Wednesday, March 05, 2008

post art hop with rademacher

not quite sure if i'll be rogueing or arthopping tomorrow night, or a little of both, or neither. but, i will be at rademacher's show @ tokyo garden.

now, this is another one where i don't know the opening acts. i do know that one of the guys in one of the opening acts, used to live in fresno, and he used to hang out at an old neighbor's house. i always thought him a bit annoying, but i really don't know the guy at all so don't take my word for it. anyhow, if that's not a ringing endorsement, i don't know what is.

but, i do know i'm going. got to help send rademacher out on their national tour on a good note.


Adam said...

I'm down for a little Rademacher groupie action.

edluv said...

i may rogue a show tonight as well.