Wednesday, August 10, 2005

rockstar running diary

okay, this actually starts before rockstar. i saw a spoof of the paris hilton carl's jr commercial. it features rob schneider. pretty funny spot, mainly because it aired last night right after i want to be a hilton ended. timing.

10 - rockstar credits. seperated at birth: kirk pengily & nole martin(pictured above) from america's next top model

10:01 - ummm, did anyone else see where brooke burke misplaced the skirt part of her mini?

now to the contestants:
suzie - doing "losing my religion" by rem. in her interview before, she said she might crash and burn...surprisingly she didn't! her sound was pretty good, although it was a bit no doubt-esque. the ending sucked. i just don't see her fronting this band. dave electra loved it though.

mig - "alright now" hmmm, a clapping song...a bit pitchy at times dog...performance was, alright now.

10:10 - my wife heather says "dave electra spends too much time in his wife's make up drawer."

jd - "crazy" by seal. well, somebody got a haircut. jd needs to stop trying to sound like billy joe from green day. the song was good at times, but his take also sounded a lot like without love by the doobies to me. i don't see him fronting the band.

heather says, "it was a good choice for ty not to sing the seal song."

jessica - "come as you are" by nirvana. uggh. terrible. did she think this song was supposed to sound like barracuda? it looked like she was thinking, 'i won't smile and they will think i am dark and brooding.' dave electra didn't like it, the band didn't like it, but dave electra said "this is the best you ever looked, stylistically." not a good point to hear after you allegedly gave an emotional performance.

jordis -"layla" sounded a bit motownish. it was interesting and cool. couple of flubs, not her best performance but she shouldn't worry.

brandon "it's all over now" by the rolling stones. i wonder if he wakes up every day and thinks, 'i wish i was chris robinson,'? sure seems like it. now brandon is making a pitty plea for votes. inxs doesn't think he's diverse or fits the band. straight up.

marty - "mr brightside" by the killers. when they played the clip before, sounded bad. announced acoustic version. wow. really liked it. the acoustic fit his voice much better than the synth version would have.

deanna "without love" the doobs. funny, i would have never thought that i would think somebody would sound like this song, then another person would perform it. i saw deanna and thought it was suzie. had to ask heather who it was. not a good sign when viewers that always watch the show don't know who you are by week 4. heather pointed out that she had on muffintop pants (which she admits taking from ralph on kroq). what are muffintop pants? well, that's when you gut is pushing out and over, like the top of a muffin does. in high school my football coach would say someone had donelaps, as in his gut donelaps over his belt. i think muffintop pants usually occur with the crotchduster pants.

of course, dave electra thinks she looks great.

on a side note, the show 'how i met your mother' could be funny. doogie howser, allison hannigan, etc. premise seems funny, but the commercial has way too many laugh tracks on it. that scares me, makes me think it'll be one of those shows that has a laugh track for every other line. i once heard someone say, 'show me the show that the laugh track is from, because it's funny.'

ty - "no woman no cry" by bob marley. this guy is wearing a bandolier made of beads. not a good look. he sounds pretty good, but seems to lack feeling. but, i think it's hard to do marley w/o sounding like a kareoke knock off and really put a lot of feeling. and ty, those vocal runs that you did at the end sucked.

so there it is folks, last night's episode of rockstar. if you watched it, let me know what you thought.

final thought/question: what is the best back to school commercial on right now? the options that i've seen are:
1. target - "i like backpacks and i can not lie..." to the tune of baby got back by sir mix a lot.
2. kmart - "we're the kids in america" whoa oh
3. jc penny - "you can get with this or you can get with that" by black sheep
4. gottschalks - some raver song, i don't know the name. seriously, when heather first saw this ad, she thought it would be for sears. i don't know what that says but...

get at me.


Adam said...

I vote for the Target commercial because Ed and Heather told me to.

heather Stewart said...

IT's SOO the Target add. Baby I'm Back. ALso Edward thanks for all the mentioning of my comments.

Samantha said...

Caleb votes for the Target one. We have to watch it every time its on and he's starting to sing and dance. He's such a little white boy dancer!

Anonymous said...

hey-noticed the pic of nolé martin but im not interested in him lol i was just wondering if you had an idea of what kind of dog he has-i know wut it looks like i just cant place it-if u cud get bk to me that wud be great: