Monday, March 31, 2008

smog city blues

so, we went to the rollerderby the other night. uhhhh, i gots to say, we had a better time the first time we went. now, lest people think i'm just some sort of fair weather fan, it's not just because they were losing.

it was because they were getting pasted. i can handle losing. i've followed, and been on losing teams. i know that the girls were giving it there all. but 3/4 of the jammers were terrible. betty rocker kicks mad rear, and hari kari was doing her bit before she got hurt, but the new jammers on the team are bad. bad enough that they couldn't catch up with the pack to even attempt to score. they need to get some speed wheels or something.

i'm hoping that this isn't any indicator of the season to come. i'll go again, but i'm hoping that it's a bit more competitive. maybe it was just season opening jitters.


Fishy said...

i will go again as well, but it was painful to watch, very frustrating.

Monticore said...

Man I would feel guility calling those jammer's out on the Blogsphere. I would cry if I read your review. I'm sure they knew they weren't doing well and would have done better if they could. Hope Monica feels better.

Adam said...

Well, Hari Kari and Betty Rocker kick ass. It was the third one that looked like she was ill and about to puke.

They just need to not get hurt and/or pick up one or two more speedy girls.

Oh, and work on their blocking.

The Lulu said...

I agree, I think that really bad irl might have been sick because she was coughing alot, while she was skating even. She clearly didnt care though, which makes it hard to watch.
I think the breaks were a little long too. Had it moved a little faster I think it would have kept my interest longer, but I suppose they need a break from all of that skating and body slamming. It was fun though, I am glad I went (even if the girl in front of me did show her crack the entire time, ew)