Wednesday, April 02, 2008

art hop, el olio wolof and rademacher

just wanted to remind or notify those that don't know, tomorrow (thursday) is jam packed in fresno for you and me.

first, there is art hop in downtown and tower. get out, and of course, come by my show @ cafe corazon. 5-8 or later.

then, go see the show of the month @ tokyo garden. el olio is releasing their cd, will be playing, as well as rademacher. and another band (i think it's either light fm or aspen hallow. or someone else.)

be at both.


The Jay said...

Have fun, good luck, break a leg, congratulations, etc. for your show.

Adam said...

Count me in and here's hoping it's Light FM. That'd be a fantabulous show. It would be better if it was LoveLikeFire, but what're ya gonna do?

timidvenus said...

if i can get time off im totally there. ive been missin art hopping like sooooooooooooooooo bad!!!

Justin said...

How did the show go? I haven't been checking blogs for a while, so I didn't know you had a show coming up. I wouldn't have told you to go to William's if I knew you were having your own!