Monday, March 17, 2008

subjectivity of art

i love art. i enjoy trying to create art. and, i enjoy listening to people chat about their impressions of art, even if i don't agree with their assessment. today, as i enjoyed coffee and a sandwich at cafe corazon, i took the time to look at the photos currently hangng on the wall. to me, they are provacative pieces. they are bold, and show women in a light that they aren't often seen in as a part of our society. i'm not 100% sure, but I think many of the subjects are of a latina background, further pushing the cultural edges. these photos definitely come from a new generation.

so as i looked at the work i was also able to eavesdrop on the conversation of a few others. the woman definitely wasn't enjoying the art as much as i did. she didnt think it was appropriate for a small cafe. we're all entitled to our opinions, and a lot of viewing art can come back to perspective. now, it's not like she was offended or really put off, just didnt like it as i did.

i hope if she is back next month she will feel my work is more appropriate. or at least we can chat.

btw, cafe corazon has an amazing pasta salad.


Adam said...

What, are they nudies?

Anonymous said...

no. although, one is a heavily tatt'd up girl, pregnant, in a bra.


Adam said...

Nice, I'll have to go down there and check 'em out.