Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dinner review - mr. sushi

i've been waiting ages for a sushi place to open in my neighborhood. there was one years ago, but that's history, this is now. so, when i saw that a sushi place was going in a few months ago, i early anticipated the day it would open and i would eat there. i wasn't able to get there on opening day, but four days later is pretty good.

i went there with two other people, and we were quickly seated. the restaurant has twenty tables that seat four, and could be pushed together for bigger groups. they also have a bar that seats twenty or so. we were seated at a table next to the front window, which is nice because it affords some people watching while you eat.

for our dinner, we ordered several rolls, some maguro (tuna) and some edamame. the edamame appetizer came out first and was piping hot. it could have used a little more salt for my taste, but still a good start.

i had the maguro and it was delicious. the tuna melted in my mouth, tasted perfectly fresh, and, well, was delicious. i also had the tiger roll, which was a california roll topped with shrimp and eel. the flavor of the roll was very good, and the eel had a nice little crunch to it.

my wife had a cucumber roll that she thought was sort of average. she felt that there was a bit too much sesame on the roll for her taste. and, she also put a little too much wasabi in her dish so it was pretty spicy, but that was her bad.

our friend ordered the asparagus roll and the spicy tuna roll. he said the asparagus roll was good, and even though the asparagus was steamed it still had a good crunch to it. the spicy tuna roll was fantastic! it's tuna with a spicy sauce and some yellow onion, although the onion was faint if even there. but he loved it.

the restaurant had a nice atmosphere, with good music. my friend ate there the other day and they told him that the owner picks all the music, and it's mostly 80's & 90's stuff.

the food was a good price and the portions were sensible. honestly, i've eaten @ some other sushi restaurants in fresno and felt stuffed after the meal. tonight, just right. and the prices were nice. the only drawback was that we didn't get a refill on our drinks. but hey, it's only the first week they're open, i'm sure they'll get all the kinks iron out.

724 e. olive
fresno, 93728

and i'm calling it mr. sushi even if the sign and the top of the menu look like mr. mr. sushi. the deal in the window is just mr. sushi.


Fishy said...

it was nothing extrodinary, but i liked it alot. the atmosphere made up for what little it lacked in shock and awe, as far as food went. i will be eating sushi much more often now that mr. sushi is here. they also have a really good sake that i've liked for a while, san sa choo.

edluv said...

yeah, i had similar thoughts, good, but not shockingly good. definitely worth going to.

i wonder if their menu will get a little more adventurous as they get more established?

The Lulu said...

Yeah, I had a chicken bowl the other day because I was by myself and for some reason feel like when I eat sushi I should eat it with others, and it was decent. I took a menu home with me and the rolls were on the safe side but as long as their well made and fresh thats what really matters.
I plan on going back soon to try the sushi.