Thursday, March 20, 2008

saturday pupusdromo

now, that title can sound very odd to the uninitiated. heck, it sounds funny even if you know what pupusa are.

anyhow, i won't be hanging out friday night, as i've got to roll down to redlands, ca for a track meet. but, i'll be back friday night 1-ish or later, so i wanted to throw some saturday ideas out there now.

(i'm really bummed to not be in fresno friday. heather is joining steve and a few other friends to see a smiths tribute band at the club right near our house, audie's olympic tavern (formerly club fred). this band, is called sweet and tender hooligans, features a guy that is known as the mexican morissey. i've always been interested in seeing them/him.)

8-10 - tower beautification. yep, the monthly get together in the tower to pick up trash and give it a little spit shine. this month is normal, but next month we're doing it in conjunction w/earth day, and are a part of the city of fresno's earth day activities. so, this month you can practice your trash picking skills.

lunch time - i totally want to check out a new place called pupusodromo laurita, on the corner of broadway & divisidero. click over here and read how people are ranting on this place. and, you can see the menu.

late afternoon - go see this movie. i know some of you dislike adam carolla, but it still looks funnyish to me. and, i'm thinking if we can hit the cheap matinee we won't be out too much $ if it stinks.



The Lulu said...

I have to go to a bachelorette party on Saturday up at Shaver so I wont be around. Instead I will be making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and playing pin the macho on the man. Good times.

flowgun said...

I have a wedding at 4...keep posting your plans so I can see if I can fit into any of them. :)

I <3 you.

m.wise said...

brick, are saying that there's a party in your pants and i'm invited?