. and you should be watching. and cheering. our side is the favorite, and don't let that sway you. it's going to be a tough match, and hopefully the trophy returns to the u.s. when it's all said and done.

don't miss the best sport going on right now.

Monday, July 11, 2011

monday haiku 7/11

women's world cup is
awesome, sons of anarchy
also a good watch

Monday, July 04, 2011

treme season finale

season finales are great. really, you get a nice little bit of finish, quite a bit of loose ends for next season, and a whole lot of anticipation for next year.

sunday we got the season finale for treme. not everyone likes this show, and some find it quite unlikeable. myself, i like the show but there are parts that i could do without. but, the beauty of a show like treme, and the writers behind it is that the parts that sometimes are throw away, the threads that i may not care for, help build the wonderful tapestry. and as the tapestry is seen, it gets more wonderful.

this second season has shown a lot more of that tapestry. wonderful music, more of the grit of the city, and the interpersonal working and crossover of threads. great stuff. as i watched the season finale, i got goosebumps about 3/4s of the way in, as ladonna lets loose on the d.a. and the system, venting the rage of the city. her husband, larry, who has stood in opposition of staying in new orleans, and of ladonna owning her bar, sees that fire, sees the woman he's always loved, and decides there is no way they are selling the bar, and that the whole family is moving back. wonderful drama played out, great to see the family struggle, and also a lovely metaphor for the city and it's fight.

Friday, July 01, 2011

the might have had babies

the title quote comes from a time where jay mohr was on the jim rome show. he was recounting a time when he almost ran over a crow while driving, while working on a movie with christopher walken. i still fondly remember hearing mohr do a walken impression, and say, "the might have had babies." still makes me laugh.

anyway, it's good that jay mohr didn't hit the crow. or, maybe he should have. a recent study confirms that crows will remember your face. do not anger a crow. it will attack you. it will remember you, perhaps even the rest of its life. it will recruit other crows to attack you. and, those crows will remember you and attack you later, even without the original crow.

that is some evil, crow isht.

now, i've heard of this idea a few years back, but the level of memory and recruiting is a bit new to me. nuts.