Sunday, March 16, 2008


tonight @ 5 the fresno fuego are playing against chivas usa. if you remember, we beat them last time we met. here's to hoping it happens again.

fuego vs chivas usa
chuckchansi stadium
5 pm


edluv said...

and they were less than stellar. nick didn't start, and the first goal was given up in a minute. on a fairly easy shot.

they were fairly well matched during the first half, but the second half wasn't ours. nick came on, but it seemed like the defense went off. three more goals.

the game became super chippy, and before you knew it, shoving and red cards.

The Lulu said...

The weather was nice though and Georgia was super cute with her cotton candy sugar high.

Fishy said...

yeaah!! that blew!

Anonymous said...


nick, from your vantage point, was that throw in untouched (already in the goal when the guy headed it)? it looked that way from our spot, but we couldn't tell.

and, what the hell happened to your team on that corner? how do you leave a guy wide ass open essentially in the center of the box?


Fishy said...

he headed it after it had past, and the defense took a shit after i came in, that was awesome.