Friday, March 07, 2008

snoop dogg bites back

in case you don't know, i dislike oprah. there are various reasons. here's the latest: she talks trash about rappers but won't let them on her show to defend themselves.

now, i'm not for misogynistic rap, and it's her right to speak out against it. but, if you're going to attack people in a public forum, why not give those being attacked a chance to clear the air, or at least attempt to explain themselves.

this isn't new. or hidden. oprah has been quite public about not letting rappers on her show. she had the entire cast of barbershop on the show. well, except ice cube, the freaking star of the show. the had the cast of crash on. except ludacris, who played a significant role in the movie. and she took on snoop dogg.

all of these rappers have attempted to be on her show. all have publicly commented on how they would like to defend themselves. snoop even offered to debate her on the issue. now he says he doesn't like her anymore.

as much as i don't want to concede anything to oprah, i think she probably on point with her criticism. but, it's b.s. to continually take someone to task without giving them a chance to defend their position. it makes your position seem very hollow.

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