Friday, March 07, 2008

rogue 3/7 goals (updated w/videos)

here's tonight's rogue goals for me:
go see: pentecostal wisconsin. 7 pm, starline.
go see: american squatter. 10 pm, starline.

i hope to do at least one of those. probably the first.

i think it's settled. 5:30, going to see american squatter.

then, i'll go outside, pay, and see pentecostal wisconsin.

after that show, i'm going to go help w/clean up @ tower mosaic. they've got the 3rd of 4 nights of the guitar titans. i checked them out on the first night (weds). not bad. not bad at all. go, if you like jazz.

after clean up, i'm headed over to last call (formerly zapp's park) to see some band i've never heard of called fraud.

saturday, i'm hoping to take in shakespeare is an idiot (7 pm). and maybe the big rogue party (10 pm - starline!)


The Lulu said...

There is also a non related Rogue show at Zaps tonight. My friends husbands band Fraud is playing around 11. I have talked about it before, their sound is similar to Social D. I might go to that but was hoping to start at Landmark, so if anyone wants tomeet up around 9:30-10ish let me know.

edluv said...

ooh, that sounds fun. and heather is interested as well.

Mike Oz said...

Just so ya know, man -- that Taco Truck Sunday show is canceled.

edluv said...

thanks mike. i've just been using the schedule and haven't been checking the site enough to know if shows get changed or canceled.

BARRY said...

And, in case you want another shot at it, there's an added show of American Squatter tonight (Friday) at 5:30, right before Pentecostal Wisconsin...