Friday, March 14, 2008

what i've been dealing with

as you may be able to tell in that blurry picture, the powercord for my powerbook g4 was breaking. i had some duct tape on it, but it was on it's last leg, and i knew if would be a short time before it broke completely. so, i was off to the apple store.

there, i purchased a replacement cord. so glad that we have an apple store in fresno. it's definitely quicker than ordering it online and waiting, and i love that i can talk to someone in person rather than on the phone for tech issues.

here's the new cord in action. and, since i was in the store i thought i'd pick up something else.

new covers for my iphone screen. i've been using the film that come on the phone as a cover, and after several months it was all scratched up. so, bought a two pack of anti-glare covers.

now, this next one wasn't today, but yesterday rather. it caught my eye and i thought i'd snap a pic.

ummm, is that a quotation from someone? is the president, or whoever is in charge of the postal service, telling me thank you for not smoking in line? or, are you being sarcastic and not really thanking me and therefore encouraging me to smoke in line? that's our gov't at work, folks.


edluv said...

also, i was walking through the mall and saw a shirt that said, 'i <3 haters,' although it was a heart rather than the psuedo one here. made me chuckle. but not buy.

carly said...

oh boy. the quotes thing drives me out of my MIND. as does the gross misuse of apostrophes.

and their, they're, there.

and your/you're.

and its/it's.

Adam said...

Its funny that you mention that Carly. Their are so many times when I see these mistakes and they make me want to pull my hair out. You're assessment is spot on!

Maybe they thought they needed quotes because it's a movie title?

edluv said...

oh adam, you and your sly spelling.

carly said...

oh lord, that drives me crazy...even when you're kidding.