Thursday, March 13, 2008

4 random things seen driving

over the last few days, i've seen a few odd or slightly noteworthy things:

-on tuesday, i saw a car with 4, yes 4, josh groban bumper stickers. you must really heart him.

-on wednesday, i was driving and there was a truck slightly behind, and in the lane to the left of me. some edged out a little to make a u-turn and this truck got all over his horn. because, you know it was slightly dangerous. the truck then proceeded to run a red light. and by run, i mean that this light was red for a good three seconds before he even entered the intersection.

-today, i saw a girl by city college (i'm presuming she was a student) with a walkman. a freakin tape playing walkman!

-just after seeing the girl with a walkman, i saw one of the worst cars ever, and the owner was trying to sell it. it was one of these:

the price, $8000. that's right, 8 grand for one of the biggest flops. to me, that means the owners still owes about 8k, and is trying to get out. thanks, but no thanks.


The Lulu said...

The girl with the walkman is hilarious. A few weeks back my ipod froze and when that happens the only thing that works is to leave it frozen until the battery dies and then recharge. So I was about to go for a walk when it froze and I hate exercising without music so I dusted off my portable CD player and took off but I was embarassed and trying to hide it the whole way. A walkman thouh, thats pretty bad.

Adam said...

You can't reset you iPod?

The Lulu said...

I have never been able to get it to respond, no matter what I do. I have tried doing the re-setting thing they tell you to do (maybe I am doing it wrong), plugging it in to something, re-setting it in itunes, I just havent been able to get it to work and itis really frustrating.