Tuesday, August 02, 2005

tv tonight

i know, some of you sleep at night, but tonight you can catch INXS Rockstar on cbs at 10. pretty good show. i was reading a review of it, and the main criticism this guy had was that the talent was too good and so the show was a bit boring. so, without the trainwreck of american kareoke, you can't watch the first few weeks? that recockulus. if you haven't seen it yet, watch it tonight.

i want to be a hilton is nearing its end, i think they're down to six contestants.

unfortunately, the 8 o'clock time slot is a wash tonight. maybe i'll do the dishes, surf the net, anything but watch the crap that's on then. or, maybe i'll give the mr mom type show a try and report back.

the painting at the top is called orange crush. it's 24"x 30" and is retailing for $100



Lefty said...

I've been watching Rock Star in short bursts (I record them on our DVR), and have really been digging it, despite my dislike of INXS. It does feed my secret need for more Dave Navarro.

edluv said...

see, i think dave navarro may be the worst aspect of the show. he hits on all the girls, despite his very public marriage to carmen electra. that, and the talented guys (ty, mig, blond guy, the cocky guy) he seems threatened by. i realize ty's stage presence is a bit odd, but he's the best singer in the freakin comp (although last night didn't show it).


Sam Widlund said...

Ed - this is freaking amazing. I love it. I may have to figure out a space for it. I've got a space over my studio space that may need this. Have to think on it a while.