Monday, August 29, 2005

monday monday

hurricane, hurricane, how you bluster.

i'm really thankful that the hurricane didn't hit as hard as it was predicted. it's unfortunate that anything bad has happened, and the deaths that have happened are regretable. hopefully it won't get worse before it's all said and done.

funny thing is, the news built the story up so big. it's the end of the world! the sky will fall! but what do they do when it wasn't the end? uh, well, here's our guy, he's standing in the wind. here's a picture of a building that crumbled. other than that, we don't have much. here's an interview with a guy from a hurricane fourty years ago. that hurricane was bad. we'll update you if anything else happens. saps, i tell ya, saps.

again, i'm thankful that they didn't have anything to report.


Sam said...

and yet, with all the build up or maybe because of it, there were still people who didn't leave and died. they have to build it up simply to get people to evacuate, but at the same time it jades the same people they're trying to help. What a sad catch-22.

Tom said...

Now that it is over I guess it was what they thought. Lots of possible deaths. Very sad, especially when they were all told to leave. I would rather evacuate and find out I didn't need to then stay and die.

Adam said...

Just remember that amongst the stubborn, there were probably those who were unable to leave.

edluv said...

yeah, the toll is starting to rise. very sad. it still won't be as bad as it was predicted, but still be a sad deal.

Sam said...

it's very different experiencing a hurricane here than it was in CA (obviously). people seem to think that because they've made it through others without taping or boarding up or evacuating, they always can. the reporting on our local news has been very different than what national is showing. it's been an education to show the least.