Thursday, March 27, 2008

early retirement

last night, heather and i headed over to north fresno to visit a friend in the hospital. he seems to be doing well enough, but then again, he's in the hospital.

anyway, we figured we would grab a bite to eat while we were out there. there are a ton of food options, and we settled on tgi fridays. why? i don't know. but, every so often it seems like we go there.

so, as we looked at the menu, heather came across something quite funny:

in case you can't read that, the cinnadunkers were forced into early retirement. what's a cinnadunker?

according to the friday's website, they are, "Steaming hot fresh dounuts tossed tableside with cinnamon sugar. Served with cream cheese dipping sauce."

the funny thing is, this is a new item on the menu. the website even says they're new. what i want to know is if they were terrible? or were they just that bad for you that even fridays decided to remove, errrr, retire them?


Adam said...


Adam said...

TGI Fridays would sooo be a better restaurant if they'd offered the cinnadunkers a golden handshake rather than forced retirement. I don't like their business practices.

Fishy said...

yeah, forced into early retirement sounds very strange and the could hae come up with something different, better, funnier. and forced into retirement, gives me the image of a cinnadunker fighting with a manager/exec trying to prove he's still got it and to not let him go. everything is civil, then wham! the exec says something that sends the cinnadunker off. "hey C D, you had a good run here, but we're looking for something else." then the cinnadunker(C D)knocks the water jug out of the cooler, calls the manager an ass, tells him he'll be back and he's going to regret letting him go like this.

wow! i just blacked out, what happened?

either way i try not to go there too much because the clientel is very much jack-ass bullard alum, who went to college for the sole perpuse of getting into a frat. i didn't get along with those blokes.