Saturday, March 08, 2008

pentecostal wisconsin

here's the line of people waiting to get into pentecostal wisconsin. which was hilarious. it got longer. this show is attracting a lot of attention, so go early and buy a ticket.

and, here is some video from the show:

today @ 4 was the last show, so i'm glad that i was able to see it. the show was an irreverent look @ growing up in the church, but having serious doubts about God exists. definitely a touching story, very well performed. now, i didn't grow up in a pentecostal church, but i did grow in the church, so the jokes were pretty funny to me. and paulson nails the creepy smile of a traveling evangelist. i did wonder how much sense the story would make for someone that didn't have the church background. a friend mentioned that she had heard it was sort of one joke over and over. and, there is a bit of repetition to the show, but i think it worked well. finally, i appreciated the songs, both original and ones from his church.

later on in the evening, we saw a fire dancer outside of the landmark.

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