Thursday, August 04, 2005

oh, isaiah

brat camp update - i mentioned before that i was watching brat camp. it's an interesting show, and i think i like it because it seems like the counselors are attempting to help these kids change. it gives me that sense of redemption that i believe in. obviously, i have not seen all the episodes and do not know what kids graduate from the program, what kids get kicked out, and so on. today, i was watching the noon news and they had a story about one of the kids on the show. isaiah, a young punk from california, was arrested by merced police. why? vandalism and hate crime. apparently, this kid got arrested with a friend for spray painting racial slurs on the street in front of a ladies house. way to go genius. looks like you really learned something at brat camp.


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Tom said...

I also love Bratt camp. Bummer to here about leopard head boy and the spray paint. I guess the time in bratt camp didn't help. Way to go Isaiah.