Wednesday, March 26, 2008

juliana hatfield hates the hills

and yet she watches them. i know how she feels. it's a (insert bill walton voice) terrible show (/bwv) and yet i've watched several episodes. hatfield, a musician who has been releasing albums and selling them for hecka cheap via the internet for years realizes that she's stuck in a strange bind: if you really want to sell albums you've got to be on mtv in one of it's many forms. yet, to be a part of that beast kills you, eats at you, and contributes to the downfall of our culture. okay, mtv's not that bad, but you see what i mean, right?

read some more, if you like, over @ stereogum, who has a link to hatfield's myspace blog and you can even check out some of her new music there, too.


The Lulu said...

That is why I will not even look to see whats on MTV or VH1, ever. I know there is a chance I will get sucked in and then I will have to go through a period of self loathing while I wonder why I am watching such crap yet I wont turn the channel right away, and if there is a marathon on, forget about it. This is also why I love that they have tv shows on DVDs, I can actually watch worthwhile marathons and still get the highlights of the trashy shows on the Soup.

carly said...

i watch the worst tv possible.

i mean WORST. rock of love with brett michaels? yeah. and flavor of love? hell yes.

it makes me feel really well-adjusted.