Friday, August 19, 2005

friday pm


i think my m button doesn't work sometimes. or maybe i just don't press it hard enough. so, i was pressing it a bunch.

i've been reading a lot of other blogs lately. some have been really good finds. i've book marked three. maybe eventually i'll let you know them too. some are very personal, not to me, but the author. i don't know if they know or care that anyone is reading. i haven't posted on these yet because they are so deep. i almost feel bad for reading them. not bad enough to stop reading them. but almost scared to post and ruin what they have going..

i watched closer this afternoon. good movie. very honest, almost brutally so. i don't know if i'd recommend this movie to anyone. but i'd love to chat with someone who's seen it. in person. i wouldn't recommend the movie because it's so inciteful, but yet so deceitful. and i think it probably can make you distrust every relationship you've ever had, no matter how good and right that relationship was/is. so, if you've only ever been alone, watch the movie and feel smuggly superior. otherwise, watch it with caution.

then i worked on 3 paintings. two of them got better, one got worse. it makes me just want to completely paint over that one.

i had fun chatting with lefty brown this morning about rockstar inxs. it's nice to chat about stupid things like tv, as if it matters. sometimes small talk is great. other times, it kills me.

so, what to do tonight? do we stay in? do we watch a flick? do we hit our local spot for drinks? ooh, kareoke might be nice. i wonder if they have any public enemy.


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